Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekly Chess Sparring Session at McDonalds

Sulaiman aka Simon (left, yellow shirt) had a sparring session with Fikri.

Last Friday, the sparring chess session was still on with just five players and quite short one. Ng6, Sahir, Max and Abang Bro Mudin were participating in the Insofar FIDE-rated at the PKNS complex. Syed and Yin Fischer could not come for having their own matters to attend. GiLoCatur had the routine monthly grocery shopping, so no mini-tournament.

Akmal Salleh of 17ChessClub (left) versus Azam Mastuki

GiLoCatur just had one session that night because had to go for a monthly grocery shopping at Tesco earlier and had to go back early for tomorrow's KL Junior Championship.

A rookie eh? A UiTM student named Muhd Zharif Mokhtar (if GiLoCatur not mistaken) who participated in the recent Jeram Chess Open.

GiLoCatur salutes Zharif's desire and determination to improve his chess games by joining the weekly sparring session. Even though he does not know well all the sparring session players, he just came. This kind of spirit we need in this country and our chess community to propel in chess world. Keep it up!

"Azam, you sure or not??", "preparing for Stonemaster Amateur, eh?"

Insya Allah, the session tonight will be on. Just be there at the McDonalds at around 9.00pm. Please sms GiLoCatur (019.606.1948) , Ng6 (012.972.0103) or Maxtal (012.268.9156) for direction.

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