Saturday, June 13, 2015

GiLoCatur Family & MSSM Chess Championship - Part 3 (The Result for 2015 Edition)

Alhamdulillah, both GiLoCatur's children Anis Fariha and Fahim Al-Faqeh, are among the medal recipients in the MSSM chess championship that had just completed on last Thursday.

Playing her final MSSM representing MSS Selangor, Anis managed to win four games and drew the other two in her P18 Individual event. Thus, her score is 5/6 points. With that score, Anis had been declared as the first Runner Up. In other words, Anis had won the Silver medal. 

Meanwhile, Fahim who this year represent the WP Kuala Lumpur team just managed to grab the 10th placing in the L15 Individual category. He won 3 games, drew one and lost two.

The photo gallery.

Fahim & Anis with medal and certificate of achievement

Anis - P18 Individual

Fahim - L15 Individual category

Anis before her final game in the MSSM

Syabas and Tahniah to both GiLoCatur's lovely children.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

MSSM Chess Championship 2015 - Part 4 (Final Ranking Under 12 Categories)

Thursday, 11/6/2015

The final round of the MSSM chess championship for 2015 Edition had completed this morning. Lots of surprises, joys, tears, victories and defeats had happened. 

Below are the final ranking for the Under 12 categories.

The Team Event

Both WP Kuala Lumpur and Pulau Pinang have won the Under 12 Team events each. The former won the Girls section while the latter won the Boys section. Selangor has emerged as the 1st Runner Up in both sections. 

In the Girls section, the WP KL P12 team has won five rounds and drew one. The team scored 11 match points and 19.5 out of 24 game points. WP KL - Gold, Selangor - Silver and Pulau Pinang - Bronze.

In the Boys section, the Pulau Pinang L12 team has won all the six rounds. The team scored the maximum 12 match points and 21.5 out of 24 game points. Pulau Pinang - Gold, Selangor - Silver and Johor - Bronze.

P12 category

L12 category

The Individual Event

Pulau Pinang has grabbed both Gold medals of the Individual events. GiLoCatur cannot believe the fact that no Selangor and WP Kuala Lumpur players in the Top 3 in this Under 12 Individual event. It is surprising. Can anyone provide the answer for this?   

Below are the final ranking for the Under 12 Individual event from

L12 category

P12 category

Room 105
Botanic Hill Lodge

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

MSSM Chess Championship 2015 - Part 3 (Battle of the Giants in Boys Team Event)

Wednesday, 10th June 2015

The MSSM chess championship is halfway now. The Battle of Giants has finally arrived. Let's take a look at the Boys Team Event.

The home team, Pulau Pinang, is among the Top 2 for all the three sections in the Boys Team event. In the L12 section, Pulau Pinang will be challenged by Selangor. Both teams score the maximum 6 match points. Ratings wise, both teams are about equal. Which ever team wins, GiLoCatur believes will cruise through to become the champion.

L12 section
L12 category

The home team, Pulau Pinang, is currently leading with full 6 match points in the L15 category followed by Selangor. Clearly, the former has the upper edge ratings wise. Can Selangor stop Pulau Pinang to grab the Gold medal in this category?

 L15 section

L15 category
In the L18 category, both WP Kuala Lumpur and Pulau Pinang are the leaders after Round 3. Both have scored full 6 points. But based on second tie break ie game points, the former has 1 1/2 point more than the latter. This match up is balance to GiLoCatur and would be intensifying. 

 L18 section

L18 category

It is clearly, Pulau Pinang has very strong teams in all the Boys sections. Will the state win Gold medal in each Boys Team category?

Room 218
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Monday, June 8, 2015

MSSM Chess Championship 2015 - Part 2 (Gold Medals Tally)

Monday, 8th June 2015

Which MSS state has won the most Gold medals in the MSSM chess championships?

GiLoCatur can provide the statistics only from 2010 editions as per below. 

Gold Medal Tally for Selangor, Pulau Pinang & WP KL
in the MSSM chess championship
 There are three states which really dominate the MSSM chess championship especially in winning the Gold medal. Since 2010, these states have won 53 out of total 60 Gold medals in the 12 categories. In fact, in the past two years the Gold medal are only won by these three states.

WP KL wins the most number of Gold medals in the past five years winning 19 of them. Whereas both Selangor and Pulau Pinang have won 18 and 16 Gold medals respectively. Last year, WP KL won six (6) Gold medals, its best in the past five years. 

So, for 2015 Edition which state will win the most Gold medals? Can WP KL maintain its best record last year? Or would Pulau Pinang win the most number playing in the home turf? Can Selangor win three or four Gold medals as usual?

Let's wait and see!

MSSM Chess Championship 2015 - Part 1 (Analysis on L18 Team Event)

Monday, 8th June 2015

Finally, the MSSM Chess Championship 2015 Edition has come!

Today at 3.00 PM the first round of the much awaited championship will kick off. Since GiLoCatur's children participation in the championship started in 2009 Edition, GiLoCatur has been to all editions except last year in Kuching, Sarawak.

In this entry, GiLoCatur would like to focus in Under 18 Boys ie L18 Team category. Do you know which state team has won the most in this category? Fortunately, GiLoCatur has the photos of the champions for each Edition since 2009. GiLoCatur will share the photos.

It is a very true fact that Selangor, the state in which GiLoCatur was born, has never won the Gold medal in this category since 2009. On a happy note, GiLoCatur's eldest child, Fikri, had won the Gold medal twice playing for WP Kuala Lumpur (KL).

MSSM L18 Team Medal Winners since 2010 Edition
Legend : KL = WP Kuala Lumpur, PP = Pulau Pinang, KEL = Kelantan, SEL = Selangor, PRK = Perak, JHR = Johor. 

WP Kuala Lumpur has dominated this category for the past three years - 2012, 2013 and 2014.  In fact, since 2009 Editions WP KL has won four (4) out of total six (6) times for the L18 Team event. Fikri was part of the champion team in both 2012 and 2013 Editions. Pulau Pinang and Perak were the champions in 2011 and 2010 respectively.

Below are the L18 Team category champions of the MSSM Chess Championship since 2009 Editions.

2014 Edition - WP KL
2013 Edition - WP KL with its PT, Cikgu Suhairi
2012 Edition - WP KL
2011 Edition - Pulau Pinang
2010 Edition - Perak
2009 Edition - WP KL
Among the four WP KL L18 teams who became the champion, which one is the best? GiLoCatur could only provide the complete chess-results statistics for the past two years only. Personally, GiLoCatur believes the WP KL 2012 team that includes Yeap Eng Chiam (1st Board), Tan Jun Feng (2nd Board),  Liew Ken Yew (3rd Board) and Fikri Saleh (4th Board) is the best team. The team won all their six (6) rounds scoring the full 12 match points and at least 22 out of total 24 game points.

Below are the chess-results statistics for the WP KL L18 teams for 2014 and 2013 respectively.


source : chess-results

source : chess-results
The 2013 WP KL L18 team won all the six rounds and scored 21.5/24 game points. Playing the third Board, Faizal won all his six games.


source : chess-results

source : chess-results
The 2013 WP KL L18 team won all the six rounds and scored 20.5/24 game points. Playing the fourth Board, Albert Ang won all his six games.

So, which team will emerge as the champion for this year edition? Can WP KL continue its winning tradition by defending the Gold medal in this event? Let's wait for the 2015 MSSM chess championship to finish. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

GiLoCatur Family & MSSM Chess Championship - Part 2

MSSM Chess Championsip Edition 2015 is three days more to go.

This morning, GiLoCatur's only daughter, Anis Fariha, with her MSS Selangor team mates has begun her journey to Pulau Pinang. The first round  will kick off on Monday, 8th June 2015.

This year MSSM will be the final for Anis since she is in Form 5 and take SPM in November. This year MSSM is Anis' the seventh since her debut in 2009. Good luck and All the best from Ayah, Ibu, Abang & Adik to my lovely daughter, Kakak, and her team mates. 

2015 MSSM Chess Championship banner - credit: cikgu zull

Anis Fariha

MSSS Flag Giving Ceremony at JPN Selangor
credit : cikgu idris

Anis and her 2015 MSSS chess contingent
credit : cikgu idris