Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sparring Session on 5th Feb 2010 at McDonalds

On last Friday, 5th February, GiLoCatur managed to join the sparring session. Actually, GiLoCatur had a company appreciation dinner which started at 7.30pm until midnite. At around 10.00pm, GiLoCatur left the function to the McDonalds.

GiLoCatur sit next to Ng6 against a new player.

Nf6 came to the sparring to check out his cousin, Ng6. His presence and attendance had heightened the quality of the sparring session. When offered to spar with Nf6, GiLoCatur just took a rain check to avoid humiliation he he he ... :) Maybe next time.

What do you guys laughing on? Maxtal (left) and Fauzi Ahim were smiling before the start of their sparring game. At the other end, Nik Farouqi was watching the game of between Haq and Nf6. Winner stay, eh? GiLoCatur was amazed and intrigued by the solid play of Nf6.

Based on the latest FIDE website, Nf6 is at number 15th in the Malaysian top 100 chess players with 2141 FIDE rating.

Ng6 (left) versus Azam

Azam is making preparation for the Stonemaster Amateur by coming every week to the sparring session. Right, Azam?

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