Friday, October 30, 2009

3rd Asian Indoor Games (AIG)

What is AIG or Asian Indoor Games?

AIG is an indoor sporting event held every two years exclusively for Asian countries. The sports contested are mostly the kinds that have yet joined or included in continental or world sport events. Chess will be one of the sport disciplines contested.

How many Asian countries participated?

45 Asian countries including Malaysia.

Where the event will be held and when?

For the third AIG, it will take place in Hanoi, Vietnam from 30th October until 8 November 2009.

Will Malaysia participate in the chess event?

GiLoCatur is not sure and still looking and "googling" for the answer.

When is the playing schedule for Chess?

According to 3rd AIG official website, chess will be played from 31st October to 7th November.

If Malaysia participate, who will play for our country?

Also GiLoCatur still do not have the answer. During this weekend, IM Mas and FM Mok will play in the Malaysian Masters semi finals. It seems that they are not going to Hanoi.

But who will represent Philippine in chess, GiLoCatur can give the answer. It has been published in Susan Polgar's blog. RP will be represented by GM Mark Paragua and GM Rogelio "Joey" Antonio, Jr for men's and WFM Catherine Perena and Sherily Cua for women's.

For further details and facts about the 3rd AIG, please visit this link and 3rd AIG official website.

Kejohanan Catur Jemputan UIAM Kali Ke-2 (1 NOV)

Pusat Sukan dan Rekreasi, Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM) akan menganjurkan Kejohanan Catur Jemputan UIAM Kali Ke-2, 2009 yang akan diadakan pada hari AHAD 1 NOVEMBER 2009 bertempat di Dewan Engine, UIAM, Gombak. Kejohanan ini terbahagi kepada tiga kategori iaitu Kategori Terbuka, Kategori Bawah 21-tahun dan Kategori Bawah 12-tahun. Yuran penyertaan adalah seperti berikut:

Yuran pendaftaran:

Kategori Terbuka - RM 30
Kategori Bawah-21 - RM 20
Kategori Bawah-12 - RM 20

* Tempat adalah terhad dan tertakluk kepada penyertaan terawal (first come first serve) yang diterima.

The Schedule

The Prizes

(double click on all the images for larger view)


Sila buat pra-pendaftaran sebelum tarikh tutup yang dinyatakan. Sebarang pertanyaan lanjut sila hubungi sekretariat kejohanan.

  • Norsharmila Zabani (03-6196 5393)
  • Ahmad Fadzil Nayan (013-9531278)
  • Nurul Azlina Bakrin (017-4625224)
  • No. fax: 03-6196 4749
  • E-mel:


1) Kejohanan ini tertakluk kepada undang-undang FIDE.
2) Setiap kawalan masa untuk satu permainan ialah 25 minit. Setiap perubahan pada kawalan masa akan ditentukan oleh Arbiter mengikut jumlah peserta.
3) Setiap pemenang hanya tertakluk kepada satu hadiah sahaja.
4) Sebarang keputusan adalah muktamad.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


GiLoCatur tertarik membaca artikel di bawah sewaktu browsing di laman blog Susan Polgar.

WINDHOEK - Bank Windhoek handed over 550 chess sets to the Namibian Chess Federation (NCF).

The equipment will be handed over to the Namibian Schools Sport Union (NSSU) whereupon it would be distributed amongst 100 needy schools in the south.

Chess has proven to improve the cognitive skills of children. Therefore, Bank Windhoek is proud to support this undertaking as the sets given to the NCF will facilitate improvements in the memory, concentration and time management skills of over 1000 children in many schools in the south,” said Bank Windhoek’s head of Corporate Communication and Social Investment, Riaan van Rooyen.

“Chess for Namibia means a smarter Namibian nation,” added the president of the Namibia Chess Federation Max Nitzborn, who further elaborated that the NCF is trying to implement chess as a subject in schools.

“It has been proven without doubt that playing chess enhances the academic performance of children,” said Nitzborn.

The NCF has undertaken to develop children’s skills in chess by sending grand masters from the NCF to travel around the country teaching and identifying raw talent that can be trained and mentored into grand masters, to represent Namibia internationally.

Recently, chess players from various schools across the country competed in South Africa and won a bronze medal.

With the support of Bank Windhoek, the NCF in 2008 distributed 1000 chess sets to schools in the northern region and more than 2000 children benefited from this venture.

Ada beberapa point atau soalan yang GiLoCatur nak highlight demi kemajuan catur di negara ini.

  1. Tidak adakah bank di negara ini yang ingin menyumbang chess set ke sekolah-sekolah atau kelab-kelab komuniti di negara ini terutamanya di luar bandar memandangkan chess atau catur mempunyai banyak kebaikan terutamanya kepada generasi muda negara?
  2. Tidak adakah bank-bank di negara ini yang ingin memberi sumbangan dana atau sponsor kepada pemain-pemain catur muda yang berminat, berbakat dan bercita-cita ke peringkat paling tertinggi iaitu Grand Master dan kejohanan peringkat antarabangsa?
  3. Jika di negara-negara luar tidak kira negara maju atau sedang membangun seperti Namibia ada usaha dan kesungguhan untuk menjadikan chess sebagai salah satu subjek di sekolah, bagaimana pula di Malaysia?
  4. Jangan terkejut jika satu hari nanti Namibia yang pada ketika ini hanya ada seorang FM dan 2 orang candidate master (seperti di bawah), akan mendahului Malaysia mempunyai Grand Master di atas usaha-usaha yang mereka lakukan untuk maju dalam catur / chess.
  5. Apakah yang bisa (meminjam Bahasa Indonesia) pemain-pemain catur muda negara dan ibubapa mereka lakukan untuk dapatkan "chess development program"?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Results of GiLoCatur's Children

Fikri receiving his prizes

How the performance and what are the results of GiLoCatur's children in the recent UPSI Chess Open?

Fikri, the eldest son, managed to win the fifth place after 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss (5+1=1-). Below is his full rounds results.

Round 1 : Won againts Mohd Shakrul Faiz (Unrated) playing black on 6th board
Round 2 : Won againts Mohd Ashraf Haziq (Unrated) playing white on 6th board
Round 3 : Won againts Muhd Hamzi Abd Hamid (Unrated) playing black on 6th board
Round 4 : Lose to Mohd Syakir Shazmeer Azhar MS (Nat Rating : 1835) playing white on 1st board
Round 5 : Won againts Mohd Azam Bin Ali (Nat Rating : 1624) playing black on 5th board
Round 6 : Won againts Chong Shao Hong (Nat Rating : 1413) playing white on 5th board
Round 7 : Drew with P'ng Ren Chi (Nat Rating : 1624) playing black on 2nd board

Anis Fariha, the only daughter, was place the 33th position after 3 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses (3+1=3-). Below is her full rounds results.

Round 1 : Won againts Muhammad Noor Hazman MN Hakim (Unrated) playing white on 9th board
Round 2 : Won againts Anas Imran Bin Ezaddin (Unrated) playing black on 9th board
Round 3 : Drew with Puteri Rifqah Fahada (Nat Rating : 1584) playing white on 2nd board
Round 4 : Lose to Tang Wei Kit (Nat Rating : 1415) playing black on 6th board
Round 5 : Won againts Khaw Ker Shean (Nat Rating : 956) playing white on 11th board
Round 6 : Lose to Kelly Lim Pei Ying (Nat Rating : 1314) playing black on 8th board
Round 7 : Lose to Chuah Yi Ning (Nat Rating : 1516) playing white on 11th board

This year edition is a very strong and competitive tournament for Primary School category. Several MSS players were participating. Even three U12 MSS players played in the Open category.

MSS Selangor

1) Muhd Irfan Haqqim - U12 Boys Individual
2) Noor Azam - U12 Boys Team
3) Puteri Rifqah Fahada - U12 Girls Team
4) Puteri Munajjah Az Zahra - U12 Girls Team
5) Anis Fariha Saleh - U12 Girls Team
6) WCM Nur Nabila Azman - U12 Girls Individual (Open)
7) WFM Nur Nabila Azman - U12 Girls Individual (Open)

MSS Pulau Pinang

1) Ooi Zhi Yang - U12 Boys Individual
2) Khaw Choo Kean - U12 Boys Individual
3) Teh De Zen - U12 Girls Individual
4) Tan Jia Yun - U12 Girls Team
5) Kelly Lim Pei Ying - U12 Girls Team
6) Chuah Yi Ning - U12 Girls Team
7) Tang Wei Kit - U12 Boys Team
8) Lim Winsen - U12 Boys Team


1) Amier Hamzah Mohd Zuhri - U12 Boys Individual
2) Camelia Johari - U12 Girls Team (Open)

Fahim Al-Faqeh, the youngest child, was placed the 44th position after 3 wins and 4 losses (3+0=4-). Below is his full rounds results.

Round 1 : Won againts Syafiqul Hafidz Abd Kadir (Unrated) playing black on 16th board
Round 2 : Lose to Andre Cheong Kai Bin (Nat rating : 1266) playing white on 16th board
Round 3 : Won againts Nurul Syifa M Roslan (Unrated) playing black on 12th board
Round 4 : Lose to Muhamad Khairul Syarifuddin (Unrated) playing white on 12th board
Round 5 : Lose to (Unrated) playing black on 15th board
Round 6 : Won againts Ahmad Afif Zhafran (Unrated) playing white on 21st board
Round 7 : Lose to Nurul Najihah (Unrated) playing black on 17th board

Fahim still has lots to learn in chess and needs more experience and tournament exposure. He is just 7 years old and just participated in less than 10 chess tournaments. Furthermore, he plays too fast. Most of his rounds completed in less than 15 minutes. Hopefully, he will pick up the skills and experience by participating in more and more chess tournaments. He is a bit lucky because starts early in chess compared to his elder brother who started when he was 11 years old and his elder sister who started when she was 10 years old.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Gambar-Gambar Menarik UPSI Chess Open

The above picture taken from here

Firey_Rook papparazied GiLoCatur and had taken the above picture. The young and energetic man standing beside GiLoCatur is non other than Sharil Izam Bin Muara, the president of 2009/2010 UPSI Chess Club. Syabas and tahniah to him and his hardworking crew members for the successful 3rd UPSI Chess Open.

More UPSI Chess Open pictures can be viewed here from the camera of Mr Firey_Rook.

GiLoCatur with new shirt blogging at UPSI Tanjung Malim.

Since GiLoCatur did not participate in the tournament, beside monitoring the children GiLoCatur was blogging about the chess tournament. The internet connection was very very poor in the afternoon. Hence, GiLoCatur could not update and blog about the tournament.

Cikgu Zullkafli, one of the three arbiters.

The beauty of chess is that it does not bother about age. In the above picture, 10-year old WFM Nur Najiha was competing againts 40+ Kamaluddin Yusuf. It was in the fifth round.

GiLoCatur had a couple of games with Shamsudin Sabri aka Firey_Rook during his round break.
The last game was stopped as the above position since the next round was going to start. Whose position is winning? What white should move next?

GiLoCatur is hoping that the nearby schools which were participating should organize chess tournaments and workshops at their schools. Or maybe UPSI Chess Club can conduct chess friendlies or chess tournaments with these schools. Surely by having regular chess tournaments and activities, many more chess talents will emerge from the district.

GiLoCatur is not sure from which school the above Indian / Singh boys are from. Based on the players pairing list, GiLoCatur believes they are Singh brothers - Rajdev and Jagedr. Beside them, Alvin Dass a/l Arokianathan and Suganyaanair were also playing in the Secondary School category. If they or anyone knows about them read this blog entry, please provide GiLoCatur more info.

Seen Zefflyyudin Alminsyah taking a rest while waiting the closing and prize giving ceremony to start. One of Penang contigent members, he made new friends with other chess players like with the SMKA Slim River girls (wearing green shirts and black tudungs).

Sunday, October 25, 2009

UPSI Chess Open - 4

GiLoCatur and family just got home from Tanjung Malim a couple hours ago. After the prize giving ceremony which ended at about 7.45 pm, we had dinner at a restaurant. Then, we drove off home after two days at UPSI and Tanjung Malim.

GiLoCatur does not have the complete final standings as had to have Maghrib prayer during the ceremony. But below are the champions for each of the main three categories.

The Open category

The champion is the 2nd edition winner, Ian Udani, 6 1/2 out of 7 points.

Round 1 : won againts Khaw Heng Yeam playing white
Round 2 : won againts Abdul Shahfi playing black
Round 3 : won againts Khor Bean Hwa playing white
Round 4 : won againts Ahmad Fadzil Nayan playing black
Round 5 : won againts Muhd Nabil AH playing white
Round 6 : won againts Zarul Shafiq Zullkafli playing black
Round 7 : drew with WCM Nur Nabila

"Sekolah Menengah" category

The champion is Muhd Syakir Shazmeer Azhar MS, 6 1/2 out of 7 points.

Round 1 : won againts Mohd Fais Abd Aziz playing white
Round 2 : won againts Masitah Muslim Bahari playing black
Round 3 : won againts unrated Amira Izzatul Abd Hamid playing white
Round 4 : won againts Fikri Saleh playing black
Round 5 : won againts Teh De Jack playing white
Round 6 : won againtsLim Kong Hui playing black
Round 7 : drew with Keok Kai En

"Sekolah Rendah" category

The champion is Muhd Irfan Haqqim Azhar MS, 6 1/2 out of 7 points.

Round 1 : won againts Nordiyana Ayunie Bt Mohd Raza playing white
Round 2 : won playing black
Round 3 : drew with Tang Wei Kit playing white
Round 4 : won againts Muhammad Arif Fahmi playing black
Round 5 : won againts Lim Winsen playing white
Round 6 : won againts Teh De Juan playing black
Round 7 : won againts Amier Hamzah Mohd Zuhri playing white

GiLoCatur was very surprised when called upon by the emcee to receive a token of appreciation from the organizer for promoting and publishing the tournament in this blog. Thank you very much to the organizer for such appreciation. Actually, GiLoCatur and other local chess bloggers just want to promote chess events and tournaments. The small contribution is in fact because GiLoCatur is crazy and passionate about chess and to support the children on chess.

Syabas and tahniah to the tournament organizer and all the crew involved in making it happen. It is a very good turn out. The total number of players participated is 267 more than the 200 target. The organizer managed to get several schools nearby to participate like SK Slim River, SK Tanjung Malim (website), SK Ulu Bernam (website) and SMKA Slim River (website). Syabas and tahniah also to all the teachers from such schools as well as several parents who sacrifice their weekend to accompany their pupils to the tournament.

GiLoCatur would like to praise the organizer for allocating quite a sum of prize money especially for the school categories. It is very essential as to motivate Malaysian school children to be involved in chess.

UPSI Chess Open - 3

Round 4 is in progress. It started sharp at 8.30am. Below is the leaders for each categories.

Open Category

The players on the top six boards had won all their three previous rounds. The defending champion and the top seed, Ian Udani, is challenged by Ahmad Fadzil Nayan of UIA on the 1st board. Can Fadzil, a Perakian, who plays white win to stop Ian on his mission to be the champion? Ian Udani is unstoppable. He defeated Fadzil Nayan.

Another Perakian, Mark Siew plays black on the 2nd board againts the National Master Evan Timothy Capel of Penang. (Mark Siew managed to win this game). WCM Nur Nabila AH who will represent Malaysia in the APSSO meet in Jakarta and World Youth in Turkey is competing againts the fourth seed, Abdullah Che Hassan on the 3rd board. The 12-year-old Nabila won the game.

On the fourth board, Sahir Sarifdin of 17ChessClub, will challenge NM Kamal Arifin Wahiduddin. Surely, all Sahir's 17ChessClub buddies are hoping and praying that he will cruise all the way to achieve the best results in this UPSI Chess Open. (Unfortunately, Sahir could not manage to win againts the experienced NM Kamal Arifin). UPSI Chess Club president, Zarul Shafiq the son of Cikgu Zull and Cikgu Sofi is being challenged by the 13th seed on the fifth, Wan Mohd Fazli Wan Nawawi. The last perfect scorer pair is between Ibrahim Ahmad and Muhd Nabil AH, the elder brother of WCM Nabila. They are playing on the 6th board. Both Zarul Shafiq and Muhd Nabil cruised to the next round after winning their respective games.

Fikri (left on white shirt) versus Syakir Shazmeer, the leader of the pack.

Secondary School Category

Eleven players, mostly the top seeds, in this category have won all their three rounds so far.

1st board : Fikri Saleh vs Muhd Syakir Shazmeer Azhar MS (0 - 1)
2nd board : Keok Kai En vs Muhd Faris Aminudin (1 - 0)
3rd board : Teh De Jack vs Amira Syahmina Zullkafli (1 - 0)
4th board : Lim Kong Hui vs Ooi Boon Hao (1 - 0)
5th board : Kyle Chan Wei Ren vs Lim Chuin Khai (0 - 1)
6th board : P'ng Ren Chi vs Tang Kar Khai (1 - 0)


Primary School Category

Six players, the top three boards, in this category have full three points so far while other six players including the top two seeds have 2 and 1/2 points.

1st board : Lim Winsen vs Amier Hamzah Mohd Zuhri (1/2 - 1/2)
2nd board : Teh De Juan vs Teh De Zen (1/2 - 1/2)
3rd board : Kelly Lim Pei Ying vs Puteri Munajjah Az Zahra Azhar MS (1/2 - 1/2)

4th board : Muhammad Arif Fahmi vs Mihd Irfan Haqqim Azhar MS (0 - 1)
5th board : Puteri Rifqah vs Andrei Cheong Kai Bin (1 - 0)
6th board : Tang Wei Kit vs Anis Fariha Saleh (1 - 0)


Three dedicated chess moms who are also teachers. Their children were and are MSS Selangor chess players. One of them, Cikgu Sofi is the mother of a National Master (NM) and National Woman Master (NWM) while Cikgu Zaza is the mother of a WFM (Woman Fide Master) and WCM (Woman Candidate Master). GiLoCatur hopes many more Malaysian mothers and teachers follow their suit and journey in developing and teaching their children CHESS.

GiLoCatur also got a chance to have a 10-minute chit chat with Mr Teh of Penang, a dedicated chess parent too. Thank you to him for visiting this blog and his generous advise.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

UPSI Chess Open - 2

As of 2.00 pm before the second round starts at 2.30 pm, most seeded players in all the three categories won their respective games.

The adjusted schedule for next two games of Day 1 today,

2nd Round : 2.30 pm - 4.30 pm

3rd Round : 4.45 pm - 6.45 pm

*** 2:25 pm ***

(Note: The quality of pictures is not that very good because using Nokia mobile phone. GiLoCatur's Nikon L14 digital camera is sent for a repair.)

Category : Open

After Round 2, 24 players in the Open category scored the perfect 2 wins. Below is the third round pairing for the top 10 boards.

1) Ian Udani vs Khor Bean Hwa (1 - 0)
2) Mohd Roslan Mohd Napiah vs Evan Timothy Capel (0 - 1)
3) Kamaluddin Yusuf vs Ibrahim Ahmad (1 - 0) (GiLoCatur : Typo error! Actually, Ibrahim Ahmad won againts Kamaluddin Yusuf. Sorry for the mistake. Thank you to Anonymous for pointing out.)
4) Mat Zaki Yeop vs Abdullah Che Hassan (0 - 1)
5) Kamal Arifin Wahiduddin vs Hidayat Bin Syamsul (1 - 0)
6) Mohd Firdaus Johari vs Zarul Shafiz Zullkafli (0 - 1)
7) Mohd Nabil AH vs Mohd Zullghafari Saparmin (1 - 0)
8) Nur Najiha AH vs Ahmad Fadzil Nayan (0 - 1)
9) Mark Siew Kit Tze vs Abdul Rahim Zalmi (? - ?) (GiLoCatur : Mark Siew won)
10) Nur Nabila AH vs Syed Remizan Syed Sobri (1 - 0)

Another perfect scorers of 3 points after Round 3 completed are the 12th seed Sahir Sarifdin who played black and defeated unrated Suhaimi Bin Mustafa Albakri on 11th board and the 13th seed Wan Mohd Fazli Wan Nawawi who played white on 12th board defeated unrated Nur Sharif Narsiso. (GiLoCatur : 28/10/2009, 11.30am)

Category : Secondary School

After Round 2, 23 players in the "Sekolah Menengah" category scored the perfect 2 wins. Below is the third round pairing and results for the top 10 boards.

1) Mohd Syakir Shazmeer vs Amira Izzatul Abd Hamid (1 - 0)
2) Chong Shao Hong vs Keok Kai En (0 - 1)
3) Amira Syahmina Zullkafli vs Asmaan Amry (1 - 0)
4) Khalis Isma Alif vs Lim Kong Hui (0 - 1)
5) Lim Chuin Khai vs Khairul Nazrin Kamal (1 - 0)
6) Muhd Hamzi Abd Hamid vs Fikri Bin Saleh (0 - 1)
7) Tang Khar Kei vs Lee Jing Yao (1 - 0)
8) Nur Afizan Bt Amir vs Teh De Jack (0 - 1)
9) Muhd Faris Aminudin vs Nur Faten Anisa Bt Izzat (1 - 0)
10) Nur Atirah Adnan vs Kyle Chen Wei Ren (0 - 1)

Tomorrow morning in the fourth round, Fikri will play black againts the top seed Mohd Syakir Shazmeer while his buddy, Muhd Faris, will also play black on the second board meeting the second seed, Keok Kai En.

Category : Primary School

After Round 2, 17 players in the "Sekolah Rendah" category scored the perfect 2 wins. Below is the third round pairing and results for the top 9 boards.

1) Muhd Irfan Haqqim vs Tang Wei Kit (1/2 - 1/2)
2) Anis Fariha vs Puteri Rifqah Fahada (1/2 - 1/2)
3) Amier Hamzah Mohd Zuhri vs Wong Yinn Long (1 - 0)
4) Noor Azam Mohd Noor vs Teh De Juan (0 - 1)
5) Puteri Munajjah Az Zahra vs Ooi Zhi Yang (1 - 0)
6) Tan Jia Yun vs Lim Winsen (0 - 1)
7) Teh De Zen vs Wong Yi Chee (1 - 0)
8) Kelly Lim Pei Ying vs Chuah Hao Feng (1 - 0)
9) Andre Cheong Kai Bin vs Chuah Yi Ning (1/2 - 1/2)

The game schedule for the next four rounds on the second day tomorrow,

4th Round : 8.30 am - 10.30 am

5th Round : 10.45 am - 12.45 pm

6th Round : 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm

7th Round : 4.15 pm - 6.15 pm

*** 10:45 pm from Sahara Inn, Room 112 ***

UPSI Chess Open - 1

GiLoCatur and family drove off to Tanjung Malim at about 10 minutes before 8.00 am to participate in UPSI Chess Open. Eventhough, GiLoCatur had pre-registered in the Open category he did not play. Fikri, the eldest son played in the "Sekolah Menengah" or Secondary School category along with Faris, the eldest son of Aminuddin and Cikgu Shima couple. While both Anis Fariha, 11 years old, and Fahim Al-Faqeh, 7 years old, played in the "Sekolah Rendah" or Primary School.

We reached the venue after 45-minute drive. After settling the registration, we went to a nearby mamak restaurant for a breakfast. Both GiLoCatur's sons had rice and fried chicken while GiLoCatur just had "Tosei Telur".

Back to the tournament venue after the breakfast, the organizer was still busy with the registration. The arbiters were busy keying in the players' names. Due to a very good turn out and last minute registrations, the first round pairing could not be ready on time as per scheduled.

Finally, the tournament began at 11.30 am. There are three categories - Open, Secondary School and Primary School.

Leading the Open category is the defending champion, Ian Udani. 102 players participated in the category. There are 51 pairs.

The top three seed :

1) Ian Udani

2) Evan timothy Capel

3) Kamaluddin Yusuf

In Secondary School category, 91 players are participating. Most are from the schools nearby.
The top three seed :

1) Syakir Shazmeer (Nat Rating : 1835)

2) Keok Kain En (Nat Rating : 1660)

3) Amira Syahmina (Nat Rating : 1547)

Fikri , GiLoCatur's son, whose latest national rating is 1417 is seeded 6th.

In the Primary School category, 72 players are participating. Besides players from Perak, the others are from either Selangor or Pulau Pinang. Several MSS state players are among the top seeds.

The top three seed :

1) Muhd Irfan Haqqim (Nat Rating : 1694)

2) Puteri Rifqah (Nat Rating : 1584)

3) Amier Hamzah (Nat Rating : 1431)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ng6 New Blog

Zali aka Ng6

One of GiLoCatur's chess friends, Zali aka Ng6 (above picture), had started his personal blog. At this moment Ng6 is quite busy in making preparation to move to his new house. Hence he can't join chess tournaments. Furthermore, he just moved to new office which is nearer to home. Good Luck to Ng6 both at new office and at new house.

His blog can be accessed at

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


GiLoCatur in front of UPSI main entrance

Insya Allah, this weekend GiLoCatur and family will drive to Tanjung Malim in where UPSI, a teacher university is located. During this weekend, UPSI Chess Club would be organizing its third chess open tournament. The format would be G/60 (60 minute time control) 7-round Swiss System during two days - Saturday and Sunday.

Last year, GiLoCatur with Fikri, eldest son, and Anis Fariha, the only daughter, also participated in the UPSI chess open held on 25th and 26th October 2008. Both GiLoCatur's children were playing in the Under 12 school category while GiLoCatur was playing in the Open section. But this year, GiLoCatur most probably will not participate because want to focus on the children and doing coverage for the event. Fikri will enter the secondary school (U18) category while his younger sister, Anis Fariha, will play in the primary (U12) school category. Their youngest brother, Fahim Al-Faqeh (7 years old), may join Anis.

UPSI's BITARASISWA, the venue of the tournament.

Some of the chess players participated in the 2nd UPSI Chess Open last year.

Would Ian Udani defend his title this year? GiLoCatur is pretty sure Ian would defend it. But GiLoCatur believes his contenders and opponents would be much tougher this year. The prize money is the same as last year, RM 1,000. Would IM Mas play? FM Mok? FM Nicholas Chan? Let's see!

Players and Parents during the closing and prize-giving ceremony.

SYEDCHESS (redshirt) of, also came down all the way from Kedah and participated in the tournament last year. How about this year? Would he come down and play?

Nice trophies last year.

Hampers for lucky draw. This year there would be 10 lucky draws.

The entries of last year's UPSI Chess Open.

So, see you all at UPSI Chess Open this weekend folks!

Monday, October 19, 2009

UPSI Chess Open - 24 & 25 October 2009

Date : 24 (SATURDAY) & 25 (SUNDAY) OCTOBER 2009
Time : 8.00am - 6.00pm
Organizer : UPSI Chess Club with MoHE (Ministry of Higher Education)

Format : G/60 (60 minute time control), 7-round Swiss System
Main Categories : Open, Secondary School (Under 18), Primary School (Under 12)

Fees : Open (RM25), School children (RM15), UPSI (RM10)

Game Schedule


The registration deadline (closing date) >>> 20/10/2009 <<<.

Extra Prizes :

RM50 + Medal for each of the following
  • Best Teacher
  • Best Lady
  • Best Veteran (> 45 years old)
  • Best Rating Under 1700 (1601 - 1700)
  • Best Rating Under 1600 (1501 - 1600)
  • Best Rating Under 1500
  • Best UPSI staff
  • Best UPSI Alumni
More prizes
  • Best 3 IPTA/IPTS (1. RM150 + medal, 2. RM100 + medal, 3. RM50 + medal)
  • Best 10 UPSI
  • Best 5 UPSI Lady
  • Best 3 UPSI Chess Club

The total money prize >>> RM 6,000 <<<.


Tournament entry fees must be paid on registration days.

For further details call:
  • SHARIL IZAM BIN MUARA 013-4608173
  • email :
  • ERNA 013-4608169
  • Fax 05-4585137

Accomodation at Tanjung Malim

Hotel Sahara Inn
1B, 1st Floor, Jln Bahtera 1A, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak
05-459 5999

Twin Star Hotel
74A, Jln Intan Setia, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak
05-459 8889

Hotel Bunga Raya
No. 77, Jln Durian 1, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak
05-459 4388

Hotel Anggerik Desa Sdn Bhd
No. 4, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak
05-459 9118

Hotel Cahaya
No. 5, Jln Cahaya, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak
05-458 4331

The Final Results for This Weekend Chess Tournaments

Deepavali Rapid Chess 

Muhd Nabil Azman has dashed 2008 MSSM U18 Individual champion, Lim Zhou Ren, hope to win the Deepavali Rapid Chess. Nabil, the U15 Selangor state player, scored 8 and 1/2 points out of 10 rounds. He was ahead of the the first runner up by half point. In the third place is Muhd Syakir Shazmeer, Nabil's U15 teammate, with 7 and 1/2 points. Stonemaster and Jax Tham, both tied with 7 points, are fourth and fifth placings respectively. Congratulation! to all the winners.

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UiTM Dungun Open 

In the Masters category, Mohd Khair won 5 games and drew the other 2 to win the UiTM Dungun Open. He is ahead by one point to the first and second runner up, Ruzenan Abu Bakar and Suhaidi Mustafa, respectively. Below is the final cross table.

Below is the final crosstable for the Open category. It is encouraging to see that three Under 12 players are among the top 5. Muhd D'zafrul Haziq, a high schooler won his first six rounds and drew the last one to be on the top of the table.Terengganu state U12 player, Siti Khadijah Sabirin, showed her prowess by being second. Her only defeat was to the leader in the sixth round. Below is the top 20 final crosstable. Tahniah! to all the winners.