Wednesday, February 17, 2010

GiLoCatur Looks at MAS vs SIN Chess Challenge

This year edition of Malaysia vs Singapore Chess Challenge just ends. The final result is Malaysia lost to Singapore just by mere a point, 75.5 - 76.5. The format is two rounds of chess classics, 90 minute + 30 seconds, and two rounds of chess rapids. The total number of players is 38 which includes various categories like veteran, men, women and age groups.

In the first round of chess classics where Malaysian players played white, Malaysia triumphed against its neighbouring country by 6 points, 22 - 16. But Singapore improved in the second round when both countries were tied at 19 points each. Singapore players geared up and closed the gap after edging Malaysia by 3 and 1/2 points in the first round of rapid games. The scores is 20.5 to 17.5. In the final round i.e. round 2 of the rapid event, Singapore won 4 points more to surpass by one mere point and win the chess challenge. The score? 21 for Singapore and 17 for Malaysia. For GiLoCatur, it is still a good result for Malaysia. If compares to the results of the previous years like in the year of 2007, this year's result is still much better.

Let's look at the results of such challenge in 2007 as per below summary.

Malaysia lost 53 to 87. The format in that year was just two rounds, not sure though either classics or rapids. The number of players was 70 - 38 in men/boys category and 32 in women/girls category. Malaysia had the lowest winning percentage in veteran and U20 Boys categories with just 12.5%. The highest winning percentage for both sexes is Under 8. Under 14 Boys was the second highest for men/boys while for women/girls were Under 10 followed by Under 14. From the above statistics, what GiLoCatur can say that Malaysia has potential in the younger age groups. It means, parents are successful in developing their young ones in chess. But when their children are getting older, their chess potential is either stagnant or declined. Malaysian chess community should look into this scenario and situation. Factors, root causes or reasons for such scenario need to identified and rectified.

In short, GiLoCatur believes chess is improving at this moment in Malaysia. More and more chess tournaments are organized. Not just tournaments; BUT quality ones. The quality of chess players is improving a lot. Chess awareness and interest is growing. The number of local chess blogs has been mushrooming. Chess sparring and practice are many and more often. So, keep it up Malaysian chess community! GiLoCatur strongly believes Singapore is aware of this and it will keep tab about such scenario to ensure SINGAPORE KEEPS WINNING AGAINST MALAYSIA IN THE CHESS CHALLENGE!

GiLoCatur does not agree when some people say that Singapore is sending a weak contingent this year. That is not Singapore! So, GiLoCatur would like to congratulate all the Malaysian contingent where some of them take this challenge very seriously by having a chess training and practice. "SYABAS & TAHNIAH!"

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