Sunday, December 8, 2019

Fahim's Final MSSM Chess Championship

GiLoCatur's youngest child, Fahim Al-Faqeh, represented MSS Negeri Sembilan in his final MSSM chess championship held at Universiti Mutimedia Cyberjaya from 1st until 8th August 2019. For his second-time representing MSSM Negeri Sembilan, Fahim decided to participate in the team event instead of the Individual event where his chance for podium is higher.

MSSM 2019 banner

Fahim played the third board. His other L18 team members are Har Yun Hui (First Board), Praveen A/L Mahindran (Second Board) and Wong Jing Heng (Fourth Board).

2019 MSSN9 L18 Team
From left: Fahim, Praveen, Jin Heng and Yun Hui

With two wins, two draws and two losses, Fahim and his team just managed to secure 8th place. The full results can be viewed at

Round 2 : MSS N9 versus MSS Sabah

Round 7 : MSS N9 versus MSS Sarawak

For personal performance, Fahim won two and drew four games scoring 4/6 points. Go to URL : to know the details of Fahim's results and opponents. 

Fahim with Jin Heng and Yun Hui in their final MSSM

Fahim with Jin Heng and Yun Hui. All of them are SPM 2019 candidates
For record, Fahim has played in six MSSM chess championship editions. Two years with MSS Selangor chess team, 2013 Edition in Taiping, Perak and 2014 Edition in Kuching Sarawak. Two years with MSSM WP KL chess team, 2015 Edition in Pulau Pinang and 2016 Edition in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Two years with MSS Negeri Sembilan chess team, 2018 Edition in Kuala Terengganu and 2019 Edition in Cyberjaya.

8 Dec 2019, 2:12am

FIDE Ratings of GiLoCatur's Children

It has been ages that GiLoCatur last updated this blog. GiLoCatur has been busy with life and work. Today, GiLoCatur has the urge to update the blog and rejuvenate it.

What tor write about?

GiLoCatur has not been active in the local chess activities. GiLoCatur's three children - Fikri, Anis and Fahim, are very seldom taking part in chess tournament. 

Fahim, GiLoCatur's youngest child has just finished his SPM exam about ten days ago. That means, he has completed his school days. 

In several hours, Fahim will take part in his first chess tournament after the last one, 2019 MSSM Chess Championship in last August.

Then on Monday, Fahim will fly to Pulau Pinang to take part in the Penang International Heritage Chess Championship from 9th until 15th December 2019. 

In this blog post, GiLoCatur would like to update on FIDE ratings of GiLoCatur's three children. 


Anis Fariha

Fahim Al-Faqeh