Thursday, April 30, 2009

36th Selangor Open Will Begin Today

GiLoCatur and kids played in the 35th Selangor Open last year.

This afternoon at 2.30pm, the Selangor Chess Open for the year 2009 edition will start. An expected 100 chess players mostly local will take the challenge to be the champion. This year will be the 36th consecutive edition. Many unrated players including the juniors will be aiming to get FIDE-rated norm. There will be nine rounds of 90-minute time control. 

Two of GiLoCatur's children, Fikri and Anis Fariha, will participate in the tournament. They started to participate in such tournament last year including GiLoCatur. This year GiLoCatur will not participate. The last chess tournament that GiLoCatur participated was the MBSA Open on the last 26th April. GiLoCatur just managed to win 3 games and lost the other 3. In the first round, GiLoCatur lost to an American who lives here in Shah Alam. Eventhough GiLoCatur got a little bit advantage but could not execute well againts the American named Ibrahim Nash. 

All GiLoCatur's children played in the rapid tournament. Fikri played in Under 15 category while both Anis and Fahim, the youngest, played in Under 12 category. Fahim just started to participate in chess tournaments. Fikri who won 4 games out of 6 won the Under 15 Shah Alam closed and was place fifth in the open. Anis who won 3 games and drew 1 game was placed sixth in the Under 12 Shah Alam closed category. While Fahim managed to win a game and drew two games.

So, Best of Luck to all players especially to both GiLoCatur's children.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Penang Heritage City International Chess Open

There is another FIDE-rated chess tournament will be held in this country. It will take place in Penang. This is a good opportunity for an international standard chess tournament especially to all chess players in the northern states. For futther details, check out

Four Chess Tournaments in a weekend

What a weekend for chess players and lovers since there are four chess tournaments during the weekend, 25th and 26th April. On saturday, one tournament in Perlis and another in Kelantan. About 150 chess players especially from the northern states - Perlis, Kedah and Penang, took part in the open rapid tournament. There were two categories - open and "remaja".  

Whereas the chess tournament in Kelantan was held in Sekolah Sains Machang. The tournament is known as SMACH Chess Open. IM Mas Hafizulhemi was playing in the tournament and was the champion. Few Terengganu players also participated like Muhammad Arshad who was placed fourth.

On Sunday, at Pearl Point shopping complex there was KL Juniors Chess Championship. It was organized by KLCA along with MSSKL. For the results and photos of such tournaments, please go to respective chess blogs:

Monday, April 27, 2009

MBSA / Shah Alam Chess Tournament - The Results

Yesterday, there was a chess tournament held by MBSA (Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam) at Dewan MBSA Seksyen 4, Shah Alam. There are three categories for each Shah Alam residents and open (for all). The tournament uses six-round Swiss system which attracted 60 players for 15 & above category, 20 players for Under 15 category and 44 players for Under 12 category. 

Below are the results :

Under 12 - shah alam
  1. Nur Najiha Azman
  2. Aminur Nirza Azrin
  3. Arif Mohd Jamil
  4. Muhd Farhan Zamri
  5. Nur Faqihah Aminuddin
  6. Anis Fariha Saleh
  7. Affan Amrish Mohd Jalani
  8. Ahmad Furqan Mohd Abd Kadir

Under 15 - shah alam
  1. Fikri Bin Saleh
  2. Muhd Syahmi
  3. Mohd Azfar Mohd Sabri
  4. Afiq Adli Razali
  5. Vegram Murail (Murali?)
  6. Ahmad Zarief Mohd Razief
  7. Abd Azim Abd Malik
  8. S Marvain Sukumar

15 & Above - shah alam
  1. Abdul Haq M Said
  2. Nur Nabila Azman
  3. Azman Hisham Che Doi

Under 12 - open
  1. Nur Najiha Azman
  2. Muhd Fikri Farizal
  3. Nurul Hana Shuhada Mohd Sulkifly
  4. Puteri Munajjah Az-Zahraa Azhar
  5. Aminur Nirza Azrin
  6. Muhd Zulfikri Mohd Sulkifly
  7. Puteri rifqah Fahada Azhar
  8. Aiman Syahmi Ahmad Sabri

Under 15 - open
  1. Muhd Syakir Shazmeer Azhar
  2. Amira Shamina Zulkafli
  3. Muhd Irfan Haqqim Azhar
  4. Nurul Adlina Mohd Sulkifly
  5. Fikri Bin Saleh
  6. Muhd Zuhairi Mohd Sulkifly
  7. Farah Amirah Farizal
  8. Fatin Nadia Ahmad Sabri

15 & Above - open
  1. Ian Udani
  2. Nicholas Chan
  3. Abdullah Che Hassan
  4. Kamaluddin Yusof
  5. Mohd Saprin Sabri
  6. Tun Seri Lanang
  7. Mohd Fadli Zakaria aka stonemaster
  8. Abdul Haq M Said

GiLoCatur observed and chit chatted with few participants. One of them is a lady teacher from Batu Pahat. She and few of her family members came down from Batu Pahat, at least 3-hours driving, to Shah Alam for a weekend gateaway dan participated in a chess tournament. What an effort. They just participated in the recent 13th Bandaraya JB Chess tournament. And now want to have more. GiLoCatur salutes to such effort and encouraged her to more committed and be serious in chess. Hopefully, GiLoCatur will see again the lady teacher and her family members in other chess tournaments.

GiLoCatur also chit chatted with one of chess opponents and another player who just participated for the first time in chess tournament. The former participated in this year's MSSD Petaling Perdana and got 5 points. Not bad after all.  GiLoCatur encouraged him, Muhd Azim Anwar Noor, to participate in more chess tournaments especially in Shah Alam. By the way GiLoCatur lost to him in round 3. 

GiLoCatur believes many more people will participate in chess tournaments. The important thing is the promotion especially from the organizers. Chess tournaments shall be made attractive and interesting for people to participate. Chess players also should play their active role in promoting and encouraging their friends and relatives to play chess and participate in chess tournaments. Prizes also should be given to new comers or Under 1200 category for example.    

Friday, April 24, 2009

1st AIZEK Chess Rapid Tournament

"A National-rated Event at SMK Tengku Intan Zaharah, Dungun Terengganu" on 4th July 2009 (GiLoCatur: Hari Sambutan Kemerdekaan USA)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Dear Chess Friends,

The Ole-Ole Shopping Centre, Seksyen 18 Shah Alam will be organizing the 1st OLE-OLE SHAH ALAM CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP on 13th June 2009 (Saturday).

Venue: 1st Floor, Ole Ole Shopping Centre, Seksyen 18, 40200 Shah Alam
Format: 25 minutes per player/ Swiss system/ 6 rounds

Entry Fees:
Open: from Shah Alam (RM15), Others (RM20)
Under 12: from Shah Alam (RM10), Others (RM15)

• Only the first 100 entries will be accepted
• Registration closing date: 11th June 2009 (Thursday)

Registration : 9:00 am - 9:30 am
Round 1 - 3 : 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Lunch Break : 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Round 4 - 6 : 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Prize giving and closing ceremony : 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

For entry form, email to
Tournament details:

For further information, kindly contact:

Roslina Marmono
Tournament Director
013-394 5690

13th Bandaraya JB Chess Open Results

Open Category
   Champion   :    IM Julio Sadorra      -  6.5 points
   Second      :     Ian Udani               -  6.0
   Third          :     Michael Palma       -  5.5
   Fourth        :    T. Mandar               -  5.5
   Fifth           :    IM Enrique Paciencia- 5.0
   Sixth          :    Mak Weng Yee       -  5.0
   Seven         :    Abg Mohd Reduan   - 5.0
   Eighth        :    Morsin Ahmad         - 5.0
   Nineth        :    Lee Wen Xi              - 5.0
   Tenth         :    Ling Kay Soon          - 5.0
Under 16
   Champion  :    Mohd Khairulhelmi   -   6.0
   Second     :     Chai Juan Zhe         -   6.0
   Third         :     Afdal Wiranata        -   6.0
   Fourth       :     Renitha                  -   6.0
   Fifth          :     Ng Sau Wei            -   5.5
   Sixth         :     Wong Chun Wat     -   5.5
   Seventh     :     Ng Hong Yuan        -   5.5
   Eighth       :     Chong Yong Kai      -   5.0
   Nineth       :     Sarika                    -   5.0
   Tenth        :     Foo Wai Sing          -   5.0
Under 12
   Champion  :    Mohd Hakimi Mazlan - 7.0
   Second     :     Shreyes                   - 6.5
   Third         :     Chen Zhi Shien         - 6.0
   Fourth      :      Ling Zhan Yang        - 5.5
   Fifth         :      Ong wei Bin             - 5.5
   Sixth        :     Chong Ee Seng        - 5.5
   Seventh    :     Sashen Kumar         - 5.5
   Eighth      :     Nurduyana Aquilah    -5.5
   Nineth      :     Mohd Hafiz Hisham  - 5.0
   Tenth       :     Ng Guo Hau             - 5.0

Sains Machang Chess Open

There will be 1 day chess tournament on 25th April 2009. Details are as follows:

Organizer : SM Sains Machang, Labok Kelantan
Date : 25th April 2009 (Saturday)
Format : 25 minutes per player
Contact : Cikgu Wan Rozuhan (013-938 9819)


1. Kelantan Residents (Working / studying / Born / Reside in Kelantan) -RM15
2. Kelantan Non Residents - RM25
3. Secondary School Student (Kelantan and Non Kelantan) -RM10
4. Primary School Student (Kelantan and Non Kelantan)- RM5

1st Prize
1. Open - RM300
2. Secondary School (U18)- RM100
3. Secondary School (U15)- RM100
4. Primary school (U12) - RM50


Dear all chess lovers.
Attached details Tanjong Karang open 2009.
Kindly register yourself thru SMS before 25th May 2009 and payment can be made on the tourney day.
This is a one day RAPID EVENT.

Thank you.


TARIKH : 30 MAY 2009    (GiLoCatur : Ditunda kepada AHAD, 14 JUN 2009)
MASA : 08.00 pg – 6.00 ptg ( Pusingan 1 jam 9.30 pagi )
YURAN : OPEN (RM15), BAWAH 18 (RM15), BAWAH 12THN ( RM10 )
Time Control : 25 minit.
Tie-break : Solkoff , SB , PS

HADIAH     OPEN       TEMPATAN          TERBAIK U-18          TERBAIK U-12 
Johan          RM300        RM100                      RM80                           RM80 
Naib Johan RM200          RM90                      RM70                           RM70 
Ke 3            RM170           RM80                     RM50                           RM50 
Ke 4            RM140           RM70                         -                                RM40 
Ke 5            RM100           RM60                         -                                RM30 
Ke 6              RM70           RM50                         -                                     - 
Ke 7              RM70           RM40                         -                                     - 
Ke 8              RM70           RM40                         -                                     - 
Ke 9              RM60           RM30                         -                                     - 
Ke 10            RM60           RM30                         -                                     - 
Ke 11            RM50                -                             -                                     - 
Ke 12            RM50                -                             -                                     - 
Ke 13            RM50                -                             -                                     - 
Ke 14            RM40                -                             -                                     - 
Ke 15            RM30                -                             -                                     - 

Kategori Terbaik Tambahan 
  • GURU RM50 - 
  • IPT RM50 - 
  • VETERAN RM50 - 
  • WANITA RM50 

Sebarang Pertanyaan & pendaftaran melalui SMS bolehlah berhubung terus kepada:-
  1. FAIZOL - 012-202 9271
  2. FAIZAL - 017-362 6034
  3. AZHAR BIN MOHD SAID - 012-679 6193  



Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bandaraya JB Team Championship - The Result

As per emailed by Mr Narayanan, the final results for the above tournament held on last Saturday :

  Champion : The Philippines Team
  Second     : Sarawak A
  Third        : Balls On Fire
  Fourth      : Sarawak B
  Fifth         : Z W Team

SIO Update

GiLoCatur tidak update keputusan bagi pusingan ke 7 & 8 lebih awal kerana berada di kampung iaitu di Sungai Besar. Akses internet guna broadband agak slow, so bila dah wee hours sebegini barulah nak update. Itu pun lepas menonton game Chelsea dan Arsenal. Happy sebab pasukan pilihan GiLoCatur iaitu Chelsea telah menang 2 - 1. Pemain kesukaan GiLoCatur iaitu Didier Drogba telah menjaringkan gol kemenangan di second half permainan.   

Back to SIO dan game IM Mas. Hari ini beliau menang kedua-dua game iaitu bermain buah hitam menentang Andrew Brown (FIDE 2085) di sebelah pagi dan lawan pemain Iran, Abdoulla Zibaei (FIDE 2067). Ini bermakna setakat pusingan ke 8, keputusan IM Mas adalah +4-1=3 iaitu menang 4, kalah 1 dan seri 3. Dalam pusingan terakhir esok pagi, beliau akan bertemu dengan IM Deep Sengupta, juara Doeberl Cup baru-baru ini. Harap IM Mas berjaya menewaskan GM dari India tersebut untuk membalas kekalahannya temphari.

BEST OF LUCK MAS! It's time to bed for GiLoCatur. It's past 3.00 am already ... :)-


Friday, April 17, 2009

SIO Update - Pusingan ke 6

the ever smiling WGM Nisha Mohota (FIDE 2304)

Agak mendukacitakan kerana IM Mas telah tewas kepada WGM Ghate Swathi dari India. Pada pusingan ke 6 yang sedang berlansung di kala ini, IM Mas bertemu dengan seorang lagi Woman GrandMaster dari India iaitu WGM Nisha Mohota. Dengan kekalahan tadi, rating performance Mas turun sedikit kepada 2370. Diharap IM Mas bisa bangkit dengan menewaskan lawannya Nisha, WGM ke tiga India, di pusingan ke 6 yang memiliki FIDE rating 2304. 

Sementara dua orang lagi pemain Malaysia yang lain, Abang Azman Hj Draup dan Abang Draup Zamhari, (actually GiLoCatur confuse apa nama sebenar mereka? memandangkan belum pernah bertemu dan mengenali mereka) mendapat bye dan menentang Allen Setiabudi respectively.


SIO Update - Pusingan ke 5

IM Mas yang masih belum kalah setakat ini akan menentang WGM Ghate Swathi (FIDE 2330) dari India. Pemain wanita tersebut merupakan lawan beliau di pusingan terakhir di kejohanan Doeberl Cup beberapa hari lalu. Semoga Mas berjaya menewaskan beliau pada kali ini dan meneruskan kecemerlangan untuk mendapat GM norm.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

SIO Update - Pusingan ke 4

GM Jones, Gawain C B (FIDE 2550) ENG
Gemar bermain bukamainan (opening) Sicilian, French Defense dan King's Indian, mengikut statistik
GM Jones ada blog dan boleh diakses di sini.
(GiLoCatur : Bagus juga jika sekiranya IM Mas ada blog sendiri yang memaparkan chess travelogue dalam pencarian mendapatkan title GM :)- ).


TAHNIAH! IM Mas berjaya seri di pusingan ke 4. Ini satu keputusan yang dikira sudah cukup bagus pada pandangan GiLoCatur. Semoga Mas meneruskan prestasi yang sebegini atau lebih baik lagi di pusingan2 akan datang.

*** 4.46 ptg waktu tempatan ***

Dalam pusingan ke 4, IM Mas akan bertemu dengan GM dari England yang bernama Gawain Jones atau Mr Jones di papan ke 4. GM tersebut merupakan seeded ke 3 dalam kejohanan SIO ini. Jones menjadi naib johan di Kejohanan Doeberl Cup dengan 7 mata tewas dengan Tie Break dengan juara, IM Deep Sengupta, yang juga mendapat 7 mata. Semoga IM Mas, yang rating performance setakat ini adalah 2476, terus cemerlang ketika berlawan dengan GM Jones pada petang ini jam 1.30 waktu tempatan, iaitu sejam dari sekarang.

SIO Update - Pusingan ke 3

GiLoCatur pagi ini sedang watch live game IM Mas Hafizulhelmi dengan GM Kunte Abhijit di papan ke 3. Berikut adalah moves mereka setakat ini jam 8.03 pagi waktu tempatan. Game mereka baru bermula kira-kira 30 minit yang lalu. Mas bermain buah hitam sementara GM Abhijit bermain buah putih.

============ 8.01 am ==================

Keputusan terkini, IM Mas telah seri dengan GM Kunte Abhijit. Satu keputusan yang agak bagus. Dua lagi game untuk top 4 board juga seri iaitu papan utama dan papan ke 4. Di papan ke 2, IM Xie George telah membuat upset dengan menewaskan seeded ke 4, GM Das.

Berikut adalah game GM Abhijit vs IM Mas:

1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 e6 3.c4 d5 4.Nc3 Be7 5.Bf4 0-0 6.e3 Nbd7 7.cxd5 Nxd5 8.Nxd5 exd5 9.a3 c5 10.dxc5 Nxc5 11.Be5 Bg4 12.Be2 Bxf3 13.Bxf3 Bf6 14.Bxf6 Qxf6 15.0-0 Rad8 16.Qd4 Qxd4 17.exd4 Ne4 18.Rfd1 f5 1/2-1/2

============ 11.45 am ==============

Sarawak Chess Closed Results

Dear chess friends,

The just concluded 2009 Sarawak Chess Closed Championship held at Borneo Chess Academy, Jalan Song, Kuching had attracted 36 players including 11 from Sibu and 2 from Miri and 1 from Lundu. 

The results after 9-round Swiss matches are as follows: 

Champion: Lim Kian Hwa 6.5
Runner Up: Japeri Reduan 6.5
2nd Runner Up: Abg.Mohammad Reduan 6.5
4th: Morsin Ahmad 6.5
5th: Indera Shahrin 6.0
6th: Mohd.Amin Abdullah 6.0
7th: Kueh Yan Chew 6.0
8th: Mohd.Salimin 6.0
9th: Jerome Yong Lik Boh 5.5
10th: Daniel Kong Yun Hui 5.5

Prizes for youth 16 & under: 

11th: Kiu Toh Shen 5.5
12th: Aida Faridah Saiden 5.5
13th: Nadzri Izzbullah Japeri 5.0
14th: Affiq Shami Saiden 5.0
15th: Naufarizzam Nur Ilahi 4.5 

The top 4 players namely, Lim Kian Hwa, Japeri Reduan, Abg.Mohammad Reduan and Morsin Ahmad will represent Sarawak at National level team championship.


Lim Kian Hwa
President, Sarawak Chess Association

(GiLoCatur : Congratulation! to all the winners)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SIO Update - Pusingan ke 3

IM Mas meneruskan misi kemenangan beliau di pusingan kedua dengan menewaskan lawannya Gary McNamara dari Australia. Pagi esok pada jam 9.30 pagi waktu Sydney bersamaan 7.30 pagi waktu tempatan IM Mas akan bertemu dengan GM Kunte Abhijit. Di Doeberl Cup beberapa hari yang lepas beliau tewas kepada GM dari India tersebut di pusingan ke 5. (Nota GiLoCatur : Harap maaf!, sebenarnya IM Mas bukan kalah tetapi seri dengan GM Abhijit. Terimakasih kepada "geng" yang telah membetulkan fakta!) Diharap kali ini IM Mas berjaya menjinakkan GM India yang memiliki FIDE rating 2513. Di papan utama GM Dimitri yang juga IM Mas telah jumpa di Di Doeberl Cup, akan bertemu dengan IM Swayangsu Satyapragya. Dan di papan ke 4 pula, dua orang lagi GM dari India yang menjadi seterunya di Canberra akan bersaing sesama sendiri iaitu GM Chakkravarthy dan GM Eesha. 

Round 3 on 2009/04/16 at 0930

112IMSatyapragyan Swayangsu22GMReinderman Dimitri2
217IMXie George Wendi22GMNeelotpal Das4
35GMKunte Abhijit22IMMas Hafizulhelmi14
421WGMKaravade Eesha22GMDeepan Chakkravarthy J6

Apa yang menarik pada pusingan ke 2 ialah WGM dari India Nisha Mohota (FIDE 2304) berjaya seri dengan pemain top seed, GM Zhao Zong Yuan (FIDE 2583). Di papan ke 3 pula, pemain catur tuan rumah Sam Chow (FIDE 2229) yang bermain buah putih juga berjaya seri dengan GM dari Britain (FIDE 2550). Semoga IM Mas juga boleh melakukan feat sebegini esok pagi ketika menentang GM Abhijit.

Sementara dua orang lagi pemain Malaysia yang lain masih belum lagi mendapat kemenangan. Abang Draup akan menetang pemain catur tuan rumah Jason Chan sementara Zamanhari akan bertemu dengan WFM dari New Zealand, Helen Milligan.

BEST OF LUCK! untuk ketiga-tiga pemain catur Malaysia.

Kepada mereka yang rajin dan ada masa untuk mengikuti game IM Mas secara live, bolehlah ke laman pada jam 7.30 pagi esok.

SIO Update - Pusingan Ke 2

IM Mas telah berjaya menewaskan lawannya di pusingan pertama. Semua pemain-pemain seeded top 15 tiada masalah menwaskan lawan masing-masing kecuali pemain seeded ke 9, IM Stephen Solomon, dan seeded ke 15, GM Shojaat Ghane dari Iran, yang sekadar seri.

Dalam pusingan ke 2, Mas sedang menentang pemain seeded ke 45 dari Australia, Gary McNamara yang mempunyai FIDE rating 2114. Pusingan ke 2 telah bermula pada jam 1.30 petang tadi iaitu bersamaan 3.30 petang di Sydney. Dua lagi pemain Malaysia yang lain kurang berjaya untuk menewaskan lawan masing-masing pagi tadi. Diharap mereka berdua akan menang di pusingan ke 2. Abang Draup bertemu dengan Tony Davis sementara Zamanhari bertemu dengan Fedja Zulfic, pemain dari Australia.


IM Mas @ 2009 Sydney International Open (SIO)

Setelah menyertai Doeberl Cup di Canberra,  IM Mas sertai pula Sydney International Open yang telah pun bermula pagi ini. Sydney lebih awal 2 jam dari Kuala Lumpur dan pusingan pertama telah bermula jam 9.30 pagi tadi bersamaan 7.30 pagi waktu di Malaysia. IM Mas telah disenaraikan di tempat ke 14 dalam senarai 100 orang peserta. Selain Mas ada dua orang lagi pemain catur Malaysia yang menyertai pertandingan tersebut iaitu Abang Draup Haji Abang Azman dan Zamanhari Abang Draup. Good luck to all of them! 

Starting rank list

1GMZhao Zong-YuanAUS2583
2GMReinderman DimitriNED2560
3GMJones Gawain C BENG2550
4GMNeelotpal DasIND2514
5GMKunte AbhijitIND2513
6GMDeepan Chakkravarthy JIND2482
7IMRoy Chowdhury SaptarshiIND2469
8IMSengupta DeepIND2466
9IMSolomon Stephen JAUS2455
10IMSriram JhaIND2453
11GMJohansen Darryl KAUS2452
12IMSatyapragyan SwayangsuIND2428
13IMRathnakaran KIND2427
14IMMas HafizulhelmiMAS2425
15GMGhane ShojaatIRI2415

Di papan 14, IM Mas bertemu dengan pemain catur Australia Tony Davis yang memiliki FIDE rating 1983. Mengikut rating, Insya Allah IM Mas yang bermain buah hitam tiada masalah untuk memenangi pusingan pertama ini. Abang Draup bertemu dengan Andrew Bird dari Australia sementara Zamanhari bertemu dengan FM Lee Jones juga dari Australia. Kedua-dua mereka bermain buah hitam. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Doeberl Cup - The Final Result

IM Mas telah seri dengan pemain catur wanita India, WGM Ghate Swathi. Ini bermakna beliau berjaya menang 4 game, kalah 2 dan seri 3 (+4-2=3) dan mendapat 5 1/2 mata. Berikut adalah keputusan IM Mas di kejohanan Doeberl Cup 2009, Canberra Australia. Ini merupakan satu keputusan yang agak baik juga. Sayang sekali IM Mas tidak menang di dua pusingan terakhir. Jika tidak kemungkinan besar dia akan dapat GM norm di kejohanan ini. 

NameMas Hafizulhelmi
Starting rank13
Rating national0
Rating international2425
FIDE rtg +/-3,8


149Cheng Bobby2103AUS4,0w 1
232Stojic Dusan2229AUS4,5s 1
321WGMKaravade Eesha2359IND5,5w 1
48IMSengupta Deep2466IND7,0s 0
54GMKunte Abhijit2513IND6,5w ½
61GMReinderman Dimitri2560NED6,0s ½
728Ikeda Junta2261AUS5,0w 1
86GMDeepan Chakkravarthy J2482IND7,0s 0
924WGMSwathi Ghate2330IND5,5w ½

Setelah "googling" tentang bagaimana untuk mendapat GM norm, berikut adalah penerangannya. Semoga pencatur-pencatur dan peminat-peminat catur di negara ini dapat mengetahui bagaimana caranya untuk mendapat title GM. 

In order to achieve a GM norm in a 9 round tournament, you have to do the following:

1)  Play at least three GMs and five titleholders, no more than two players may be without a FIDE-ELO rating (including yourself)

2)  Play against players from at least three federations, and no more than six from the same federation (including yourself)

3)  Score at least 7/9 against an ELO-average of at least 2381, 6.5/9 against at least 2435 or 6/9 against at least 2476. Eventually, opponents without FIDE-ELO are counted as 2250 (previously 2000).

Players can also obtain norms of more than 9 rounds, provided that they achieve a 2601 performance rating.

The normal way of getting the GM title is by getting three of these norms, in at least 27 games, (three 9 round tournaments usually). You will also need a FIDE rating of at least 2500 on some point after the first GM norm was achieved. A GM norm (or any other norm) will be awarded if the 2500 (2400) border was passed during a tournament. This is to avoid withdrawals during the tournament, if a norm already was achieved. You can also become GM directly by winning the World Junior Championships, or by getting a GM norm based on 13 games in the Olympiad.

Doeberl Cup - Last Day

WGM Ghate Swathi (FIDE 2330)
Gemarkan buka mainan (opening) Sicilian dan Ruy Lopez.

Agak sayang kerana IM Mas tidak berjaya menewaskan lawannya di pusingan ke 8 semalam. Walaupun begitu ini baru kekalahan kedua bagi beliau. Di ketika ini di mana waktu di Kuala Lumpur sekitar 9:35 pagi dan 11:33 pagi di Canberra, Australia di mana kejohanan Doeberl Cup sedang berlansung, beliau sedang bertarung dengan WGM Gathe Swathe, seorang lagi pemain catur india di papan ke 8. Mari kita semua rakyat Malaysia mendoakan semoga beliau menang game ini dan mendapat GM norm yang amat-amat dicari oleh beliau untuk berjaya menjadi GM atau GrandMaster pertama Malaysia.

IM Mas telah bertemu dengan 5 pemain dari India, 3 dari tuan rumah Australia dan seorang dari Belanda di Kejohanan Doeberl Cup ini. 


Rank after Round 8

Rk.NameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1IMSengupta DeepIND24667,030,541,034,75
2GMJones Gawain C BENG25506,529,039,030,50
3IMXie George WendiAUS24026,032,041,529,00
4IMSriram JhaIND24536,028,537,527,25
5GMDeepan Chakkravarthy JIND24826,027,036,025,75
6IMRathnakaran KIND24275,530,039,525,25
7IMAkshayraj KoreIND24045,529,539,023,75
8GMJohansen Darryl KAUS24525,529,038,523,25
9IMSmerdon DavidAUS24895,528,538,523,25
10GMKunte AbhijitIND25135,528,538,025,50
11GMReinderman DimitriNED25605,527,536,520,50
12GMNeelotpal DasIND25145,526,034,523,25
13IMMas HafizulhelmiMAS24255,031,042,023,50
14FMRej TomekAUS23085,031,040,023,25
15WGMKaravade EeshaIND23595,028,538,021,75