Wednesday, February 24, 2010

GiLoCatur Fan Club @facebook

GiLoCatur Fan Club @facebook

Today GiLoCatur had created a facebook group named GiLoCatur Fan Club or in short GLCFC. The objective of the facebook group is to promote chess mainly in Malaysia and the world in general. It will be one of the methods or approaches used by GiLoCatur for the "outreach program" to highlight the chess activities and events by the grass roots of the Malaysian society and community. GiLoCatur has chosen chess as the "core" or main social obligations for payback contribution to the society.

Why facebook? Facebook has shown and proved its effective communication, popularity and interaction especially in Malaysia. There are millions of Malaysians - of all ages and walks of lives, who have facebook accounts and connecting between each other. What is the exact number? Because GiLoCatur would not be happy if get the right fact or figure. Just check yourself below "statistics" pictures. Malaysia is one the fastest growing countries on facebook. GiLoCatur hopes the Malaysians use the facebook for the good cause; NOT for the bad cause or wasting time. GiLoCatur always believes and a strong supporter in the usage of ICT and internet. Check here and here for good examples of ICT usage among the Malaysian "netizens".

The statistics from

( GiLoCatur : Don't you wonder how they can come up with such statistics? USA is good with statistics and historical data and documentation. In almost sports associations like NBA and NFL, they have a well-documented statistics. GiLoCatur wishes and hopes that such scenario to happen in Malaysia. Can we have that? Any response Mr Collin whom GiLoCatur would like to call Mr Math and Statistics? he he )

source : DiGi facebook

So, all chess lovers, players, parents, promoters and enthusiasts especially the Malaysians are welcome to join the group. Please email GiLoCatur at

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