Sunday, November 22, 2009

WYCC 2009 - The FINAL Round

In about 10 minutes time, the last round of WYCC 2009 will begin.

It is very critical game because for some it will decide the champions of each section. Surely, many players want to earn the best position or placing, therefore in the final round the players will give their best and all out.

The same for Malaysian contingent. In overall, the team has given all their best and shown their capability.

Below are the pairings for the Malaysian young chess players.

U8 (Tbl #3) - VASUDEVA Tanuj (USA) vs Amier
U8 (Tbl #37) - De Juan vs KOCACOGLU Ahyan (TUR)
U8G (Tbl #14) - Teh De Zen vs MANANNIKOVA Mariya (RUS)
U10G (Tbl # 20) - STRGACICH Aylen (ARG-1723) vs Najiha

U12 (Tbl #48) - ZMUSHKO Filipp (BLR-1728) vs Irfan
U12G (Tbl #8) - Nabila vs PATEL Yesim (TUR-1741)
U12G (Tbl #43) - Camilia vs WERTZ Clara (BEL)
U14 (Tbl #35) - ISMAILOV Mukhit (KAZ-2067) vs Jianwen
U14 (Tbl #47) - Elgin vs MURCHADHA Oissine (IRL)
U14G (Tbl #45) - Tjin Li vs ORLINA Laura (LAT)
U16 (Tbl #40) - Sumant vs KERIGAN Demre (TUR-2097)

The game of Amier versus his American opponent will be shown live at So, the whole world can watch his game with other top three boards of every age group. Amier must win this crucial game in order to be on the podium. Come on Amier, YOU CAN DO IT!

Nabila and De Zen also can earn much much better placing and result by winning the final game. It is a very good result and performance for De Zen on her maiden participation in the WYCC. Surely, in future WYCC she will be among the favourites. So, GO GO GO Nabila and De Zen!

For De Juan, Najiha, Irfan, Camilia and Tjin Li, they also must win the final game to improve their ratings and placings. Except for De Juan whose section does not have many rated players, the rest is pursuing FIDE ratings.

Below is GiLoCatur's understanding and observation regarding their ELO (FIDE) ratings.

Nur Najiha

In WYCC 2008 in Vietnam, she played against 4 rated players and won none.

In WYCC 2009, she has played against 7 rated players and won 3. In the last round, she will play against another rated player so that in total she will play 8 rated players.

This shows her improvement! keep it up, girl!


In this WYCC 2009, he has played against 7 rated players and won 3. In the last round he has another chance to win a game against a rated player to make 4 wins out of 8 rated games.


In the FIDE ratings database, she has played against 3 rated players in DATCC Chess League. She won none.

In this tournament, she has played against 9 rated players with 3 wins. This should be enough for her to earn a FIDE ratings eventhough in the last round her opponent is also unrated.

Tjin Li

She does not have rated games recorded in the FIDE ratings database. Even she does not have a FIDE id yet. But after WYCC 2009, she will have one. In this tournament, she managed to score 1 point from 7 rated games. In the last round, her opponent is unrated too. She just need 3 rated games with 1 point in a single FIDE-rated tournament to earn a FIDE-rating.

For Jianwen, Elgin and Sumant, they all are already with FIDE ratings. Their age groups are really really tough with many masters and experts players. BUT they have shown their guts and fighting spirits against their respective opponents. Very very good indeed! So guys, win the final game for yourselves. We know that you can do it!

Both Jianwen and Elgin has played 9 and 8 rated games respectively. The former won 4 and the latter won 3. Jianwen is in fact playing against another rated player now. Including the opponent that he is facing right now, Sumant plays 9 rated players. Winning the last game, Sumant will score 3.5 points.

Below is the ranking of the Malaysian contingent after Round 10

U8 : Amier - 7.5/10, 8th
U8 : De Juan - 5/10, 67th
U8G : De Zen - 6/10, 24th
U10G : Najiha - 5/10, 44th

U12 : Irfan - 4.5/10, 98th
U12G : Nabila - 6.5/10, 13th
U12G : Camilia - 4/10, 73rd
U14 : Jianwen - 5/10, 76th
U14 : Elgin - 4.5/10, 86th
U14G : Tjin Li - 3.5/10, 88th
U16 : Sumant - 4.5/10, 81st

[ This entry is written between 3.50pm to 4.30pm on Sun, 22/11/2009 from DATCC Kuala Lumpur. ]

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