Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 Chinese New Year (CNY) Holiday

Just got back home in Shah Alam from "kampung" in Sungai Besar for Chinese New Year holidays. For Chinese New Year this year, Malaysia is on public holidays on last Monday and Tuesday. GiLoCatur and family went back to hometown on Saturday morning. We had not gone back for "balik kampung" for about two months. Thus, it's time for GiLoCatur to check on the palm tree farm that GiLoCatur and wife is working on. Surely, it is very "bushy with long grass" that the farm needs to be cleared. The process to do that is called "meracun". GiLoCatur hires someone to perform the task.

Fahim, GiLoCatur's youngest son, decided to be with his father on the second day to supervise the work he he he ... In the above picture, wearing a hat bought while GiLoCatur was in Nairobi, Kenya, Fahim is standing next to the machine used during the "meracun" activity.

A small palm tree in GiLoCatur's farm in Sabak Bernam. The palm trees are still growing and have yet producing.

While awaiting the worker doing his job, GiLoCatur took the opportunity to exercise by "menebas" the grass around several palm trees in front of the land lot. The land lot is about 4 acres in size. Exercising is very important for a chess player.

While busy with the farm and the CNY holiday, GiLoCatur and Fikri still managed to have a chess sparring session on one night. It is very important for a chess player to keep practising since lots of chess tournaments to be played especially for Fikri.

Therefore, after finish unloading the car when arrived at home, without delay GiLoCatur checked on the local chess blogs to know the latest updates on MAS vs SIN friendly chess battle that is ongoing today. It's a good news when Malaysia is leading 22 to 16 in the first round. Hopefully, Malaysian players keep up the winning edge to win this year edition.

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good job gilo catur. are you pregnant?