Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Do You Know Who Is "Mr First Saturday"?

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Do you know who is "Mr First Saturday"?

Yes that is the tagline for this entry. So, can you answer the above question? What ?? Jax Tham ?? mmmm maybe in the Malaysian context. But GiLoCatur prefers to call him "Mr First Friday", how about that? GiLoCatur hopes that the title has not been given to anyone else.

Actually, GiLoCatur just found out today about "Mr First Saturday" and his "First Saturday" chess tournament. The tournament is actually a world-class monthly chess tournament being held in Budapest, Hungary. It has been run for about 17 years since 1992. Many top and well-known chess grandmasters had earned a GM norm from such tournament. The man who runs the tournament is Laszlo Nagy. He needs about one year to break even. Click here and his official website here for more about him and his chess tournament. GiLoCatur hopes that Jax Tham will keep continue his monthly chess tournament and his tournament will attract titled players in the future like The First Saturday in Budapest.

How do GiLoCatur found out about The First Saturday in Budapest? Actually, it is from one of the entries in Susan Polgar's famous chess blog as per this link. Based on her blog, GM Niaz Murshed of Bangladesh, plans to organize titled or norm chess tournaments in Bangladesh to promote chess in the region and to provide more, better and cheaper opportunity for Asian chess players to get titled norms.

If Bangladesh can do it, GiLoCatur is strongly confident that we in Malaysia can organize the same. Moreover, Malaysia has abundant exotic and outstanding places as the tournament venue. So, any takers?

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