Friday, February 19, 2010

MAS vs SIN Chess Challenge

Malaysia needs to make the preparation for the next year annual chess challenge against its neighbouring country, Singapore starting from now. Proper and well-prepared planning in all aspects of the challenge especially identifying and preparing the players need to start as soon as possible to ensure that Malaysia will win the next battle. The players must be instilled with motivation and winning spirit and mentality. Post mortem to identify the weakness or which area to be improved need to be done and studied thoroughly.

Even though, the chess challenge is just a friendly match, but it must be taken seriously since it involves a reputation and pride. GiLoCatur, as a Malaysian, feels frustrated with the defeat especially the news is published in the FIDE website ( here ) and picked up by the famous Susan Polgar's chess blog ( here ) and surely in the SCF's website ( here ). GiLoCatur's still remember how happy and proud GiLoCatur was when Malaysia or Selangor won the football match against Singapore in the yesteryears. With other Selangor and Malaysian supporters, GiLoCatur would sing and celebrate the win.

GiLoCatur hopes that such situation to be felt and emulated by all the Malaysian chess players and community. The young Malaysian chess players should follow the example showed by their seniors like IM Jimmy Liew and IM Yee Weng in contributing their efforts, skills, experience and pride in donning the Malaysian colours.

It is a very commendable effort when Malaysian players are offered an incentive for winning their games. Even the Singapore contingent uses the same approach in motivating their players.


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