Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Look at 2015 Penang Chess Open - Part 1

Five rounds has been played in the 2015 Penang Chess Open. Let's take a look at the Challengers section. There are 189 players taking part (note : based on the pairings in including GiLoCatur's youngest child, Fahim. 

Round 5 pairings/results

There are nine (9) foreign players in the Top 5 boards in the 5th round as per above. Five (5) are from Indonesia and one each from Singapore, Philippines and Sri Lanka. The only Malaysian player in the list is Mohd Aziz Farhan, Fahim's school mate. Six of the foreign players have no FIDE ratings yet. 

GiLoCatur hopes the Malaysian players can rise to the top and provide tough challenges to foreign players. The Malaysian players especially the young ones should take the opportunity to learn and grab the experience to improve their chess performance.


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