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KUSESS is the short name for KUala SElangor Science School or in Malay, Sekolah Menengah Sains Kuala Selangor. It is one of the SBP (Sekolah Berasrama Penuh) schools in the country. KUSESS started its first class in September 1996, two months earlier than the birth of GiLoCatur's eldest son, Fikri. Thus, KUSESS is getting to its 18th years as the age of Fikri.

What is so significant KUSESS to GiLoCatur's life? 

Azhar Mohd Said, the father of Syakir, had introduced about KUSESS to GiLoCatur before 2011. Then in January 2011, GiLoCatur's only daughter, Anis Fariha, enrolled as a Form 1 student at KUSESS. That's was the first time GiLoCatur went to KUSESS for the first time. Even though the school is located in Kuala Selangor which GiLoCatur will pass by every time going back to home town or balik kampung in Malay languange.

As far as GiLoCatur concerns, chess began in KUSESS since Syakir enrolled in the school, if not mistaken, in January 2007. KUSESS should be proud of Syakir's achievements and honors in many many chess tournaments both local and international. Then in 2010, Syakir's younger brother Irfan came as a Form 1 student. More and more chess championships had been won by these two Azhar brothers for KUSESS especially in the MSS chess tournaments. 

GiLoCatur started to be part of Kuala Selangor MSSD chess when Anis began representing KUSESS in 2011. Along with Azhar brothers - Syakir and Irfan Haqqim, Anis was among the MSS Selangor chess team who won medals in the MSSM chess championship in Penang. Syakir won Bronze medal in Individual Under 18 Boys category, Irfan won Silver medal in Team Under 15 Boys category and Anis won Silver medal in her Under 15 Girls event.

In 2012, Syakir left KUSESS after getting excellent result in his SPM examination. BUT two more quality and MSS Selangor chess players came to KUSESS. They were Noor Azam Mohd Noor and Nur Najiha Azman Hisham. Thus in 2012, there were FOUR KUSESSians in the MSS Selangor chess team competing in the MSSM chess championship held in Kuala Terengganu.

In this year MSSD Kuala Selangor chess tournament which is just concluded last week, KUSESS has repeated last year achievement. SIX of its students (highlighted in Blue below) will be representing the MSSD in the state level chess tournament to be held in UKM Bangi. The difference between this year and last year is that unlike last year, this year KUSESS has representative in all the four categories - Boys Under 15, Boys Under 18, Girls Under 18 and Girls Under 18.

2014 KUSESS chess team

Below is the results of KUSESS chess players in the MSSD Kuala Selangor chess championship this year.

Boys Under 15 
Muhd Noor Azam M Noor (7.5/8 points) - Champion
Mohd Syafiq Mohd Rozi (6/8 points) - 8th
Muhd Ikhmal Hisham M Ismail (5/8 points) - 14th
Muhd Hanif Saiful Nizam (5/8 points) - 20th

Team - Champion

Boys Under 18 
Muhd Irfan Haqqim Azhar (7/7 points) - Champion
Wan Muhd Akid Ameri (4.5/7 points) - 13th
Abdul Qaweim Abdul Haq (4/7 points) - 18th
Kalairasu a/l Rajamohan (4/7 points) - 23rd

Team - 2nd Runner Up

Girls Under 15 
Nur Najiha Bt Azman Hisham (6/7 points) - Champion
Anis Nabila Bt Ahmad Zuhdi (6/7 points) - 1st Runner Up
Puteri Rifqah Bt Farhada (6/7 points) - 2nd Runner Up
Siti Nursyazwani Bt Norazli (4/7 points) - 15th

Team - Champion

Girls Under 18
Anis Fariha Bt Saleh (6/7 points) - 1st Runner Up
Irdina Bt Ishak (4/7 points) - 18th
Mavisha a/p Manivannan (3/7 points) - 27th
Nur Aqilah Bt Mohd Ramli (3/7 points) - 35th

Team - 3rd Runner Up

This year, all KUSESSians won medal in the MSSD Kuala Selangor chess championship. Congratulation to all!

GiLoCatur strongly believes better results and performance can be achieved if KUSESS chess players keep on practicing and learning chess. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

2014 MSS Selangor State Chess Championship

GiLoCatur strongly believes that all the ten Selangor MSSDs have completed their respective chess tournaments by now and already have the list of players to represent their respective MSSDs in the upcoming MSSS chess championship. 

When and where the championship will be held? Maybe many parents have yet acknowledged. 

For this year edition, MSSD Hulu Langat will be the host. As per announcement in two MSSDs i.e. Petaling Perdana and Kuala Selangor, closing ceremony and MSSD Petaling Utama Chess FB page, the venue for the tournament will be UKM Bangi. UKM is one of the public universities in Malaysia located in Bangi, Selangor. UKM is the acronym for Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia or the National University of Malaysia. The tournament is scheduled to be held less than two weeks from now. The tentative schedule is from 10th untuk 13th February 2014

the venue for 2014 MSSS chess tournament

a meeting at PPD Hulu Langat

GiLoCatur believes all the MSSDs have their training next week after the Chinese New Year holiday. Not much time left for the players who will represent the ten Selangor MSSDs to train and make preparation. Surely all are vying to be in the MSS Selangor chess contingent in the MSSM chess championship to be held in Sarawak during the first school break in late March.

Chess Petaling Utama FB Group

Who are the champions in six different categories in the MSSD Petaling Utama (PU) chess championship this year? When and where it is held? When is the MSS Selangor chess championship? Where to get the answers for these questions? 

GiLoCatur just found out about the facebook group of Chess Petaling Utama (refer below picture). GiLoCatur salutes the effort of creating the MSSD's facebook page to provide relevant info and updates. Is Petaling Utama the only Selangor's MSSD that has such facebook group? How about other nine (9) MSSDs in Selangor? Maybe MSSS Chess PT - Cikgu Sufiah and Cikgu Idris, can encourage other MSSDs to do the same. Many especially chess players and their parents are "dying" for info and updates on MSSD chess tournaments. 

Having facebook group for MSS chess tournaments info, updates like final ranking and photos is a great effort to promote and popularize chess in the country. 

BRAVO MSSD Petaling Utama!

MSSD = Majlis Sukan Sekolah-sekolah Daerah (District Schools Sports Council)
MSSS = Majlis Sukan Sekolah-sekolah Selangor (Selangor Schools Sports Council)
PT = Pengerusi Teknik (Technical Chairman)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

2014 MSSD Chess Championships in Selangor

This is a photo report on several MSSD chess championships held in Selangor last week. The photos are borrowed from facebook namely of Hero Sifu Raja Aljubs, Razali Hamzah aka Ng6, Cikgu Aida, Cikgu Zarul Shafiq and SK Kota Warisan's blog

MSSD Gombak

SK Taman Melawati chess team

SMK Taman Melawati chess team with their coach Ezmi

U12 event

U12 event

MSSD Hulu Selangor

Cikgu Zarul Shafiq and his school winning chess players

MSSD Petaling Perdana

Venue : SMK Setia Alam

U12 event

U12 event

DGT electronic chessboard

SK Seksyen 9 chess team (under coach Sarjan Ismail Ahmad)

SKBJ chess team (under coach Sarjan Ismail Ahmad)

MSSD Petaling Utama

venue : SMK Bandar Seri Damansara 2

Ng6 with his son's school chess team

L12 section

MSSD Sepang

SKKW chess team

Top Board match on screen

U12 Girls section

U12 Boys section
GiLoCatur notices lots of improvements in the MSSD chess championships nowadays especially in Selangor. Many school chess teams have started to hire chess coaches. Furthermore, more and more chess parents are more supportive by spending time at the championships giving moral support to their beloved children. Several MSSDs have used DGT electronic chessboard showing Top Board games on LCD projector. 

More and more school chess club teachers are taking seriously on the development, training and performance of their chess players. More and more chess parents assist their children' school chess clubs  in various ways. This parents-and-school chess clubs collaboration should continue and growing. More and more quality junior chess players need to be developed and groomed. Come on all Malaysian chess community - coaches, players, parents and teachers, let's work together to build better and bigger chess community and develop more young chess players. The keyword is CHESS DEVELOPMENT. WE LOVE CHESS, don't we?

Friday, January 24, 2014

Top 4 Winners of Petaling Perdana MSSD (U12) Individual Events

Friday, 24th January 2014

Syabas and Tahniah to all below Top 4 winners in the recently concluded Petaling Perdana MSSD chess championship. You all make your parents, your coaches, your teachers and schools proud. Well done boys and girls.

L12 (Boys) category

The champion 

1st Runner Up / 2nd Place

2nd Runner Up / 3rd Place

3rd Runner Up / 4th Place

Champion - Fahim Al-Faqeh Bin Saleh (SK Bukit Jelutong)
1st Runner Up - Iskandar Hakimi Bin Zulkippli (SK Seksyen 9)
2nd Runner up - Muhammad Faqih Bin Aminuddin (SK Bukit Jelutong)
3rd Runner Up - Raja Bazil Bot (SK Bukit Jelutong)

P12 (Girls) category

The champion 

1st Runner Up / 2nd Place

2nd Runner Up / 3rd Place

3rd Runner Up / 4th Place

Champion - Nurul Farhana Bt Halim Shuhaimi (SK Bandar Anggerik)
1st Runner Up - Nur Faiqah Bt Aminuddin (SK Bukit Jelutong)
2nd Runner up - Raja Bazilah Bot (SK Bukit Jelutong)
3rd Runner Up - Yasmin Irdina Bt Zulkippli (SK Seksyen 9)

As GiLoCatur recalls, the performance of SK Bukit Jelutong players in the Petaling Perdana MSSD this year is equally good as the team in 2009. [Click here to view the performance of 2009 SKBJ chess team.]  

Many may not notice that there are 3 brother-and-sister pairs in the above winners list. It is very obvious, right? It is quite common to have many siblings domination in the local chess tourneys and championships. It is due to the family chess projects.

The Winners of the Petaling Perdana (U12) MSSD Team Event

Friday, 24th January 2014

The Petaling Perdana MSSD, Under 12 category, chess championship had completed yesterday.

Below are the pictures of the winners for MSSD Petaling Perdana Under 12 Team events.

L12 (Boys) section

The champion
Alhamdulillah most gracious to the mighty Allah, GiLoCatur's youngest son, Fahim Al-Faqeh, and his three SKBJ A team mates - Mohd Faqih, Mohd Ilham Qayyum and Raja Bazil, emerged as the champion.

1st Runner Up / 2nd Place

2nd Runner Up / 3rd Place

3rd Runner Up / 4th Place

P12 (Girls) section

The champion

1st Runner Up / 2nd Place

2nd Runner Up / 3rd Place

3rd Runner Up / 4th Place
Syabas & Tahniah to all the winning teams!


Syabas and well done to Suniil who beat a Sri Lankan FM who is rated nearly 400 points higher than him in Round 2 of the GACC currently being held in University Malaya. Can Suniil continue his winning streak against 2027-rated Singaporean opponent in the third round this morning? Let's wait and see. Check out here to find out Suniil's performance in the GACC.

Some info about Suniil. He was schooling at SMK Subang Utama which is in MSSD Petaling Perdana. In 2011, Suniil was a team member of the Selangor L15 (Under 15 Boys) in the MSSM chess championship in Penang along with Fikri Saleh, Irfan Hakim Mohd Azhar, and Low Jun Keat. Suniil and his team won the Silver medal. 

MSS Selangor L15 team (MSSM 2011 @Penang) - Suniil, most right

Thursday, January 23, 2014

MSSD Petaling Perdana Chess Championship Starts Today

Wednesday, 22nd January 2014

Today is the first day of MSSD Petaling Perdana chess championship, Under 12 or primary school category, being held at SMK Setia Alam, Shah Alam. Below are few photos of the championship being taken by GiLoCatur's eldest son, Fikri.

Four rounds had completed on the first day. Four more rounds will be played on the second day, tomorrow. GiLoCatur's youngest son, Fahim Al-Faqeh, represents his school, SKBJ, for the last time since he will be in secondary school next year. 

It is the first time that SMK Setia Alam becomes the host for the championship. For the past several years, SK Seksyen 9 had been the host for the Under 12 (primary school) event.

SMK Setia Alam

MSSD PP Chess Champioship banner

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

MCF Chess Calendar 2014 - International Events

Planning to take part in the international chess event? Below are the ones that being included in the MCF Chess Calendar 2014. GiLoCatur is planning to let Fikri take part in the first event in the calendar which is the WACC or World Amateur Chess Championship to be held in the neighboring country, Singapore.

International events

MCF Calendar 2014 - Local Events

GiLoCatur received the MCF Calendar 2014 today from Mr Gregory Lau. Below is the tentative dates and venue for the local event. So, the Malaysian chess parents like GiLoCatur can make the planning and preparation.  

GiLoCatur is very glad to know that the Selangor Open will still be held. And believe it or not, the National Closed is less than two months from now. GiLoCatur hopes many Malaysian chess players take part in the chess championship.

local event
Please go to Hairulov blog here for the link to download the calendar in pdf format.

2014 MSSD Chess Competition Fever!!!

This week many MSSD chess competitions are being held. MSSD stands for Majlis Sukan Sekolah-Sekolah Daerah in Malay. Basically, MSSD chess competition is a scholastic chess tournament at district level. After MSSD, it will be MSSS for Selangor state or MSSJ for Johor state. After state MSS, it will be MSSM which is a national level. 

In 2009, MSSM chess competition was hosted by Selangor. 2010, Perlis was the host while 2011, it was Penang's turn. Terengganu became the host in 2012. Last year, the MSSM chess competition was held in Taiping, Perak. For 2014 edition, which state will become the host? To GiLoCatur's knowledge, SARAWAK will be the host.

Fikri - MSSD PP (2008)

GiLoCatur have started to be involved in MSS chess competition since 2008. Fikri took the interest in chess beginning of 2007 while he was in Year 5. As GiLoCatur recalls, he started to participate in a chess tournament in mid July 2007. While in Year 6 in 2008, Fikri represented his primary school in the MSSD Petaling Perdana chess competition. He was the second runner up (3rd place) in the Boys Under 12 category. Being among the Top 4 in the MSSD competition, Fikri represented the MSSD Petaling Perdana in the MSSS chess competition. In the competition, Fikri was among the Top 6, but he was not selected to represent Selangor in the MSSM competition after play-off selection. 

Anis - MSSM 2009, Kelang, Selangor

Anis, who was in Year 4, could not be among the Top 4 in the Girls event. But she came strong in her final two years in the primary school when emerged the champion in Girls Under 12 event in the MSSD Petaling Perdana for 2009 and 2010. She was more fortunate than her elder brother when she started to represent MSS Selangor in the MSSM chess competition since 2009.

Fahim - MSSD PP (2013)

Fahim started early in chess. Therefore, he represented his school much early than his elder brother and sister. He started to participate in the MSSD chess tournament in 2010 while he was in Year 2. The following year, Fahim started to represent MSSD Petaling Perdana in the state level of MSS. Last year was his best performance in the MSS Selangor chess competition when he emerged as the champion in the Boys Under 12 category both Individual and Team events.


Only Anis and Fahim will still take part in the MSSD chess competition. Anis will represent her school in MSSD Kuala Selangor in the Girls Under 18 event next Monday. While Fahim will take part in MSSD Petaling Perdana tomorrow, his final participation in the Under 12 event. 

Their elder brother, Fikri, has done with MSS chess competition since he has completed his secondary school last year. Fikri had taken part in six consecutive MSSD chess competitions since his debut in 2008. He had participated in the MSSM chess competition for four consecutive years since 2010 representing two different states - Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan KL.

Below are the pictures of two MSSD chess competitions in Selangor. For information, there are ten (10) MSSDs in the state of Selangor - MSSD Sabak Bernam, MSSD Kuala Selangor, MSSD Hulu Selangor, MSSD Kuala Langat, MSSD Hulu Langat, MSSD Petaling Perdana, MSSD Petaling Utama, MSSD Sepang, MSSD Gombak and MSSD Kelang. 

MSSD Gombak

source : Hero's fb

MSSD Petaling Utama

source : Ng6's fb