Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 New Year's Eve - GiLoCatur Playing Blitz Tournament

On the eve of the new 2014 year, GiLoCatur took part in a Blitz tournament held by Cerdik Catur. GiLoCatur's two boys - Fikri and Fahim, took part as well. The 12-round tournament was scheduled to start at 10.00pm. GiLoCatur and family arrived at the venue of the tournament which is Merbau Hall located in Section 17, Shah Alam minutes before 10.00pm after short shopping at Tesco.

GiLoCatur decided to take part to have fun playing the chess blitz. Ending the 2013 year and welcoming the new 2014 year playing chess, a good family get-together activity. The last time GiLoCatur and family celebrating the new year at a chess blitz tournament was in 2008, celebrating the coming of 2009. Click here to read the moment. Only Fikri took part in the blitz tournament then. Fahim was only 6 years old, entering his 7 years of age. There were 15 chess hardcore players including Gregory Lau in the blitz tournament played in round-robin format.

64 players in the Blitz tourney

First Round, Top Board - Fikri (left) versus Abg Bro

This time around, there were 64 chess players took part. Beside Fikri, four other players who played in 31st December 2008 and also played in 31st December 2013 are Kamaluddin Yusof, Mohamed Ismail aka Max, Abdul Shukor Arajah and Syazrin Abdul Rahman.

So, what is the results for GiLoCatur? 

Not that good. GiLoCatur managed only to get 4/12 points. Luckily, GiLoCatur's boys were not among GiLoCatur's opponents. Below is all GiLoCatur's opponents and the game results.

GiLoCatur's 12 opponents [source]

Alhamdulillah, both Fikri and Fahim were among the winners. Fikri scored 8/12 points and won 9th placing while his younger brother, Fahim, won the Best U12 with 6/12 score. 

Top 10 winners [full results here and here]

The prizes are not cash, instead items like jacket, mattress, bags and hampers. The winners starting from top  to bottom would choose the prizes they prefer and like. 

Fahim - Best U12 (Cerdik Catur photo)

Fikri - 9th placing (Cerdik Catur photo)

wishing happy new 2014 year (Cerdik Catur photo)

As to see the growth development of both GiLoCatur's boys - Fikri and Fahim, below are the pictures of them five years ago. Fikri was 12 years old, going 13. He just finished his primary school and was ready for his secondary school. Fahim was 6 years old, going 7. He was ready for his primary school.

Fikri (right) played against Ian Udani 5 years ago

Fahim (standing) watching the Blitz games ... isn't he cute then?

HAPPY NEW 2014 YEAR from GiLoCatur to all especially the Malaysian chess community. Wish that, GiLoCatur and the children can take part in as many as possible chess tournaments and achieve lots of success.

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