Friday, May 19, 2023

Happy 25th Birthday To ANIS FARIHA (2023)

Today is the fifth day of May month in the year of 2023. It is a special day for both GiLoCatur aka Hj Saleh and Hjh Nor Azizah because 25 years ago our only daughter was born. 

Her name is Anis Fariha. At first GiLoCatur wanted to name her just Fariha means joy or happiness in Arabic. Since the first child was named with the letter F, her name should start with the letter F as well.

GiLoCatur felt something is missing and not right. Then GiLoCatur added ANIS for the first name. Now the name made sense and right. Thus, the daughter got her name registered in her Identity Card as Anis Fariha Binti Saleh.

Anis is the first one who were born in Shah Alam. Her elder brother, Fikri, was born in Kuala Lumpur. She had both her elementary and secondary schools only in Selangor. Then she continued her Diploma studies in Perak and came back to Selangor for her Degree. 

In terms of Kampar ethnicity, Anis carries the "SUKU" in her blood. Since Kampar ethnic uses a matriarch lineage, Anis got her Piliang suku from her mother. For her knowledge of Kampar tradition, GiLoCatur would like to record her lineage here. Anis Fariha > Nor Azizah > Dahniar > Saadiah > Bina (not sure her full name). 

Anis and Dad (GiLoCatur)
Raya 2022 Photo

In someway, the matriarch lineage is connected to GiLoCatur's paternal grandma (Raini Binti Jamin) and great grandma  (Tando Binti Kaeo). GiLoCatur's dad knew about this much much better. He is a distant cousin to Bina (Anis mom's great grandma).

Hopefully this info will be kept in Anis' memory. As long as she has a daughter and grand daughter, the SUKU Piliang and matriarch lineage continues.  

Anis and Mom (Zah)
Raya 2022 Photo

HAPPY 25th BORNDAY to GiLoCatur's only daughter, ANIS FARIHA! Ayah wishes you great health, "murah rezeki", happiness and joy. And wish you as "anak solehah" to us Ibu and Ayah. Ameen ameen ya robbal 'alameen.

The birthday greeting is on 2022's FB Post Birthday Wish :)-


Mini Reunion of Ex TOEFL1986 Group 9 KPP/ITM Shah Alam at Dato' Suhaimi's Son Wedding Reception

Yesterday on Sat 06.05.2023, an 1986 toefl group mate of us Dato' Ahmad Suhaimi Endut had a wedding reception in Putrajaya for his son.

GiLoCatur with Dato' Ahmad Suhaimi Endut
fondly know as Bro Mie in our Group 9

Alhamdulillah, GiLoCatur could attend with wife Nazizah Sulaiman and daughter the reception event.

GiLoCatur is blessed for having met two other ex group mate Prof Zulkifli Mohd Nopiah and Mahfidz Hussin.

Mahfidz who has been in Engineering field for many years drove from JB with his wife and few of his children. Meanwhile, Prof Zul who fondly GiLoCatur called Ajoi drove his super bike from Bangi. His field of study is Mathematics.

GiLoCatur, Prof Ajoi aka Minang aka Zul & Mahfidz
ex Group 9 toefl kpp/itm 1986 shah alam

Grateful to Allah because the four of us received scholarship to further study abroad namely in the United States.

This year is basically a private retirement age for all of us. But Prof Zul and Dato' Suhaimi will continue to serve the country and Malaysian community since they work in the public sector.

It was a sweet and beautiful experience in 1986 for the four of us learning and improving English with our local English lecturers such as Mama Jo and Ms Chong.

That is our story of ex TOEFL Section 6 Group 9 mates.


Majlis Resepsi Anak Nor Azli Sham & Marzilah

Alhamdulillah dapek menghadiri Majlis Walimah anak2 mantan jiran & rakan sekerja Azli & Mar, Iskandar dan adiknya Aisyah. (nota: pada 14 hb Mei 2022 yang lalu) 

Iskandar sebaya Fikri Saleh, manakala Aisyah sebaya Anis Fariha. 

Begitu pantas masa berlalu. Kira2 dua dekad lalu, kerap ngeteh dengan Azli di kedai mamak depan apartment kami di TTDI Jaya. 

Sekarang, ada juga ngeteh dengan beliau tetapi tidak sekerap dulu kerana sudah tidak berjiran. Sesi ngeteh bertanya khabar dan catching up tentang perkembangan diri & keluarga masing2. 

Semoga Raja Sehari berbahagia & berkekalan dengan pasangan masing2 hingga ke jannah. 

Selamat terima anak menantu kpd Azli & Mar. 

Berikut adalah koleksi foto GiLoCatur bersama keluarga di Majlish Walimatul Urus anak2 Azli Sham & Mar.

Zah bersama Adik & Kakak

GiLoCatur dengan ayah pengantin, Azli

Zah dengan ibu pengantin, Mar

GiLoCatur & isteri

GiLoCatur, isteri, Abang & Kakak


GiLoCatur Passed 1400 Rating In

GiLoCatur played two 10-minute chess games on this early morning. (note: four years ago from this blog post)

Target to cross the 1400 rating. Before the games started, GiLoCatur's rating was 1389. So, 11 points to score to reach the 1400 rating.

Alhamdulillah, GiLoCatur won the two games. After winning the first game, GiLoCatur gained 7 points. So, the rating jumped to 1396. 

GiLoCatur needs another win. Playing black, GiLoCatur started with h5 move, an usual opening of Ware Defense. Normally for Black, GiLoCatur starts with e6. 

After the first game win, the rating became 1396

Having an about equal (4 against 4) piece, GiLoCatur's opponent resigned when his clock was at 5:42. His black Bishop was stuck and GiLoCatur could exchange Black B and R with N and R. 

Winning the second game, GiLoCatur gained another 6 points, and the rating now becomes 1402. GiLoCatur stopped playing so that can enjoy the 1400 rating for a while LOL. 

After the second game win, the rating passed the 1400 mark

GiLoCatur loves to play chess. Since got married and having children GiLoCatur began active and involve in chess almost 12 years ago. 

GiLoCatur still remember, Fikri Saleh took part in his first chess tournament in mid June 2007 while he was in Year 5. Since then GiLoCatur became very active in chess not only bringing the kids to participate in chess tournaments but blog about chess as well. 

For the past few years, GiLoCatur has slowed down and very seldom taking part in local chess championships as well as updating GiLoCatur's chess blog. 

Now GiLoCatur just plays chess online on The kids play just a number of chess tournaments. The two elder children are into chess arbitering now. 

Nowadays children are very lucky because there are so many chess tournaments to participate, parents are so supportive, and chess tutorials and coaching is abundant.

This fb post is due to the urge for GiLoCatur to blog about chess. GiLoCatur really miss the chess activities GiLoCatur used to be involved and was part of. 




Wednesday, May 17, 2023

GiLoCatur's First Travelling Abroad


Travelling is one of GiLoCatur's several hobbies and passions. Reading, writing and chess are among others.

GiLoCatur is blessed with having lots of opportunities to travel both domestic and abroad. Grateful to the Mighty Allah.

Talking about travel abroad or overseas, GiLoCatur's first one was in 1974, not remembering the period though. It was several weeks since the travelling itseft was long not like today. 

The destination was Kuok, Sumatera the birth place of GiLoCatur's both parents. For info, GiLoCatur's late dad was born in Belimbing 2 village in 1917 while mom was born in Belimbing 1 village in 1930 which are adjacent to each other. 

GiLoCatur was in the kindergarden at the time. From home dad, mom, GiLoCatur and younger sister, Nurulhuda, started the journey by a car. Crossed the jetty on Sabak Bernam river and was on the narrow roads of Perak and Penang. 

Why went to Penang? 

During that time dad chose to use the ship from Penang to a port in Sumatera. We were in the ship and in the sea for several days before reaching Sumatera. As GiLocatur's memory, we stayed few days and nights in Medan. 

If nowadays, it will take less than 10 hours from Medan to Kuok but in 1974 it took few days and nights. 

Mom told that GiLoCatur preferred to sleep on the ship floor instead of the bed. Regarding this, GiLoCatur remembered Fikri would sleep on the floor instead on the bed when he was very young. The reason is it is much cooler to sleep on the floor. There was no aircond installed at our home during that time.

While in Medan, GiLoCatur remember seeing and riding a horse. It is kind of strange. Is it a coincidence or a sign that GiLoCatur would be in the place where there are many horses in future? 

GiLoCatur At The White Sands New Mexico

GiLoCatur was staying in El Paso, Texas USA for about two and a half years as a Computer Science major student. Yes, GiLoCatur had a chance being to a friend's ranch and learned to ride a horse.



Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The Journal on 24th Wedding Anniversary of GiLoCatur & Wife

On last Sunday, 17.11.2019, GiLoCatur with 24-years-old-life-partner, Hjh Nazizah Sulaiman, had spent more than ten hours together. At around 10:30am, we drove from home to Sungai Gadut. Was at Senawang at around 12:15 pm buying Subway and Tea Live.

GiLoCatur & wife's Wedding Invitation in Nov 1995
GiLoCatur & wife's Wedding Invitation in Nov 1995

GiLoCatur & wife at SDAR

40 minutes later, GiLoCatur and wife reached SDAR to visit our youngest child who is sitting for SPM 2019. We were with Si Bongsu for about two hours. Chit chatting mainly about his papers the past week especially on Add Math. 

Leaving SDAR at around 3 o'clock, both GiLoCatur and wife googled on the places to visit nearby Seremban. Eventually we decided to check out Laman Seni in Seremban downtown. Not as much as in Penang to look at. Took few snaps then we went into Eco RM2 outlet located nearby.

GiLoCatur was surprised when the outlet became busier and busier with many customers. GiLoCatur did not expect that our "bakul" would be full. 

Where else to go then? 

Suddenly, Haji Sharif Cendol popped up in mind. We were lucky that it was open. Even though, our stomach were still full, we stopped to have a cup of cendol and a plate of rojak. GiLoCatur and wife shared the cendol and the rojak. 

From Hj Sharif Cendol, GiLoCatur drove to Masjid Jamek Seremban which is located not far. Actually, it was GiLoCatur's third singgah at the mosque.

GiLoCatur decided to go home using the old Mantin Road via Lenggeng, Bukit Broga and Semenyih. The reason is GiLoCatur planned to stop by in Kajang to eat satay at Medan Satay.

Driving on the Lenggeng route, GiLoCatur noticed a wood-based small mosque. It is very rare to find such mosque these days. The name of the mosque is Masjid Qariah Ulu Beranang, Lenggeng. GiLoCatur "singgah" at the mosque which would be Masjid Nombor 370 in #MisiHjSalehSolatDiSeribuMasjid.

We ate 15 cucuks of satay and two sets of nasi impit. Seeing the KFC in Kajang nearby the medan satay brought back the memory while GiLoCatur was studying and staying in a hostel in Sungai Kantan. 

As GiLoCatur remembers, the KFC Kajang outlet was opened in 1983. At first, GiLoCatur was "was-was" to eat its fried chicken. It was the first time GiLoCatur knew about fast food and KFC.

After eating satay in Kajang, we continued our journey back home. It was nearly 10 o'clock at night when we reached home. 

This is the journal of GiLoCatur and wife on spending time together on our 24th Anniversary. How time flies. Our three precious children have grown up. We are getting older; not younger.

We are so grateful and thankful to the Mighty Allah for all the sweet as well as bitter memories, the ups and downs during our 24-years-of marriage life raising three lovely kids. Alhamdulillah.

Hopefully, our journey will continue with much much more sweet and good moments. Hopefully Allah will bless us every day and every time. 


Friday, May 21, 2021

Nostalgia Pasukan Catur MSSS L15 di MSSM 2011


Pasukan MSSS L15 2011

Gambar Pasukan Catur L15 MSS Selangor 2011 di atas sangat bermakna dan nostalgia khususnya kepada Hj Saleh aka GiLoCatur.
Ia mengingatkan Hj Saleh banyak perkara. Numero uno, jika pingat Emas bukan hak kita, maka berputih matalah kita. Pasukan yang dibarisi tiga pemain MSSD Petaling Perdana dan seorang pemain MSSD Kuala Selangor telah menewaskan pasukan pilihan iaitu Pasukan L15 MSSKL. Sudah pasti ianya satu kegembiraan kepada kontinjen Catur MSSM Negeri Selangor. Hanya perlukan seri di pusingan akhir menentang pasukan L15 MSS Johor.
Belum rezeki dan sudah suratan, Pasukan L15 Selangor ini gagal dalam misi mereka untuk sekurang-kurangnya dapat keputusan seri. Betapa sayu dan sebak hati seorang ayah melihat kesedihan anak dan rakan-rakan sepasukannya ketika melihat kegembiraan Pasukan L15 Kuala Lumpur naik ke podium menerima kalungan pingat Emas mereka.
Memang Fikri, Irfan, Jun Keat dan Sunil seharusnya bergembira naik ke podium menerima kalungan Pingat Perak mereka. Tetapi sudah pastilah gelaran Juara dan Pingat Emas tidak sama dengan gelaran Naib Juara dan Pingat Perak.
Apa-apa pun ianya telah berlalu. Lesson learnt. Anyway, GiLoCatur congratulate the team for their hardwork and commitment on their every match and game during the 2011 MSSM chess championship.
Sekarang keempat-empat bekas pemain catur MSS Selangor ini telah dewasa (22 dan 23 tahun) dan sedang menuntut di universiti. Semoga mereka semua sukses dalam career dan kehidupan masing2.
Ada satu kisah menarik bila Hj Saleh kenang berkaitan gambar ini. Dua orang ibu pemain pasukan ini telah diganggu antu di penginapan mereka. Siapakah mereka itu, biarlah jadi rahsia dalam koleksi memori dan kenangan Hj Saleh aka GiLoCatur he he

FB Post 28 Aug 2019

All the moments and experience in life either sweet or bitter shall be lessons to us.
Cherish them. Share them especially with ur kids and grand kids.
It is a dream for GiLoCatur to compile all these moments and experiences into a book.

FB Post 28 Aug 2020

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Celebrating Silver Jubilee Anniversary - Year 15 (2010)

The best moment in the 15th Anniversary Year was performing Hajj in Mecca. It was our second being in both Mekah and Madinah after the first one being in 2005.

HAJI 2010

Di Kota Madinah

Di TH Kelana Jaya, sebelum berangkat

Di TH Kelana Jaya, sebelum berangkat

Di TH Kelana Jaya, sebelum berangkat bersama anak2

Di Jabal Rahmah

Selepas melontar

Tak ingat samada sebelum / selepas buat umrah

Di luar Masjid Nabawi


Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4 - Di Perlis
Notice the above Photo 2 and Photo 4? Hj Saleh aka GiLoCatur wore the same orange tshirt. Actually, the favourite tshirt was bought in Holland during Matrade overseas outstation.


Family Photo 2010 1

Family Photo 2010 2

Family Photo 2010 3 Aidil Fitri


Below are the photos of both Fikri and Anis in the 2010 MSS chess championships. It was the second MSSM edition for Anis Fariha while the first (maiden debut) for her elder brother, Fikri. Fikri won both Gold medals ie Individual and Team in his 3rd MSSS chess championship.

Anis, MSSM 2010 Kangar Perlis

Fikri, MSSM 2010 Kangar Perlis

Anis, MSSM 2010 Kangar Perlis

MSSM 2010, Fikri (L15), Anis Fariha (P12)

Hjh Azizah with Fikri N Anis, MSSS 2010 Sabak Bernam

Hj Saleh with Fikri N Anis, MSSS 2010 Sabak Bernam

Anis, MSSS 2010 Sabak Bernam


Cinco de Mayo

Anis was 12th year old in 2010
Having her Identity Card

Fahim celebrating his 8th Birthday


Hj Saleh


Hj Azizah, Abang N Kakak



Hj Saleh N Fahim

Hjh Azizah


Hj Saleh 

Hjh Zah in Melaka

Fikri winning a chess tourney