Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Outstation to Muar

Due to work, GiLoCatur went to outstation to Muar twice this year - the first one in the third week of January and the second one in early February. Muar, located about 200 kilometers south from Shah Alam is one of Johor's cities. Johor is one of the 14 Malaysian states that is situated in the south of peninsular Malaysia next to Singapore. Muar, opened in 1884, is quite an old city and has its own history. It is also known as "Bandar Maharani". GiLoCatur likes to visit Muar because it has many beautiful and historical places and buildings and delicious food.

Beautiful Muar River viewed from Muar Traders Hotel, the hotel where GiLoCatur stayed during the second outstation in Muar. The room that GiLoCatur was given was at the toppest level, the 12th.

Check out more details of the hotel here. GiLoCatur recommends whomever come to Muar to stay at the hotel.

The above Muar river pictures were taken while GiLoCatur having breakfast on Tuesday morning, 2nd Feb 2010.

The terrace where GiLoCatur sit down having the breakfast. What a wonderful river view. GiLoCatur wished that his wife could join in that beautiful morning. Another wish is having a chess game during that time.

The above building of "Wisma Kebajikan" caught GiLoCatur's attention. It is a beautiful design, don't you think?

What building is this? The green color is rare to GiLoCatur. It is in the building where the office of Zullghafari, GiLoCatur's sparring partner while in Muar, is located.

The above two adjacent buildings are more than 80 years of age. It is obvious that the buildings were built in 1928, two years earlier than the birth of GiLoCatur's mother. Yep, GiLoCatur's mother is going to be 80 years old this year.

The first Jamek mosque, "Masjid Sultan Ibrahim" built in 1890, which is situated along the Muar river. If you notice in the first picture in this entry, you would notice a blue mosque similar to the above. It is not the same mosque though. In fact, it is the largest and newer mosque in Muar. It is "Masjid Sultan Ismail", which was built in 2002. It is also known as the second Jamek mosque.
In our "Bahasa Melayu", the above small building is called "wakaf". The above "wakaf" is located in the compound of Sultan Ibrahim mosque. Visitors can sit down and relax in it. For GiLoCatur, it is a very nice place for a chess game. Don't you agree?

Zullghafari was so focus while we were having chess sparring at McDonalds. During this outstation, we had two sparring sessions - the first, at the lobby of Muar Traders Hotel at night between 10.00pm until midnite and the second, at McDonalds between 6.00 to 7.00pm on the following day.

Zullghafari (left) who stays and works in Muar was having a chess match with GiLoCatur's office mate, Faiz. GiLoCatur didn't know that Faiz could play chess. He participated in our company's Mini Sports Carnival chess event several weeks ago. (GiLoCatur has yet the opportunity to write about it in this blog.) According to Faiz, he last played chess while representing his school in MSS chess tournament in Malacca while he was in form 4.

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