Monday, November 30, 2009

A Place for Chess Practice, y'all!

Got an email with good news to all chess lovers and players from Mr Ramesh Naidu :

Please be informed that the Rakan Muda Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya will be conducting its weekly chess practice as follows :

Day : Every Sunday ( beginning from 29th November 2009 )
Time : 9.30 am - 12.30pm
Venue: Pusat Rakan Muda, Kompleks Arena PJ, Jalan Selangor, Petaling Jaya

Those interested, please contact :

1. Mr Ramesh
H/P N0. 016 646 8582

2. Mr.K.T.Arasu
H/P N0. 012 312 7003

For more information regarding the said chess practice, kindly email to me at !!!

Mr Ramesh Naidu

GiLoCatur urges all the chess lovers, parents and players especially who are staying nearby the area to make use the "chess practice" program. Show that we the chess fraternity needs and appreciates such program. If we do not show support by deserting the allocated place and beneficial program, do not blame others for not giving and providing the support like this for chess enthusiasts, lovers and players.

GiLoCatur also hopes that more and more chess talents especially the young ones can be produced from such chess hangout and program!

GiLoCatur on behalf of Malaysian chess fraternity would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to MBPJ and the relevant personnels for the facility and the chess program.

The 2nd National Junior Chess Championship

Align Center

Watch out Malaysian young chess players! The long awaited tournament is coming. Be ready for the 16th - 20th! It is the National Junior Chess Championship. Yes! It is both FIDE-rated & National-rated chess tournament.

CLOSING DATE : 10/12/2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

WYCC 2009 - The FINAL Results

So, WYCC 2009 is over. Below is the top 3 finishers for each section as well as the final standings of the Malaysian chess contingent.

THE FINAL RESULTS - The Top Three Standings

U8 Open (129 players)

GHOLAMI Aryan (IRI) - 9/11
VASUDEVA Tanuj (USA) - 8.5/11
TABATABAEI Mohammad Amin (IRI) 8.5/11

Amier Hamzah - 13th, 7.5/11
Teh De Juan - 65th, 5.5/11

U8 Girls (85 players)

CHU Ruotong (CHN) - 9.5/11
PALAKOLLU Samritha (USA) - 8.5/11
LI Yunshan (CHN) - 8.5/11

Teh De Zen - 24th, 6.5/11

U10 Open (146 players)

BAI Jinshi (CHN) - 9/11
KARTHIKEYAN Murali (IND) - 9/11
ZHANG Han Yu (CHN) - 9/11

U10 Girls (83 players)

Mammadzada Gunay Vugar Qizi (AZE) - 10.5/11
WCM Ivana Maria Furtado (IND) - 8.5/11
WCM Hojjatova Aydan Hikmet Qizi (AZE) - 8.5/11

Nur Najiha - 33rd, 6/11

U12 Open (141 players)

Cheng Bobby (AUS) - 9/11
FM Duda Jan-Krzysztof (POL) - 8.5/11
Wang Richard (CAN) - 8.5/11

Mohd Irfan - 98th, 5/11

U12 Girls (105 players)

WFM Khademalsharieh Sarasadat (IRI) - 10/11
WFM Styazhkina Anna (RUS) - 9.5/11
WFM Goryachkina Aleksandra (RUS) - 9.5/11

WCM Nur Nabila - 22nd, 6.5/11
Camilia - 62nd, 5/11

U14 Open (137 players)

IM Cori Jorge (PER) - 9/11
Dragun Kamil (POL) - 8.5/11
FM Sai Krishna G V (IND) - 8.5/11

Elgin - 74th, 5.5/11
Jianwen - 87th, 5/11

U14 Girls (100 players)

WFM Efroimski Marsel (ISR) - 9/11
WFM Lach Aleksandra (POL) - 9/11
Saranya J (IND) - 8.5/11

Tjin Li - 86th, 4/11

U16 Open (119 players)

IM Sethuraman S P (IND) - 9/11
IM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi (IND) - 9/11
FM Lagarde Maxime (FRA) - 8/11

Sumant - 64th, 5.5/11

U16 Girls (100 players)

WIM Cori T Deysi (PER) - 10/11
WIM Arabidze Meri (GEO) - 8.5/11
WIM Paikidze Nazi (GEO) - 8/11

U18 Open (101 players)

IM Matlakov Maxim (RUS) - 9/11
GM Salgado Lopez Ivan (ESP) - 8.5/11
IM Piorun Kacper (POL) - 8/11

U18 Girls(61 players)

WGM Girya Olga (RUS) - 8.5/11
Tsatsalashvili Keti (GEO) - 8.5/11
Ozturk Kubra (TUR) - 8/11

Sunday, November 22, 2009

WYCC 2009 - The FINAL Round

In about 10 minutes time, the last round of WYCC 2009 will begin.

It is very critical game because for some it will decide the champions of each section. Surely, many players want to earn the best position or placing, therefore in the final round the players will give their best and all out.

The same for Malaysian contingent. In overall, the team has given all their best and shown their capability.

Below are the pairings for the Malaysian young chess players.

U8 (Tbl #3) - VASUDEVA Tanuj (USA) vs Amier
U8 (Tbl #37) - De Juan vs KOCACOGLU Ahyan (TUR)
U8G (Tbl #14) - Teh De Zen vs MANANNIKOVA Mariya (RUS)
U10G (Tbl # 20) - STRGACICH Aylen (ARG-1723) vs Najiha

U12 (Tbl #48) - ZMUSHKO Filipp (BLR-1728) vs Irfan
U12G (Tbl #8) - Nabila vs PATEL Yesim (TUR-1741)
U12G (Tbl #43) - Camilia vs WERTZ Clara (BEL)
U14 (Tbl #35) - ISMAILOV Mukhit (KAZ-2067) vs Jianwen
U14 (Tbl #47) - Elgin vs MURCHADHA Oissine (IRL)
U14G (Tbl #45) - Tjin Li vs ORLINA Laura (LAT)
U16 (Tbl #40) - Sumant vs KERIGAN Demre (TUR-2097)

The game of Amier versus his American opponent will be shown live at So, the whole world can watch his game with other top three boards of every age group. Amier must win this crucial game in order to be on the podium. Come on Amier, YOU CAN DO IT!

Nabila and De Zen also can earn much much better placing and result by winning the final game. It is a very good result and performance for De Zen on her maiden participation in the WYCC. Surely, in future WYCC she will be among the favourites. So, GO GO GO Nabila and De Zen!

For De Juan, Najiha, Irfan, Camilia and Tjin Li, they also must win the final game to improve their ratings and placings. Except for De Juan whose section does not have many rated players, the rest is pursuing FIDE ratings.

Below is GiLoCatur's understanding and observation regarding their ELO (FIDE) ratings.

Nur Najiha

In WYCC 2008 in Vietnam, she played against 4 rated players and won none.

In WYCC 2009, she has played against 7 rated players and won 3. In the last round, she will play against another rated player so that in total she will play 8 rated players.

This shows her improvement! keep it up, girl!


In this WYCC 2009, he has played against 7 rated players and won 3. In the last round he has another chance to win a game against a rated player to make 4 wins out of 8 rated games.


In the FIDE ratings database, she has played against 3 rated players in DATCC Chess League. She won none.

In this tournament, she has played against 9 rated players with 3 wins. This should be enough for her to earn a FIDE ratings eventhough in the last round her opponent is also unrated.

Tjin Li

She does not have rated games recorded in the FIDE ratings database. Even she does not have a FIDE id yet. But after WYCC 2009, she will have one. In this tournament, she managed to score 1 point from 7 rated games. In the last round, her opponent is unrated too. She just need 3 rated games with 1 point in a single FIDE-rated tournament to earn a FIDE-rating.

For Jianwen, Elgin and Sumant, they all are already with FIDE ratings. Their age groups are really really tough with many masters and experts players. BUT they have shown their guts and fighting spirits against their respective opponents. Very very good indeed! So guys, win the final game for yourselves. We know that you can do it!

Both Jianwen and Elgin has played 9 and 8 rated games respectively. The former won 4 and the latter won 3. Jianwen is in fact playing against another rated player now. Including the opponent that he is facing right now, Sumant plays 9 rated players. Winning the last game, Sumant will score 3.5 points.

Below is the ranking of the Malaysian contingent after Round 10

U8 : Amier - 7.5/10, 8th
U8 : De Juan - 5/10, 67th
U8G : De Zen - 6/10, 24th
U10G : Najiha - 5/10, 44th

U12 : Irfan - 4.5/10, 98th
U12G : Nabila - 6.5/10, 13th
U12G : Camilia - 4/10, 73rd
U14 : Jianwen - 5/10, 76th
U14 : Elgin - 4.5/10, 86th
U14G : Tjin Li - 3.5/10, 88th
U16 : Sumant - 4.5/10, 81st

[ This entry is written between 3.50pm to 4.30pm on Sun, 22/11/2009 from DATCC Kuala Lumpur. ]

Saturday, November 21, 2009

WCM Nur Nabila's Round 10 Game Shown Live

Now Nabila is playing against Sarah Chiang from USA at Table #3. The game is going to one hour mark. The live game can be viewed at Winning this game is very important for Nabila, one step closer to be a medal winner.

BEST OF LUCK from GiLoCatur to Nabila and the other ten Malaysian players who are fighting with their opponents on chess boards.

*** GiLoCatur is signing off now from DATCC at around 10.00pm because both GiLoCatur's kids had finished their seventh round. ***

The results :

U8 Open - Amier won, De Juan lost
U8 Girls - De Zen won
U10 Girls - Najiha won

U12 Open - Irfan won
U12 Girls - Nabila lost, Camilia lost
U14 Open - Jianwen lost , Elgin lost
U14 Girls - Tjin Li drew
U16 - Sumant drew

GiLoCatur hopes Nabila and other Malaysian players who were lost today, will put more efforts and be more motivated to win the last game tomorrow which will start at 10.00 am Turkish time or 4.00pm Malaysian time. For those who win and draw, keep on winning tomorrow. The contingent has made the country proud thus far. They have made impact in the tournament. They have shown to others what Malaysian players are capable of. BRAVO to the Malaysian chess contingent at WYCC 2009 and KUDOS to all parents and accompanying persons.

*** Updated on Sun, 22/11/2009, 3.00am ***

Just a Break from Chess!!

(sumber : facebook kawan sekolah GiLocatur, Cikgu Buck Rogers)

[ For foreign visitors and readers, this entry is about GiLoCatur's comment and opinion on the above picture of a Malay essay written by a school pupil. For information, Malay or Bahasa Malaysia is the national language of the country. English, Chinese and Tamil are also taught at Malaysian schools.]

Kawan satu sekolah GiLoCatur, Cikgu Buck Rogers telah menguploadkan satu karangan salah seorang murid beliau untuk dikomen. Tujuan paparan karangan tersebut bukan untuk mengaib dan menghina murid tersebut, tetapi untuk renungan bersama.

Pandangan dan komen GiLocatur : Murid tersebut ada imaginasi dan cerita yang hendak dikarang. Cuma penceritaan - jalan cerita dan gaya penulisan, dan ayat-ayat yang digunakan kelam kabut, tidak tersusun dan kelakar. GiLoCatur bukanlah seorang guru Bahasa, tetapi karangan di atas pasti tidak akan mendapat markah yang baik.

Kita tidak seharusnya ketawa dengan karangan di atas. Ideanya ada cuma latihan penulisan itu yang perlu lebih banyak dibuat. Memang tidak dinafikan, banyak karangan seperti di atas yang disemak oleh para guru. Justeru itu, dengan mengenengahkan (betulkah perkataan ini? :)- ) isu-isu seperti ini, semoga para ibu bapa dapat memantau dan membantu anak-anak mereka.

Ibu bapa wajib memberi galakan agar anak-anak mereka rajin membaca. Para ibu bapa sendiri wajar menunjukkan contoh tauladan yang baik terlebih dahulu dengan rajin membaca. Mereka juga sewajarnya membawa anak-anak ke perpustakaan untuk menanam dan menyemai sikap suka membaca. Amat sedih sekali kerana rakyat Malaysia tidak gemar membaca.

GiLoCatur juga terpaksa kerap ke perpustakaan untuk menyemai sikap membaca kepada anak sulung, Fikri. Ada ketika yang GiLoCatur sekeluarga akan ke perpustakaan negara di Jalan Tun Razak setiap hujung minggu. Alhamdulillah, minat membaca berjaya juga dipupuk kepada Fikri. Dan dia juga telah berjaya menjadi "Tokoh Nilam", yang dianugerahkan kepada pelajar yang membaca buku terbanyak. Nasib baik GiLoCatur masih belum terlambat memupuk semangat membaca kepada anak-anak bak kata pepatah, "kalau melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya."

Satu perkara yang ingin GiLoCatur komen di sini ialah karangan atau tulisan di atas sesuai untuk daily journal atau jurnal harian. Di Amerika Syarikat terutamanya, ia sangat popular dan diamalkan oleh guru-guru di sana. Kemudian pelajar akan diminta membaca karangan mereka di depan kelas. Pada pengamatan GiLoCatur, senario begini amat jarang di sekolah-sekolah di negara ini. Jika ini tidak betul, harap seseorang beritahu.

Satu lagi perkara yang ingin GiLoCatur sarankan terutamanya kepada pelajar-pelajar di negara ini ialah gunakan kemudahan teknologi yang ada iaitu internet, komputer dan ICT untuk latihan penulisan melalui laman-laman blog. Cuba amalkan penulisan seperti di kelas iaitu mengikut tatabahasa yang betul. Ini juga boleh melatih kreativiti mereka. Elakkan penggunaan singkatan yang boleh mempengaruhi penulisan ketika menjawab kertas-kertas bahasa - samada Bahasa Malaysia atau Bahasa Inggeris.


WYCC 2009 - Round 9 Results & R10 Pairings

After Round 9,

Under 8 Open

Two Iranian players dominated this section. GHOLAMI Aryan who is the second seed with 1950-ratings lead the pack after collection 8/9 points. His countryman, TABATABAEI Mohammad Amin, is trailing with 7.5/9 points. Four players with 7/9 points including the American VASUDEVA Tanuj whom GiLoCatur picks as one of the favourites while nine others including AMIER Hamzah Mohd Zuhri, one of the two Malaysian players participated in this section score 6.5/9 points. Amier is placed 11th after the tie breaks.

In Round 9, Amier defeated SHIRINOV Farid of Azerbaijan at Table #9 while Teh De Juan defeated KESGIN Halit Kaan, the host player at Table #37.

Hence, Amier who has collected 6.5/9 points will meet with ZALMAKHANOV Ramazan from Kazakhtan at Table #6. Amir will play white. While De Juan who is ranked 53rd after Round 9 and with 5/9 points will play KUCUK Dogukan, another Turkish opponent, at Table #25. Like Amier, he will also play white.

Under 8 Girls

An American player by the name of PALAKOLLU Samritha is leading the pack by halfpoint. Scoring 8/9 points, she is in front of CHU Ruotong, one of De Zen's opponents. CHU who hails from China accumulated 7.5/9 points. A Kazakhtan player and another American player, WANG Annie, are placed third and fourth respectively. Both of them are the only players with 7/9 points.

With 5/9 points, De Zen is ranked 32nd out of 85 players after Round 9 behind five other 5-point players. Not bad for her since if not mistaken WYCC 2009 is her first international tournament. In the next round, she will be at Table #20 playing black against Turkish player, ONUR Cigdem who has 4.5/9 points.

Under 10 Open

Malaysia has no representative in this age group. Leading the pack is the unrated Chinese player named BAI Jinshi. He collected 8/9 points. Trailing half point are Indian and Russian player who has 7.5/9 points. Three other players score 7/9 points whom two of them are unrated Chinese players. Asian players are dominating the top 10 after Round 9.

Under 10 Girls

An Azerbaijan player, MAMMADZADA Gunay Vugar Qizi, is leading the pack with 9/9 points. The 9th seed with 1732-ratings is 2 points in front of the second rank player, DROGOVOZ Irina of Russia, after Round 9 who is among four players with 7/9 points. Another two players score 6.5/9 points. Needing only half point, MAMMADZADA will be the champion of this section.

The Malaysian player in this section, Nur Najiha, is ranked 53rd with 4 points. She needs to win the next two rounds especially if against rated players to achieve more than 50% win and get FIDE ratings.

Najiha lost to Georgian player at Table #21 in the 9th round. In Round 10, she will play white against Croatian player, BLAZEKA Mihaela at Table #28.

***** GiLoCatur needs to get ready for DATCC Individual tournament, not as a player but as a driver to bring the children who are participating. GiLoCatur will try to continue this update from the center. Sat, 21/11/09, 12.45pm *****

Under 12 Open

Based on the ranking after Round 9, two players are leading the pack with 7.5/9 points. They are both from Russia and USA. While the top seed from India, VAIBHAV Suri, is leading the five 7/9 pointers. FM TRAN Tuan Minh from Vietnam is one of them. Another familiar player to GiLoCatur is Bobby Cheng from Australia is also among the group.

Malaysian sole representative in this age group, Mohd Irfan, won his R9 game against a rated Swedish player named AGREST Anton at Table #61. It shows that he is capable of beating 1800-rated and 1900-rated players. As of Round 9, Irfan has accumulated 3.5/9 points. GiLoCatur believes Irfan can do better, maybe lady luck is not on his side. In round 10, he will play white against Japanese player with ratings of 1830, ABE Mahiro. A win is also crucial here for FIDE ratings.


Under 12 Girls

The top 6 boards for U12 Girls section

In Round 9, Nabila who was playing white against a Russian WFM at Table #5, had to settle for a draw. Therefore, she is currently with 6.5/9 points together with seven other players. Two players with 7/9 and 8/9 points. The top 2 seeds - WFM Sarasadat of Iran and WFM Anna of Russia are the leaders and will play their respective 7-point opponents. If the top two seeds win their respective games and Nabila win hers, Nabila can climb further to be ranked third (to what GiLoCatur believes) since she is the top of the 6.5/9 group.

As of Round 9, Nabila is ranked fifth behind the 8-point and 7-point players. Nabila needs to win the remaining two rounds. And it would be an uphill battle and a tough challenge since she may meet one of the top two leaders - the 2000+-rated players.

In the next round, Nabila will play black against WCM CHIANG Sarah from USA, a familiar name to GiLoCatur AT Table #3. Another live game for Nabila which can be viewed at tonight that starts at 9.00pm Malaysian time. GiLoCatur urges all the Malaysians not only in Malaysia but all over the world to support and pray for her success. Based on ratings, Nabila has the edge and better chance. GiLoCatur is hoping that Nabila can win the crucial game. GiLoCatur also hopes that her experience playing in previous WYCC and ASEAN age group tournaments will give her more confidence and motivation.


***** Updating from DATCC Kuala Lumpur during the 5th round of the DATCC Individual Weekender tournament on Sat, 21/11/09, 3.45pm *****

Thursday, November 19, 2009

WYCC 2009 - The 7th Round Results & 8th Round Pairings

The Malaysian contingent at WYCC 2009
( picture from the blog )

Below are the full result in Round 7 for the Malaysian contingent based on the wycc 2009 official website

U8 Open - Amier lost, De Juan won
U8 Girls - De Zen won
U10 Girls - Najiha won

U12 Open - Irfan lost
U12 Girls - Nabila lost, Camilia drew
U14 Open - Jianwen drew , Elgin lost
U14 Girls - Tjin Li drew
U16 - Sumant drew

It is a bit sad since both Malaysian best bets - Nabila and Amier, for title holders could not win their respective games. They need to put away such results, comeback and focus for the next round. Their hope is still there because there are four more rounds.

In the next critical round, Nabila will play black against a player from Greece, SEREFIDOU Despina, who is nearly 200 ELO lower at Table #7 while Amier will play white on Table #13 against Russian player, PRIPOLZIN Anton. Come on! YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN WIN!

It is a winning note for the Teh cousins - De Juan and De Zen in Under 8 sections and WFM Najiha. All of them are 4/7 after Round 7. Still a very commendable results.

In Round 8, De Juan will play black at Table #25. His opponent is from Iran - JANNESAR Rad. His cousin, De Zen will play white at Table #18 against ISMAYILZADA Zeynab from Azerbaijan. While in U10 Girls, WFM Nabila has a very good opportunity to win against her opponent, a Polish girl named DMOCHOWSKA Agnieszka who is rated 1568. DE JUAN, DE ZEN & NABILA, SHOW US MALAYSIANS YOUR CAPABILITY! WE KNOW YOU ALL CAN!

In U12 age groups, Irfan will play white at Table #60. He will face a Turkish player, CAN Melih Kaan. At Table #17, Camilia will compete against 1822-rated Indian player, SRIJA Seshadri. If she can draw with a 2000+ rated player, it is not impossible to win the game. GO IRFAN GO! GO CAMILIA GO!

In U14 section, Both Jianwen and Elgin with 3 points will face lower-rated opponents from UAE and South Africa respectively at Table #47 and #50. Jianwen will play white against AL ZAROONI Eisa while Elgin will play black against DU TOIT Stefan.

Tjin Li will play black against BOJC Dasa from Slovenia at Table #43. Her opponent's ratings is 1626. Take the opportunity to win against a rated player!


In U16 section, Sumant with 3 points will play black against THANAROTRUNG Ratchaphon from Thailand at Table #45. His opponent's ratings is about 300 ELO lower than Sumant's. Surely, you can win SUMANT. We at Malaysia will pray for all of you to win as many games as possible to get the best position. MALAYSIA BOLEH! AND SELAMAT BERJUANG!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WCM Nur Nabila's Round 7 Game Shown Live

Round 7 of WYCC 2009 in Antalya, Turkey just passed one hour mark. It just started at 9.00pm local time. Nabila is on playing the third board in U12 Girls age group. Both Nabila and her opponent as well as both players on the second board have 5/7 points. Only the top board players - WFM Anna and WFM Sarasadat, have 5.5/7 points each.

Nabila needs to win this game to ensure her top position and continue her sterling performance to be among the leaders.

ALL THE BEST to NABILA as well as her other compatriots to win Round 7.

Amier Hamzah - Bd 7, black, vs SANDOVAL Mercado Carlos (Mexico)
Teh De Juan - Bd 36, white, vs GECER Bora (Turkey)
Teh De Zen - Bd 19, white, vs BUFFA Anastasia (Italy)
Nur Najiha - Bd 24, black, vs DOGAN Sevval (Turkey)

Irfan - Bd 48, black, vs KELEPTRISHVILI Irakli (Georgia)
Camilia - Bd 22, white, vs SAGADIJEVA Anna (Estonia)
Ho Tjin Li - Bd 44, black, vs MARX Inga (Germany)
Jianwen - Bd 48, black, vs Jung Young Hoon (Korea)
Elgin Lee - Bd 36, white, vs MARJANOVIC Dejan (BIH)
Sumant - Bd 39, white, vs POSTOLACHI Viorel (Moldova)

Chess Camp by IM Mok Tze Meng aka The Tiger

Good news to anyone who wants to learn from Mok Tze Meng, one of Malaysian top chess players. He will be conducting chess camp as per below details.

Chess Camp at Cempaka School
Chess make kids smarter!
This special Chess Camp is headed by FM Mok Tze Meng (currently top 3 in Malaysia FIDE rating list. Mr. Mok will obtain IM title in Jan 2010) with his group of experienced trainers. Any children below the Malaysian rating of 1800 or without rating are welcome to attend the course.

Courses will cover understanding in chess openings, creative thinking (the way how chess helps in studies too), positional understandings, planning and endgame concepts in Chess.
The Beginner to Intermediate is designed to attract the young to the game of chess. They will learn how to think logically and how to make good decision while in critical situations.
The Intermediate to Expert is to target those who want to break-through from their current level of play. Break-through involved many factors, only a good chess player cum trainer can uncover the students’ weaknesses, problems and rectify them.

Date : 2nd to 4th December 2009 (3 days)
Venue : Cempaka Campus Block N1, Level 3

Course Level : Beginner to Intermediate
Ratings : Below 1000 or NO ratings
Time : 9.00 am - 12.00 noon
Fee : RM 250 (minimum 10 students)

Course Level : Intermediate to Expert
Ratings : Above 1000
Time : 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm
Fee : RM 350 (minimum 10 students)

Closing Date : 30th November 2009

10% discount for Cempaka students only!

Chess equipment will be provided. Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Mok Tze Meng at 016-223 3536 or by email to

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



Tarikh : 19 Disember 2009
Hari : Sabtu
Masa : 8.00am - 5.30pm
Tempat : Sungai Petani, Kedah
Format : Swiss 6 Pusingan, 25 minit

Yuran : Terbuka (RM 15), Remaja - U18 & U12 (RM 10)

Untuk Kategori Remaja (18 tahun ke bawah) dan Bawah 12 tahun layak berpeluang memenangi hadiah bagi kategori Terbuka dan Remaja (Bermain sekali)
*Tempat adalah terhad dan tertakluk kepada penyertaan terawal yang diterima.



KE4 : Wang Tunai RM 50.00 + MEDAL DAN SIJIL
KE5: Wang Tunai RM 40.00 + MEDAL DAN SIJIL
KE6: Wang Tunai RM 30.00 + MEDAL DAN SIJIL
KE7: Wang Tunai RM 30.00 + MEDAL DAN SIJIL
KE8: Wang Tunai RM 20.00 + MEDAL DAN SIJIL
KE9: Wang Tunai RM 20.00 + MEDAL DAN SIJIL
KE10: Wang Tunai RM 20.00 + MEDAL DAN SIJIL


KE 3: Wang Tunai RM 10 + MEDAL + SIJIL


Maklumat Lengkap Borang Kejohanan/Jadual/Peraturan/Print:


Syed Iskandar - 017-473 1678, email:(
Amrie Ibni Hajar - 013-423 1793
Nazli Johardy - 019-412 0130

WYCC 2009 - Day 7 (Free Day)

Nur Nabila (left) with sister, Nur Najiha (U10 Girls) and father, Azman Hisham

Amier Hamzah (right) with his father, Mohd Zuhri

( credit : the above pictures are from the official MALAYSIAN chess contingent in WYCC 2009 blog at )

Today, Tuesday November 17, is the rest day for WYCC 2009. Yesterday the participants were busy playing two standard (90 minute + 30 seconds time control) chess games - Round 5 and Round 6.

For the Malaysian contingent, Nabila and Amier are leading the pack for the medal prospects. The Malaysian youngsters have played and fought hard all their rounds. The overall performance is superb and awesome. They need to keep up the efforts and focus on next games. Let's all of us the Malaysians pray and support the team for the proud of our country.

WCM Nur Nabila is currently in the third position after Round 6 trailing just half point behind the top two seeds - WFM Anna of Russia and WFM Sarasadat of Iran both with 2000+ ratings, in her U12G age group. Seeded 14th with 1847 ratings, she won her first four rounds before drawing both the fifth and sixth round games. Both games were shown live in WYCC 2009 official website.

In the next round of 7, Nabila will play white on Table #3 against a Moldovan player named BULMAGA Elena. On paper Nabila has the advantage since her ratings and seedings is higher than her opponent. But in chess, anything is possible. So, hopefully Nabila can win the important game to achieve her golden dream.

Her 7th round game will be shown live at on Wednesday, November 18 at 9.00 pm Malaysian time.

Amier Hamzah who is playing in U8 Open section is another superb performer. He has yet lost a game. He won 3 games and drew the other 3. After Round 6, he is ranked number 15 with 4.5 points trailing just one point behind the leaders - the 2nd seed GHOLAMI Aryan of Iran and the 3rd seed SMIRNOV Anton of Australia.

In Round 7, Amier is paired against SANDOVAL Mercado Carlos of Mexico on Table #7. He will play white while his opponent will play black. Amier must win this game and the other four rounds in order to be at the top. Yeoh Li Tian managed to be placed fourth in the same age group two years ago also in Turkey. Hopefully, Amier can follow the suit.

As for the rest of the team, below are their final standings and points after Round 6:

  • Teh De Juan - 3/6 66th of 129 players in U8 Open
  • Teh De Zen - 3/6 36th of 85 players in U8 Girls
  • Nur Najiha - 3 /6 40th of 83 players in U10 Girls
  • Irfan - 2.5/6 103rd of 149 players in U12 Open
  • Camilia - 3.5/6 40th of 108 players in U12 Girls
  • Ho Tjin Li - 1.5/6 90th of 101 players in U14 Girls
  • Jianwen - 2.5/6 89th of 138 players in U14 Open
  • Elgin Lee - 3/6 79th of 138 players in U14 Open
  • Sumant - 2.5/6 78th of 119 players in U16 Open




GiLoCatur would like to alert all netizens especially the Malaysians out there regarding the scheme / scam like below to get your userid and password. It looks like real, original and authentic. As far as GiLoCatur knows and acknowledges, the provider of the service like gmail and maybank2u normally won't ask passwords from their users or account holders. They can get the passwords by themselves if they want because already in their database. Why should ask from account holders.

Besides, the mechanism to confirm the unused accounts is a bit funny. How many emails GMAIL will receive by this way if it is real? Normally, the provider will acquire their users' feedbacks or send notifications after the users logged in. So, BE ALERT. If you want verification, please contact or email the providers stated in their authentic websites.

from Google Alert
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WCM Nur Nabila's Round 6 Game Shown Live

Round 6 is on-going after began at 5.00pm Turkish time or equivalent to 11.00pm Malaysian time. Once again Malaysian best bet and hope to have an age-group champion will be on WCM Nabila. She is playing black against LASYA Goli on the third board.

WFM Sarasadat from Iran has regained her top spot back after the first board drew in Round 5. She is playing white at Table #1.

Monday, November 16, 2009

WCM Nur Nabila's Round 5 Game Shown Live

GiLoCatur just find a place for a hangout and open the laptop to follow Nur Nabila's R5 game againts the section's 9th seed of NICOLAS Zapata Irene from Spain on second board that is shown live at Nabila is playing white ...


The moves ...

1. d4 Nf6
2. c4 g6
3. Nc3 d5
4. cxd5 Nxd5
5. e4 Nxc3
6. bxc3 Bg7
7. Nf3 0-0
8. Be2 c5
9. 0-0 Qc7
10. Qb3 Nc6
11. Be3 Na5
12. Qa3 Bg4
13. Qc1 Rac8
14. h3 cxd4
15.cxd4 Baxf3
16.Bxf3 Nc4
17. Be2 Nxe3
18. Qxe3 Qc3
19. Qxc3 Rxc3
20. Rfd1 Rfc8
21. Rab1 b6
22. Bg4 R8c4
23. e5 Ra4
24. Rb2 h5
25. Be2 Rca3 *it is time critical now
26. Rc2 Rxa2
27. Rc8+ Kh7
28. Bf3 Ra1
29. Rxa1 Rxa1+
30. Kh2 Ra4
31. Rc7 Rxd4
32. Rxe7 a5
33. Rxf7 Kg8
34. Re7 Kf8
35. Re6 Kf7
36. Rxb6 Bxe5+
37. g3 Rb4
38. Rxb4 axb4
39. Bd5+ Ke7
40. f4 Bc3

1/2 - 1/2 *phew ....

At Table #3, Iranian talented WFM, Sarasadat who is one of the four players with 3.5/4 points, had won against her Russian opponent, CHETINA Elizaveta. While at Table #1, Indian player LASYA Goli has better chance to upset the second seed, WFM STYAZHKINA Anna from Russia. Both has full 4 points as well as Nabila and her current opponent.

WYCC 2009 - The Fourth Round

Bd 51, VAN RENSBURG Pierre from Rep South Africa vs Sumant (0 - 1)
Bd 50, Wong Jianwen vs AKUNOV Maskat (1 - 0)
Bd 33,JAWICH Amro from Libya vs Elgin Lee (1/2 - 1/2)
Bd 39, Ho Tjin Li vs KUEHNEL Lena from Germany (1/2 - 1/2)
Bd 66, ALHARARI Mohamed (LBA) vs Irfan (0 - 1)
Bd 4, HINCU OLGA from Moldova vs Nur Nabila (0 - 1)
Bd 16, BAGHIROVA Khatin Mohammad Qizi from Azerbaijan vs Camilia (1 - 0)

It is very unfortunate that Camilia can not cruise through with another win. But surely she had fought very hard since she was the last Malaysian player to come out from the tournament hall. Bravo for having such fighting spirit. Forget about it. Focus and concentrate on your next game, girl! Today is very challenging for having two games in one day. TAHNIAH and SYABAS for the Malaysian team for a wonderful Round 4 results. *(Monday morning, 16/11/2009, 8.45am)

Bd 20, Nur Najiha vs WFM LIAO Simone from USA (1 - 0)
Bd 16, GUTIERREZ Itandehui from Mexico vs Teh De Zen (0 - 1)
Bd 22, Teh De Juan vs ENKHTUNGALAG Tuvshintogs from Monggolia (0 - 1)
Bd 6, Amier vs SHENTOV Petar-Delian from Bulgaria (1/2 - 1/2)

So, going to the fifth round :

Amie Hamzah - 3 /4
Teh De Juan - 2/4
Teh De Zen - 3/4
Nur Najiha - 2.5 /4

Irfan - 1.5/4
Nur Nabila - 4/4 (perfect score!)
Camilia - 2/4
Ho Tjin Li - 1.5/4
Jianwen - 2/4
Elgin Lee - 2/4
Sumant - 2/4

Still a very superb performance from the Malaysian team. Beside Camilia's game result, the team only suffers 1 defeat. Well done, MALAYSIA!

Tomorrow is a grueling day. Because they will play two rounds - 10.00am and 5.00pm Turkey's time. 10.00 am = 4.00pm Malaysian time, 5.00pm = 11.00pm Malaysian time.
(note : the time difference is 6 hours)

GiLoCatur believes that Nabila's fifth round game will be on among live coverage at the official website because she will be playing on either one of the top three boards.

Penang Age Group Chess Championship 2009 - Penang Leg

Penang Age Group Chess Championship 2009 - Penang Leg

Date: 21, 22 Nov 09 (2 days) 9am – 6pm

Venue: Bilik Melati, Dewan Sri Pinang, Penang.

Category: Open to ALL Players U15.

U07B/G, U09B/G, U11B/G, U13B/G & U15B/G

Organizer: Penang Chess Association ( website : here )

The champion of each categories will get a full sponsor to National Age Group 2010 (For PCA Member only).

Entry Fees:

PCA member RM10, Non-member RM20


Registration on the tournament day itself WILL NOT be entertained.

For enquiry please contact:

Call Mr. Tan Eng Seong 012-4299517 after 7pm.

Email : /

The organizer reserve the right to change the rules and format

U7 category will start on Sat. Please visit for details and schedule of play.

Online registration: click here

Registered Players: click here


WYCC 2009 - Players To Watch

the GM siblings - Deysi (left) and Jorge of PERU

  • Jorge is seeded 2nd with 2462 IRtg in U14 Open category
  • Completed GM norms when he was 14 years and 2 months old
  • Deysi is the top seed with 2374 Irtg in U16 Girls category ahead of Rout Padmini of India
  • Deysi is a GM at the age of 16

(picture from his blog at

  • seeded 119th and unrated in U8 Open category
  • Gold medalist (champion) in the 2009 Pan-American Youth Championship with perfect 9/9 score
  • Awarded Fide Master (FM) for the Gold medal feat
  • The youngest ever FM

WFM Sara Sadat Khadem Al-Sharieh of Iran

  • the top seed in U12 Girls category
  • has FIDE ratings of 2018
  • Gold medalist (champion) U12 Asian Championship
  • Second placed in Iranian Women's Championship 2009 (9.5/13)
  • Second placed in U14 Girls of Asian Youth Championship 2009
  • coached by Iranian's IMs

source :

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The First DATCC Individual (Fide-Rated) - Day 2 Update

Now Round 4 for the 1st DATCC Individual is ongoing. Round 4 began at 3.30pm. During the round break, there was a chess lecture on Sicilian topic by IM-elect Lim Yee Weng. Round 3 started at 9.30am this morning.

As per above Round 4 pairings, only both players on the top board left with the perfect 3 point scores. In the previous 3rd round, Abdullah Che Hassan defeated Muhd Syazwan, an IPT student from Terengganu. While Edward Lee won againts Alfred Ting (GiLoCatur hopes the name is correct) . Since Kamaluddin Yusof aka Bro Mudin drew with Nor Ilhamuddin on the top board in Round 3, they were trailing halfpoint. The other player with 2.5 points is 2009 MSS Selangor U15 Individual champion, Low Jun Jian who won againts MSS Perak state player.

Sahir Sarifdin of 17ChessClub who beat Mohd Zullghafari, come all the way from Muar, plays againts Mohd Ali Chor. As for GiLoCatur's children, Fikri is playing againts Haslindah Ruslan while Anis played white againts Mohd Fadhrullah. She finished her game already with a defeat. In previous round, Fikri lose to Ong Thian Loon while Anis drew with Haslindah.

WYCC 2009 - The Third Round

Both Amir and De Juan performed well in the third round. They defeated their respective opponents. Amier beat his Monggolian opponent with black pieces while De Juan who played white beat his Iranian opponent.

De Zen, however, could not maintain her perfect record when her opponent from China had won on the fifth board. In U10 Girls, Nur Najiha drew with Indian player, SAVANT Riya.

In U12 section, Irfan drew his 3rd round game. While both Nur Nabila and Camilia performed well when they defeated their respective opponents. Nabila has sterling performance thus far when she won all her first 3 rounds. In fact, she is in fourth position after the completion of three rounds.

In U14 age groups, Ho Tjin Li managed to secure her first point by winning the third round game. However, Jianwen could not manage to win and upset his higher-ranked opponent. While Elgin Lee won his game to score one and half point thus far.

The sole U16 age group Malaysian representative, Sumant also could not win and upset his high-rated opponent, a French FM. By the way, GiLoCatur hopes Sumant as well as his other Malaysian team mates take the opportunity and experience of playing againts higher-rated opponents and participating in a world-class chess tournament to propel their chess career and development.

So, going to the fourth round :

Amie Hamzah - 2.5 /3
Teh De Juan - 2/3
Teh De Zen - 2/3
Nur Najiha - 1.5 /3

Irfan - 0.5/3
Nur Nabila - 3/3
Camilia - 2/3
Ho Tjin Li - 1/3
Jianwen - 1/3
Elgin Lee - 1.5/3
Sumant - 1/3

In U10 Girls, the top seed, WCM DORDZHIEVA Dinara (IRtg-1973) from Russia was upset by an Ukranian player, ALEKSANDROVA Tetyana. All the 2nd, 3rd and 4th boards drew. All the higher seeded players on the 5th, 6th and 7th boards cruise through their perfect 3 points when they won their respective games. Another upset is on Board 8, when England player WANG Xiangliang Anna won againts the 4th seed, WFM VASENINA Anna from Russia.

In U8 Open section, only two upsets among the top 10 boards - the 5th and 6th boards. The boards won by unrated players againts rated and higher-ranked players. Not much can be said from U8 Girls section since only two players out of th etotal 83 participants have IRtg (FIDE ratings).

In U12 Open, among the top 10 boards only two results where the lower-ranked players won againts their respective higher-rated opponnets - Board 7 and Board 9. But basically their ratings gap is not that much. Basically, they have equal strength.

In U16 Open section, there are two major upsets in GiLoCatur eyes. On top board, the 21st seed from India, UDESHI Aditya with IRtg of 2330 defeated the top seed, IM GRANDELIUS Nils from Sweden who has 2540 ratings. And on the third board, a French player named SOCHACKI Christophe managed to upset the 4th seed, IM VAN KAMPEN Robin.

In U18 Open, there is one upset among the top 10 boards that GiLoCatur notices. On Board 4, a Lithuanian Fide Master beat the higher-ranked Polish International Master. GiLocatur's favourite player in this section, SALEM A.R. Saleh from UAE won his third round game. So far, he had collected 2.5 points after 2 wins and 1 draw.

*** Updating from DATCC on 15/11/2009, 12.30 pm ***

Bd 30, Sumant vs FM FONG Julien from FRANCE (0 - 1)
Bd 28, TESIK Csaba from Hungary vs Wong Jianwen (1 - 0)
Bd 55, Elgin Lee vs GJIKA Gent from Albania (1 - 0)
Bd 50, Ho Tjin Li vs TUZI Bruna from Albania (1 - 0)
Bd 67, Irfan vs ATAYEV Huseyn Natiq Oglu from Azerbaijan (1/2 - 1/2)
Bd 6, Nur Nabila vs KHOMERIKI Nino from Georgia (1 - 0)
Bd 22, Camilia vs LAGUNOW Elina from Germany (1 - 0)

*updated on 14/11/09, 11.15am

Bd 20, SAVANT Riya from India vs Nur Najiha (1/2 - 1/2)
Bd 5, Teh De Zen vs CHU Ruotong from China (0 - 1)
Bd 42, Teh De Juan vs GONJALI Hossein from Iran (1 - 0)
Bd 14, OTGONBAYAR Chinguun fom Monggolia vs Amier (0 - 1)

Round 3 will start at 3.00pm on Day 3 (Nov 14) or 9.00pm Malaysian time. So, GOOD LUCK to all Malaysian players!!

The First DATCC Individual (Fide-Rated) - Day 2

DATCC Individual Weekender 2009

Round 3

Bo. SNo. Name Pts Res. Pts Name SNo.

1 4 Nor Ilhamuddin Shaik Ali 2 2 Yusof Kamaluddin 1

2 2 Lee Kim Han Edward 2 2 Shih Chieh Alfred Ting 15

3 6 Muhd Syazwan Zulkifli 2 2 Che Hassan Abdullah 3

4 7 Jun Jian Low 1½ 2 Kit-Tze Mark Siew 5

5 8 Wei Hao (U12) Tan 1 1 Sri Shiva Kumar 19

6 18 Mohd Ali Chor 1 1 Francois Wolfaardt, 9

7 20 Yong Zhao (U12) Tan 1 1 Mat Zaki Yeop 11

8 21 Mohd Zullghafari Saparmin 1 1 Sahir Sarifdin 12

9 13 Thian Loon Ong 1 1 Saleh Fikri 23

10 14 Hisyam Ismail 1 1 Guo Jie Yat 25

11 22 Lim Chong 1 1 Jun Keat Low 17

12 10 Ruslan Haslindah ½ 0 Saleh Anis Fariha(U-12) 24

13 16 Joshua Foong 0 0 Mohd Fadhrullah Mohd Sani 28

14 26 Shamsuddin Sabri 0 0 Yu Kang Yang 29

15 30 Iskandar Danial Adam 0 0 Jun Yi Low 27

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The First DATCC Individual (Fide-Rated) - Day 1

The 1st DATCC (Dato' Arthur Tan Chess Center) Individual tournament began today at 2.00pm. Thirty players including several primary schoolers participate in the 9-round FIDE-rated chess tournament held over two weekends. GiLocatur's son and daughter are among them. They are ranked 23rd and 24th respectively. Both of them do not yet have International Ratings. The top seed is Yusof Kamaluddin followed by Edward Lee and Abdullah Che Hassan. They are competing the first prize money of Rm 600 + hamper.

11 of them have FIDE ratings while the other 29 players are looking for one.

In the first round, Fikri faced the 8th seed of Tan Wei Hao while Anis played white againts a RSA (Republic of South Africa) player, Francois Wolfaardt. No upsets in the results except Chong Lim and Yat Guo Jie who managed to draw with their respective higher-seeded opponents.

Round 2 pairings.

Kamaluddin Yusof (the top seed) is challenged by the younger Tan Wei Hao (right), one of the team members playing in the recent APSSO in Jakarta.

In Round 2, Fikri defeated Iskandar Danial, a young chess blogger. Both are from Shah Alam.

Haslindah Ruslan, one of the two women participants.

Mark Siew (right) from Perak vs Hisyam, the son of former World Police champion Sarjan Ismail Ahmad.

Veteran players are also participating. Shamsuddin Sabri againts Zaki Mat Yeop, a regular rated chess tournament participant from Perak. The young chess players should not have excuses to participate in chess tournaments especially the rated ones if the veterans can.

Including in this tournament, Anis has met Francois twice. She lost both games. Hopefully, the third time will be lucky? :)-

Two more rounds will be played tomorrow. The third round will start at 9.30am sharp. GOOD LUCK to all participants.

Happy 13th Birthday, My Son!

Yesterday is the 13th day of the month of November. Yesterday is a big day for GiLoCatur's eldest son. Because 13 years ago on this date, FIKRI was born in a private maternity clinic in Kuala Lumpur. In GiLoCatur's family, FIKRI's birthday is the last one to celebrate every year. It coincides with GiLoCatur's wedding anniversary which fall in the third week of November. For this year, it would be on next Tuesday. It has become a tradition to have a family potrait picture taken every year.

Yesterday he celebrated his birthday with his dorm, Ibnu Rushd, mates by having KFC chickens coincidentally with the celebration of the year end (Form 1) completion.

Number 13 is quite special. It is the significant (official) age of becoming a teenager. And it also has special meaning and occasion in many religions. 13 also has its urban myth. Many unlucky incidents and tragedies are associated with number 13. For examples, Friday the 13th and Apollo 13.Even there are movies about it. GiLoCatur believes that many kids all over the world know who Freddy Krueger is.

Know what TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA is? It means the fear of number 13. Many hotels do not have 13th floor or room number 13. Many air planes do not have seat no 13.

BUT for GiLoCatur, 13 is a very good and lucky number. GiLoCatur wishes and prays that FIKRI will accomplish lots of achievements and success in the future including in chess.