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Celebrating Silver Jubilee Anniversary - Year 13 (2008)

In the 13th year of Anniversary, GiLoCatur family had many chess trips. The trip to Temerloh Pahang was one of them. 

Temerloh Chess Trip

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Fikri, Anis and Fahim enjoyed informal learning experience like with animals as per the above pictures while taking part in local chess tournaments

Chess Events.

Fikri in his first MSSS event
In 2008, Fikri made a maiden appearance in both MSSD and MSSS chess championship. Alhamdulillah, Fikri managed to be on the podium in the L12 category represented MSSD Petaling Peradana. 

Fikri N Anis in NAG 2008

GiLoCatur and Fikri in Selangor Open

Tokoh Nilam.




Before chess, both Hj Saleh and Hjh Azizah embarked in Nilam Project in 2007. Every weekend we brought our kids to the PNM (Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia) in Kuala Lumpur. The main objective was for Fikri's UPSR 2008 preparation. 

Getting Tokoh Nilam award at SKBJ was a bonus. Another unexpected outcome is Anis has become a Reading Monster LOL.

How both Hj Saleh and Hjh Aziah look like in the 13th Year of Anniversary? The following photos have the answer :)-

Hj Saleh coming home from work

Hj Saleh and the boys - Fikri N Fahim

Hj Saleh (40 yo) N Hjh Azizah (38 yo) with youngest child, Fahim


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