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Celebrating Silver Jubilee Anniversary - Year 15 (2010)

The best moment in the 15th Anniversary Year was performing Hajj in Mecca. It was our second being in both Mekah and Madinah after the first one being in 2005.

HAJI 2010

Di Kota Madinah

Di TH Kelana Jaya, sebelum berangkat

Di TH Kelana Jaya, sebelum berangkat

Di TH Kelana Jaya, sebelum berangkat bersama anak2

Di Jabal Rahmah

Selepas melontar

Tak ingat samada sebelum / selepas buat umrah

Di luar Masjid Nabawi


Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4 - Di Perlis
Notice the above Photo 2 and Photo 4? Hj Saleh aka GiLoCatur wore the same orange tshirt. Actually, the favourite tshirt was bought in Holland during Matrade overseas outstation.


Family Photo 2010 1

Family Photo 2010 2

Family Photo 2010 3 Aidil Fitri


Below are the photos of both Fikri and Anis in the 2010 MSS chess championships. It was the second MSSM edition for Anis Fariha while the first (maiden debut) for her elder brother, Fikri. Fikri won both Gold medals ie Individual and Team in his 3rd MSSS chess championship.

Anis, MSSM 2010 Kangar Perlis

Fikri, MSSM 2010 Kangar Perlis

Anis, MSSM 2010 Kangar Perlis

MSSM 2010, Fikri (L15), Anis Fariha (P12)

Hjh Azizah with Fikri N Anis, MSSS 2010 Sabak Bernam

Hj Saleh with Fikri N Anis, MSSS 2010 Sabak Bernam

Anis, MSSS 2010 Sabak Bernam


Cinco de Mayo

Anis was 12th year old in 2010
Having her Identity Card

Fahim celebrating his 8th Birthday


Hj Saleh


Hj Azizah, Abang N Kakak



Hj Saleh N Fahim

Hjh Azizah


Hj Saleh 

Hjh Zah in Melaka

Fikri winning a chess tourney

Celebrating Silver Jubilee Anniversary - Year 14 (2009)

Below is the only Hj Saleh N Hjh Azizah photo that Hj Saleh can find in the 14th Year Anniversary.

Hj Saleh N Hjh Azizah photo

Hj Saleh can't remember what event the above photo was taken. Most probably, it was the HeiTech Dinner.

Fahim's First Day of Primary School

In this 14th Year of Anniversary, our youngest child Fahim had his first day of primary school at SKBJ. 

Fahim ready for his primary school day

Fahim at the skbj assembly

Anis at MSSM 2019 Kelang

The year of 2009 in which both Hj Saleh and Hjh Azizah were very proud parents when Anis made his maiden appearance in the MSSM chess championship. It is more memorable since it was in Selangor, the state in which Anis was born.

The whole Hj Saleh family in 2009 MSSM

Anis playing in P12 Team event

Anis with her other three P12 MSSS team mates - Gold Medal

Langkawi Trip 

Below are the photo collection during the family trip to Pulau Langkawi Kedah in 2009.

Hj Saleh aka GiLoCatur

Hjh Nor Azizah

Hj Saleh N Hjh Azizah three children

Abang N Kakak

Abang N Adik

Fikri aka Abang

Anis Fariha aka Kakak

Fahim Al-Faqeh aka Adik

The ladies in Hj Saleh family


Hj Saleh's birthday in April

Fikri's birthday in November

More photos in 2009


Hj Saleh aka GiLoCatur, Fikri N Anis

GiLoCatur in action


At Kelly's Castle Batu Gajah after a chess tournament