Thursday, December 31, 2015

TYM Grand Finale

Thursday, 31.12.2015

Today is the last day for the year 2015. How time flies.

Tonight at 9.00pm, the TYM Grand Finale will kick off its first round. Many don't know what TYM stands for. Actually, TYM is the abbreviation for "Tonomen Yuran Murah" or Inexpensive Fee Tournament in English. Ofcourse, it is a CHESS tournament. What do you think? 

"Pay Less, Play More" is the motto for the TYM. Thus, its fee is very cheap which is TWO Malaysian Ringgits. By paying such amount of money the participants will play six rounds of 10-minute-per-player chess game. The TYM which began on 1st September 2015 is held on weekday nights. The venue for the TYM is Pintar Bistari Chess Center located in Section 7, Shah Alam, and owned by one of Malaysian chess enthusiasts, Mr Halim Shuhaimi.

TYM Serie 51 participants 

There are about 70 series for the TYM championship. Both GiLoCatur's sons - Fikri and Fahim, were also taking parts in several series.

GiLoCatur strongly believes that this sort of chess activity should be held all over the country. It will surely benefits the Malaysian chess community.  

Who are the chess players that will compete in the TYM Grand Finale? Below are the photos of several TYM series champions who have confirmed their invitation.

Mr Halim (right) - Serie 28 champ

Abdul Haq (left) - 3 times champion

IM Mas Hafizul (right) - Serie 51 champ

Masrin aka Mr Magix (left) - 2 times champion

Mohd Amin (left) - 2 times champion

Kamaludin aka Abg Bro (left) - 5 times champion

AGM Nik Farouqi (left) - 17 times champion

Salam (left) - Serie 12 champion

Steven Leong (left) - 3 times champion

Razali Hamzah aka Ng6 (left) - Serie 5 champion
Syed aka Yedman (left) - 3 times champion

Who will emerge as the Champion of the TYM Grand Finale tonight? Let's go to Pintar Bistari Chess Center. 

GiLoCatur would like to wish Good Luck and All The Best to all the players who compete in the TYM Grand Finale tonight!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Johor International Open - Part 1

Penang International Open had just ended on last Sunday. Many of its participants go to JB from Penang to take part in Johor International Open which began yesterday.

source :

This morning, the second round is being held. 62 players take part in the Open section while 103 participants compete in teh Challengers category. 

Visit for more details on the championship.

Visit to follow the results for the Open section.

Visit to follow the results for the Challengers section.

To watch live games of the Top 4 Boards of the Open section, go to

Visit Gilachess Blog here to get the updates on the championship.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Look at 2015 Penang Chess Open - Part 1

Five rounds has been played in the 2015 Penang Chess Open. Let's take a look at the Challengers section. There are 189 players taking part (note : based on the pairings in including GiLoCatur's youngest child, Fahim. 

Round 5 pairings/results

There are nine (9) foreign players in the Top 5 boards in the 5th round as per above. Five (5) are from Indonesia and one each from Singapore, Philippines and Sri Lanka. The only Malaysian player in the list is Mohd Aziz Farhan, Fahim's school mate. Six of the foreign players have no FIDE ratings yet. 

GiLoCatur hopes the Malaysian players can rise to the top and provide tough challenges to foreign players. The Malaysian players especially the young ones should take the opportunity to learn and grab the experience to improve their chess performance.


2015 Penang Chess Open

Hello to all,

It is about three weeks this blog has not been updated eh.

What's up dude? What's going on with the Malaysian chess scene?

There are lots of chess tournaments during the weekends in Malaysia. Penang Chess Open or its official name, the Penang Heritage City International Chess Open, is on-going right now. It is held from 7th until 12th December. There are two categories - the Open section and the Challengers section. 

GiLoCatur's youngest child, Fahim, is taking part in the Challengers section. Right now, the participants are in the sixth round.

Go to to get the updates on the tournament and view the live games. Or you may go direct to

To view the pairings and results of the Open section, go to >

To view the pairings and results of the Challengers section, go to >