Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chess Playing & Learning Session at Restaurants

GiLoCatur believes not many Malaysians know where LUBBOCK is. Those who know about this place are the Malaysians who were students of its university or their relatives or friends. GiLoCatur was very fortunate to set foot on Lubbock while being a student in El Paso, both are towns in Texas USA. GiLoCatur went to Lubbock, in 1991, to attend a wedding reception of a Malaysian friend who was studying there (at Texas Tech University).

Why suddenly GiLoCatur wants to talk about Lubbock? Actually, it is because GiLoCatur sees the similarity of a chess club in Lubbock that has a chess practising or studying session in a restaurant or "warungs" or "kedai kopis" and the chess sparring that GiLoCatur and 17ChessClub members participate here in Shah Alam, be it at McDonalds or Jayati Restaurant. For Malaysian chess community information, the Lubbock Chess Club has its weekly learning, practising and playing session at Lin's Buffet or Sugar Brown's Coffee. Check out about this and see their pictures at this website.

In order to improve and have quality chess players at the grass root level, such activity need to be alive and kicking in this country. More and more chess clubs in Malaysia are required and necessary and they need to be active. For sure, Malaysia would be having not only its first GM, but many many titled chess players when many many chess clubs are active.

So, in short, let's join us at McDonalds or maybe other places for chess sparring. Create, establish and activate more and more chess clubs.

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