Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We Need OKU-friendly Chess Tournaments!

GiLoCatur is very touched with the courage of a young OKU chess player named Muhammad Tareq Shahir Bin Tarmizi (above picture) in the recent KL Junior Chess Championship. He played in the Under-12 Boys section. He managed to accumulate 3.5/6 points and placed 19th out of the total 50 participants. Not bad at all.

Hopefully such courage will motivate many Malaysian youngsters to learn about chess and participate in local chess tournaments. If Shahir can, why you can't?

GiLoCatur urges all the local chess organizers to be OKU-friendly so that players like Shahir could participate and show their skills and talent.

GiLoCatur hopes to see Shahir and his mother, Puan Wan Sharizah, more often in the local chess tournaments. GiLoCatur believes that with more tournament exposure and consistent chess learning and practice, Shahir will be the proud of nation in the future. To Encik Latiff aka Sifu, GiLoCatur suggests that Shahir to be included in the Malaysian paralympic or paragames chess team. What do you say?

[ GiLoCatur : OKU means Orang Kurang Upaya or disabled person. ]

[ This entry is written in Room #1203, Muar Traders Hotel at 2.30am. ]

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Anonymous said...

Hi Saleh,

Actually Tareq is my student and he is a real inspiration to my other students. Thanks for highlighting a little something on the boy. He's very talented.

Collin Madhavan