Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Selangor Open Is Back!

GiLoCatur would like to call this weekend as the labour day weekend. Why? Because the first May will be on Sunday which is tomorrow. The labour day which falls on the day is very synonym with the Selangor Open among among the Malaysian chess community. GiLoCatur and the kids had been attending and participating in the longest running chess tournament in Malaysia since 2008, the 35th edition. 

But unfortunately, GiLoCatur and the kids are not participating in this year edition which is entering the fourth round this morning. Let's check out some facts about the tourney.

In 2008, 62 players took part. Both Fikri and Anis as well as GiLoCatur were among them. There were 5 Indonesians, one Singaporean and one Pinoy. Can you guess who the Pinoy player was? A hint is that he is also taking part this year and one of the pre-tournament favourite. GiLoCatur still remember rushing from Gombak where Fikri took part in the MSS Selangor Chess Championship to the Selangor Pewter headquarter to pay the entry fee. Who emerged as the champion? Even though he had skipped one round (the sixth) for a certain reason, Lim Yee Weng, an FM then, was crowned as the champion after scoring 7.5/9 points. Two of GiLoCatur's opponents - Derek Poon and Viknesh Viajantheran,  are taking part this year.

In 2009, 90 players took part. In this edition, GiLoCatur did not participate. Only Fikri and Anis were among the contestants. The venue for the 36th edition was DAT Chess Center. IM Mas Hafizul played and was the top seed. Lim Yee Weng also took part as the defending champion and was the third seed. Who was the second seed? The answer is Nicholas Chan. Scoring 8/9 points from 7 wins and 2 draws, Nicholas Chan who is a Fide Master became the champion. 

In 2010, the number of participants had dropped to 71. Both Fikri and Anis played in the 37th edition. Who was the top seed? Nicholas Chan, the defending champion, was the top seed. Scoring 7.5/9 points in the tournament, Nicholas Chan defended his title.

So, now in the year of 2011, how many players are taking part? The answer is 81. Does the defending champion take part? Yes, Nicholas Chan is taking part. He led four others to score perfectly i.e. 3/3. Can he score hattrick in winning the championship?  Let's wait and see. BEST OF LUCK to all the contestants.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Official Results of SARAWAK Closed Chess Championship

Below is the official result of the Sarawak Closed Chess Championship held from 21st until 24th April. 37 players participated in the four-day 9-round event.

The Sarawak Closed CC Official Results : source - Mr Lim Kian Hwa

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Has Your National Ratings Increased?

Praise to God (Alhamdulillah) that the latest (April) national ratings of GiLoCatur's family show good results. The ratings had just been released several days ago.

Fikri has surpassed his national ratings target of 1650. His ratings jumps from 1521 to 1727 which is more than 200 points increase. He is among the Top 20 Most Improved. For the first time, Fikri enters the Top 100 Malaysian juniors. He is ranked 32nd. Can he improve further? He needs to keep learning and practicing in order to do so. 

Anis has also improved. Her rating is 142 points better. Previously, her rating is in 1300s. In April, such rating is in 1500s. Thus, she has reached the 1500 mark. Keep on improving!

Fahim, GiLoCatur's youngest son, also improves. His January ratings is 1172 while his April ratings is 1253. The ratings increase is about 80 points. But he yet to achieve the 1300 mark. How about GiLoCatur? Thank God, GiLoCatur is improving also. GiLoCatur manages to achieve the minimum target of 1300. If GiLoCatur can improve his ratings, surely it is much easier for the juniors. RIGHT?

20th April 2010

Report For Jakarta (3)

GiLoCatur had arrived back home about eight hours ago. Still feeling tired after spending four days in Jakarta both watching the 17th Asian Cities Chess Championship and exploring the city. It was a wonderful experience for GiLoCatur and family especially in attending an international chess tournament. 

Six rounds had been played. Three more rounds to go. 24 teams from 17 different ASIAN countries including Malaysia are taking part. 116 chess players including 10 from Malaysia are among the participants of the 17th edition vying for the Dubai Cup. 54 title players plus 4 Candidate Masters that include 18 Grandmasters and 2  WGMs are among the contestants spicing up the event. For GiLoCatur, GM Li Chao and Wesley So are the main attraction for the event. It would be more interesting and attractive if both GM Liem and GM Truong Son from Vietnam and GM Parimarjan from India could participate.

So, which team is leading at the moment? How the stars fared so far? Is there any upset? How the two Malaysian teams are doing?

Ranking after Round 6 -

Shi Jiazhuang, a team from China that includes GM Li Chao, is leading the pack at this moment. Li Chao's sterling 5.5/6 score helps the team to the perfect six wins with the full 12 points. GM Wesley So and his  second-seed Tagaytay team from Philippines is at the fourth place after losing twice to Palembang (Indonesia) and Astana (Kazakhstan) in the second and fourth round respectively. It is quite a rare occasion where a near-2700-FIDE-rated So had a defeat by 300-lower-rated opponent. Can Tagaytay recover in the last three rounds to climb up the ladder to earn the second spot? Can any other team stop Shi Jiazhuang to claim the championship?  

As for the Malaysian teams, Penang had won 2 and drew 1. Astana from Kazakhstan, Yangon from Myanmar and Erdenet from Mongolia were the three teams that a bit stronger team to beat for Penang. But it is an outstanding feat for Eng Chiam who drew with his Myanmar International Master opponent. He also drew with the 2400-rated Fide Master from Mongolia.

Meanwhile, Putrajaya team that includes Anis as the player placed last after just manage a draw against Seoul from Korea. Pavitranayagi and Andi Hartarto managed to score 2/6 and 2.5/6 points so far while the other three players - Anis, Nur Faqihah and Iman Sofea, have not won a single game. The three of them are among 15 participants who are unrated. Hope they can learn as much as possible and gain lots experience and exposure from the the tournament.

Round 7 Team Pairings -

In the next seventh round to start in one hour and a half, on the top board, Shi Jiazhuang will play against Tagaytay. It will be an interesting match on the top board between GM Yu Yangyi and GM Wesley So, two super GMs. Can So recovers from tiredness to show his chess brilliance against his equally strong opponent?

Penang will face the all-women Tarakan team from Indonesia led by WGM Irene Sukandar while Putrajaya will challenge the 17th seed, Sharjah team from UAE. BEST OF LUCK to both Malaysian teams.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Report From Jakarta (2)

It is 7.25am in Jakarta at the moment which 8.25am in Kuala Lumpur.

GiLoCatur is at the tournament's hotel lobby. Two players of the Sydney team are browsing the free internet to check their next round (Round 6) GiLoCatur believes. Some participants are having breakfast including Anis, GiLoCatur's daughter.

So, how's the the fifth round results? Which team is leading? How Li Chao's team performed? How Wesley So's Tagaytay performed? GiLoCatur will try update late coz' right now, GiLoCatur wants to explore Jakarta.

Kartika Chandra Hotel

Monday, April 25, 2011

Report From Jakarta (1)

The unofficial result for the two Malaysian teams in the on-going Asian Cities Chess Championship for the fourth round is Penang won 2.5 - 1.5 against Dubai while Putrajaya drew with Seoul 2 points each. 

Both Pavitra and Andi Hartarto won their respective games. The former won against higher-rated Korean 1st board player. Meanwhile, the unrated Andi won against Korean Women Candidate Master. On the third board, Korean Fide Master with FIDE ratings 1987 is a strong opponent for Anis Fariha.    

The fifth round will start at 6.00pm local time which is one hour later than KL time.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

GiLoCatur Had Landed In Jakarta

"Selamat Datang ke Jakarta, Pak!"

GiLoCatur was greeted when came out from AirAsia flight QZ 7695 and walking to Jakarta International Airport yesterday at around 7.30 o'clock. Yes, GiLoCatur had arrived (had landed) in Jakarta with wife and Fahim. It is GiLoCatur's first visit to Jakarta; not Indonesia. Actually, GiLoCatur had visited Indonesia twice - both to Sumatera. When was that? The first one was in 1974 when GiLoCatur was six years old via sea. The second visit was in 1994 (if not mistaken) via plane. Both visits were to a small village called Pulau Belimbiong, where both GiLoCatur's parents were born in 1917 and 1930.

GiLoCatur comes to Jakarta because to give moral support to Anis who is participating in the 17th Asian Cities Chess Championship being held in the city from 21st to 29th April. Anis plays for PUTRAJAYA team which is one of the 24 participating teams in the tournament. 

Fahim enjoying his first TRANSJAKARTA ride ...
From the airport, GiLoCatur went straight to Kartika Chandra  Hotel by a taxi which cost IDR 180,000. Since Anis was not playing in the third round, we met her at the lobby. After catching up with her for a couple of hours, GiLoCatur, wife and Fahim went to the hotel booked which is located quite far from the tournament's hotel. During the stay in Jakarta, GiLoCatur stays at IBIS Kemayoran Hotel that offers better price. The hotel is located in the northern part of the city. 

GiLoCatur is not worried about the taxi fare commuting to the tournament's hotel because the much cheaper TRANSJAKARTA will be the mode of transportation. Furthermore, sightseeing in Jakarta is much better using the busway. 

Today, which is Sunday, is the rest day. The tournament organizer had arranged a sightseeing activity for the participants and their accompanying party. GiLoCatur also joined the activity. GiLoCatur would like to share the following unique stall. Look delicious huh! Sure, it is. When you come to Jakarta, make sure you taste it once.  

Room 420
IBIS Jakarta Kemayoran

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Both Anis and Fahim Played in MSSD Chess Championship

In last week, two of GiLoCatur's children were involved in their respective district scholastic chess tournament or simply known as MSSD chess championship. Anis Fariha, GiLoCatur's second child, who is studying in Sekolah Menengah Sains (SMS) Kuala Selangor took part in the Under 15 Girls or P15 category of Kuala Selangor MSSD chess tournament which was held at SMK Saujana Utama. While his younger brother, Fahim Al-Faqeh, represented his secondary school, SKBJ, at Petaling Perdana MSSD chess tournament held at SK Seksyen 9. Fahim who is a Year 3 pupil played in the Under 12 Boys or L12 section.

So, how they performed? Did they succeed to represent their respective district for their respective category? 

Anis - 2nd place individual & 2nd place team (P15)
With three of her school mates, Anis was among 38 participants in the P15 category. She managed to score 5.5/7 points and led her school team to the second place. Anis won her first five consecutive games. In the sixth round, she lost to the eventual champion Nur Nabila Azman of SMK Saujana Utama. Anis drew her final round game with her team mate, Aina Hanum who also collected the same 5.5/7 point. But Anis was declared the first runner up due to higher tie break. Alhamdulillah, being second placed Anis will be representing MSSD Kuala Selangor in the state level championship to be held in May.

Fahim - 4th place individual (L12)
Fahim managed to win 7 games and lost 2 out of the total nine rounds in L12 category. He and his other seven school mates were among 162 contestants. Thus, he scored 7/9 points. Alhamdulillah, with that score and highest tie break among eight 7-pointers, Fahim was placed fourth and secured a ticket to represent Petaling Perdana in L12 category. In that case, Fahim will be joining his sister, Anis, to play in the MSS Selangor to be held in Sungai Besar.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Ongoing MSSD Kuala Selangor and Petaling Perdana Chess Tournaments

Wednesday, 13th April, Shah Alam.

Two of GiLoCatur's children - Anis Fariha and Fahim Al-Faqeh, are participating in the scholastic MSS district chess tournament. Anis who had been playing in the PETALING PERDANA district for the past three years, is playing in MSSD Kuala Selangor this year. The chess tournament is being held at SMK Saujana Utama which is located about 20 kilometers from GiLoCatur's home. All the six categories - P12, L12, P15, L15, P18 and L18, are held concurrently at the school's Gemilang Hall.

While Fahim who is in his second year representing his school, SK Bukit Jelutong, participates in the MSSD Petaling Perdana chess tournament. The event which is just for P12 and L12 (primary school) categories is held at SK Sesksyen 9, Shah Alam. 162 boys and 97 girls from the PPD's schools take part in the L12 and P12 categories respectively. 

How they performed so far? Anis won all her first five games. She was defeated by Nur Nabila, the top seed in her category, in the sixth round. The final seventh round will be played tomorrow. While Fahim managed to win all his four rounds today. He will play five more games tomorrow. Hopefully, he will continue his winning streak tomorrow. 

Check out Anis's blog here for the MSSD Kuala Selangor chess tournament and Fahim's school chess club here or for the MSSD Petaling Perdana chess tournament. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

UniKL MFI Chess Tournament Report

Yesterday, GiLoCatur and all the three children - Fikri, Anis Fariha and Fahim, took part in the UniKL MFI Chess Open tournament held at the campus in Bangi, located in Selangor state. Fahim, the youngest son, played in Under 12 category. He was among 101 total participants that include players came all the way from Kelantan brought by PCNK or Kelantan Chess Association. 

Meanwhile, both Fikri and Anis were among 94 total participants in Under 18 category. Several schools sent their pupils as a warm up for the upcoming Selangor district chess championship. The schools include Sekolah Seri Puteri from Cyberjaya, Sekolah Menengah Sains Kuala Selangor or better known as KUSESS and SMK Perimbun from Cheras and Sekolah Menengah Teknik Sepang or SEPTECS.

And for sure, GiLoCatur was playing in the Open category which attracted 126 total players that include IPT or university students. Who else took part in this category? There are four Malaysian-based foreigners who took part where three of them are familiar to GiLoCatur and other Malaysian chess community. They are Ian Udani from Philippines, Ahmat Rubel Abbas from Indonesia and Jasur Madjidov from Uzbekistan. Another one is Guan Xing Ting from China who is studying in UPSI.

All the participants battled their chess skills and strategy in eight rapid rounds. The tournament started at about 10.00am and completed at about 6.00pm. It is very scintillating especially for GiLoCatur to be part of and witnessing a chess tournament like this. The playing hall were full of 321 total participants and chess parents as well as teachers who accompanied their school pupils. For sure, the children especially the U12  category contestants made the loudest noises chitchatting, kibitzing, talking, laughing and running all over including the "BONGSU" trio. Mmmm who are the "BONGSU" trio? GiLoCatur will reveal their identity next time. Enough with the description of the chess tournament, let's find out who are the champions?

IM Mas received his champion's medal and prize money

In the Open category, IM Mas Hafizulhelmi emerged champion after winning all his games including against Ian Udani, the second seed, in the seventh round. Ahmad Rubel is the first runner up and Mohd Nabil is the second runner up. Ian Udani and Jasur Madjidov is placed fourth and fifth respectively.

In the Under 18 section, Faizal Roslan managed to make a comeback from his fifth round defeat to become the champion after winning against Fikri Saleh in the final decider round. Entering the final round, four players had 6/7 points. On top board, playing white Faizal faced Fikri who were leading with higher tie breaks. While on second board, Tariq played white against Subramanian. At the end, Tariq and Subramanian drew so that they both scored 6.5/8 points. 13-year old Faizal managed to defeat 15-year old Fikri. Thus, he had 7/8 points and won the Under 18 section.

In the Under 12 category, 9-year old Jagathees Guna Balan won all his games to claim the championship. Syabas and Tahniah to all the champions and winners.   

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sarawak Closed Chess Championship - 21th to 24th April

Mr Lim Kian Hwa had emailed the following:

ONLY for Sarawakians and Malaysians staying or studying at least SIX months in Sarawak!

Sarawak Chess Association will be organising 2011 Sarawak Closed Chess Championship from 21 to 24 April 2011 at Borneo Chess Academy (BCA), Jalan Song (Adjacent block to Upwell), Kuching, Sarawak

The fixture is as follows:

            21/04/11          07:15 pm                                 Registration
            21/04/11          07:30 pm.- 10:30 pm               Round 1
            22/04/11          09:30 am.- 12:30 pm               Round 2         
            22/04/11          02:30 p.m.-  05:30 pm             Round 3
            22/04/11          07:30 am.- 10:30 pm               Round 4
            23/04/11          09:30 am.- 12:30 pm               Round 5         
            23/04/11          02:30 p.m.- 05:30 pm              Round 6
            23/04/11          07:30 pm.- 10:30 pm               Round 7
            24/04/11          09:30 am.- 12:30 pm               Round 8         
            24/04/11          02:30 p.m.-  05:30 pm             *Round 9         
            24/04/11          05:40 pm                                 *Prize giving
  • Round 9 and Prize giving will be held at MAKSAK club house, Jalan Ong Tiang Swee.

Entrance fees are RM30/= for PCS members  and RM40/= for non-PCS members.
Youth 16 years and below and ladies shall enjoy half of these rates.

Prizes are: 
  • Champion: RM500/= 
  • Runner up: RM400/= 
  • 3rd: RM300/=
  • 4th: RM200/=
  • 5th RM100/=
  • 6th – 7th: RM70/= 
  • 8th RM60/= 
  • 9th – 10th RM50/=.

Interested Sarawakian players may register with any of the followings before 18 April 2011.  Malaysians who are currently working or studying in Sarawak may also participate provided they have been in Sarawak for more than 6 months. SMS to the followings bearing the words “Chess Closed”, name and year of birth is acceptable.

Morsin Ahmad            012-8949415
Abg.Mohd.Reduan     019-8887786
Hj.Mohd.Nasir            019-8860323  
Lim Kian Hwa:           016-8603180

Click here to download the form.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hari ini 7 April.  Satu hari yang amat bermakna bagi GiLoCatur. Nak tahu kenapa?

Cuba hayati puisi Kampar berikut ..

maso berlalu copek amek
indak sodau umu semakin meningkek
7 April tahun lopeh, bau ompek puluo duo
7 April hari iko, ala ompek puluo tigo pulo 

bekojau ke siton, bekojau ke sinyak
siang bakojo, malam waktu lolok
weekdays, pai ke pejabat pelanggan
weekend, membo anak ke kejohanan

badan mano kok indak ponek
sparring catur juo bilo sompek
mano Fauzi Ahim indak tagolak godang 
GiLoCatur ko banyak kalah dari monang

So, sudah tahu jawapannya ... ? he he he 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chess In Universities

In Malaysia, chess in schools? Naaaaay ... not yet.

But chess in universities, maybe. Why GiLoCatur thinks so?

Check out the upcoming chess tournaments that will held in several different universities all over the country.

1) UniKL MFI Chess Open

GiLoCatur has never been to this university which is located in Bandar Baru Bangi. The university was previously known as Malaysian France Institute. Now it is one of Universiti Kuala Lumpur or simply UniKL branches. The chess tournament will be held on this weekend Saturday. It is two more days to go. Nearly 250 participants have registered so far. Click here to view the names.

There would be Open, Under 18 and Under 12 categories including University students who will be in the Open category. The format of play will be 7 or 8 SWISS rounds of 20 or 25 minutes per player. This tournament is a national-rated event.

2) UiTM Segamat Chess Open

UiTM is a very popular university. It has many branches all over the country. The one located in Segamat is also called as UiTM Johor. Its HQ is located in Shah Alam. UiTM Shah Alam is very familiar to GiLoCatur. Back in 1986, GiLoCatur had the two-week orientation program in the campus. For chess tournaments, GiLoCatur and the kids had participated in three chess tourneys organized by the UiTM Shah Alam. GiLoCatur hopes UiTM Shah Alam and its other branches like UiTM Johor will keep organizing chess tournaments for many years to come.

This tournament will take place this Sunday, 10th April. So, how's the format of play for the UiTM Johor Open? Check out the details from the organizer by downloading the form here.

GiLoCatur plans to go to Segamat for this tournament but due to some matters, has to cancel it. Segamat is not that far away from Shah Alam. It is about 3 to 4 hours drive. GiLoCatur hopes chess players in surrounding areas will take part. DO YOU DARE?

3) UUM Sintok YAB Chess Open

UUM is a university located in Sintok Kedah. UUM stands for Universiti Utara Malaysia. On 23rd April,  a chess open tournament will held there. For more details, check out this link. The champion will receive the prize money of RM 450. Not bad eh!

4) UniSZA Chess Open

UniSZA or Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin is a university situated in Terengganu. To foreign visitors, Terengganu is famous for its beautiful islands like Pulau Redang and Pulau Kapas. (note: pulau in Malay means island). Check out the state's official tourism website here to find out more. From the university's  official website, GiLoCatur found out that the university has three campuses. So, at which campus the chess open will held? It should be easy. Below picture has the answer. So when is the date of the tournament? It will he held on Saturday, 16th April 2011. Some people may wonder why the tourney is scheduled on Saturday, instead of Sunday. Actually, for Terengganu, Kelantan and Kedah, the weekend is on Friday and Saturday; NOT Saturday and Sunday.

The format of the tournament is 8 SWISS rounds of 20 minute per player. The champion will receive prize money of MYR 500. As most rapid chess tournaments, it will be held only in one day. For further details like the fees, the contacts and how to register, please visit here.  

[ updated and included on 7th April, 12.15am]

IIUM and  USM had organized chess tournaments early this year. Both universities are very active in organizing chess tournaments. UPSI is another university that has an annual chess event. Unfortunately, GiLoCatur missed all their last events. As far as GiLoCatur remembers, GiLoCatur had been to two chess tourneys each at both IIUM and UPSI. GiLoCatur has never participated so far in USM chess events. GiLoCatur hopes to be at USM next time.

GiLoCatur would like to encourage the young chess players to take part in chess tournaments held in universities. Be adventure in travelling to these Us with friends. Go by bus or by train. Fill up your young life with adventure and chess. Open your eye. GiLoCatur really relishes the student life. How about you?

2nd Indonesian WGM is in the Making?

GiLoCatur is following a chess tournament named Telin Chess International Tournament held in Jakarta from 1st until 7th April. Why? Because the tournament is participated by the Indonesian Sea Games chess players. Surely, Indonesia is ahead of Malaysia in preparing its team for the SEA games. As far as GiLoCatur aware, the next international chess tournament that will take place in Indonesia is the Asian Cities Chess Team Championship or also known as the Dubai Cup. It will be held also in Jakarta from 21st until 29th April. GiLoCatur is not sure whether Indonesian SEA games chess players will take part. We'll see on that. Malaysia, on the other hand, will be represented by the Penang team which is the recent Inter-state champion.

What really impress GiLoCatur in the chess tournament is the performance of Medina Warda Aulia until the fourth round. For those not in the know, Medina is about the same age as our own Nur Nabila. She had participated in a couple of chess tournaments held in Malaysia particularly KLCA Chess Open. 

In 2008, Medina played in the Challengers section where she was placed 11th with 6/9 points. Nabila became champion with 7.5/9 points but they did not meet each other.

In 2009, Medina took part in the KLCA Open held at Shah's Village Hotel in Petaling Jaya. Meanwhile, Nabila did not take part. Her performance then not outstanding yet as she managed only 4/9 points and ranked 37th out of 56 total participants. 

In 2010, both Medina and Nabila took part in the KLCA Chess Open held at the KL Olympics Sports Hotel. More than 100 players took part in the tournament which was won by the reigning world women champion of Hou Yi Fan. Medina performed better in the tournament where she managed to win against a Vietnamese Woman International Master and a Malaysian International Master. By winning four, drawing two and losing three games, Medina scored 5/9 points and ranked 48th.

In the 9th ASEAN age group chess championship in Vietnam, Medina was in the same G12 age group with Nabila. The former was placed fourth with 6.5/9 points while the latter was placed 11th with 4.5/9 points. It was in the standard format. In the rapid format, Nabila managed to win the bronze medal (third place) after scoring 5/7 points after winning four, drawing two and losing one. Meanwhile, Medina was placed sixth from 4 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats. She scored half-point less than Nabila. Can we conclude that Nabila is better in the rapid tournament? Can we conclude that Nabila has more exposure and experience in rapid format? Or should Nabila play less in rapid and more in standard / classic tourneys?

Once again in the 10th ASEAN age group chess championship also in Vietnam, the rivalry between Medina and Nabila continued. The former was the first seed with a WCM title while the latter was seeded second with just 45 ratings gap. Medina showed that she was better than Nabila when she cruised through to become the champion for their age group category with impressive 8.5/9 points. Medina crushed Nabila who emerged the first runner up in the sixth round. Viewing their game, for GiLoCatur, Medina just had slight advantage in the endgame. Nabila just had disadvantage when she was defeated by a Vietnamese player in the first round. How about their performance in the rapid format? GiLoCatur could not find the final results. By the way, Medina had played in G14 age group for the rapid while Nabila stayed in G12 age group.

Last year, Nabila did not take part in the 11th ASEAN age group chess championship held in Subic, Philippines. Instead she played in the MSSM chess championship in Kangar, Perlis that was clashed with the ASEAN age group. While Medina took part in the age group championship. Instead of playing in the Girls 14 category, she played in the Girls 20 category in all standard, rapid and blitz events.

Back to Telin Chess International Tournament  ...


From the above chart, it is obvious that Medina is having a great performance after the fourth round. With FIDE rating of 2035 and ranked 64th from the total 110 participants, she won against the 9th seed, IM Ronny Gunawan who is rated at 2420. Then she drew with another compatriot IM, Salor Sitanggang (FIDE: 2382). Then she played very well to crush a 2300+ FM and 2400+ IM in the third and fourth round respectively.  So, in the fifth round she would play black against well-known Philippines GrandMaster, Eugenio Torre who has ratings of near 2500. Can she win?

[ Medina did not manage to win against the Pinoy GM. BUT in the sixth round, she upset WGM Irene on board 10 with white pieces. Do you want to know who was her 7th round opponent? On the fifth board, Medina played black against GM Susanto. Yes, GM Susanto Megaranto. What is the result? No, she did not win. But she managed to draw with the Indonesian GM who has 2533 FIDE ratings. What a feat! Updated - 12.41am

Medina's victory over WGM Irene was picked up by the famous Susan Polgar's chess blog with title "Teen sensation scores upset". Updated on 6 Apr 2011, 11.38pm ]

For GiLoCatur, such results and performance indicate the steady improvement in her chess career. If such great performance continues, no doubt Medina will become the second Indonesian Woman Grand Master after Irene Kharisma Sukandar soon enough. Malaysian chess fraternity has to find out how Medina is groomed and taught to have steady progress and improvement. We, the chess community that includes the chess authority, chess associations, chess academy and coaches, chess parents and chess players, should be united to help our chess prodigies like Nabila, Najiha, Li Tian, Li Ting, the Puteri sisters and many others to have similar progress and improvement. DO WE DARE? CAN WE?

more news and info about Medina here and here