Monday, February 1, 2010

MRSM Bentong Contingent in KL Junior

Nine chess players from MRSM (Maktab Rendah Sains Mara) Bentong were participating in the two-day 2nd KL Junior Chess Championship. They came with their chess club teacher, Cikgu Afzan. GiLoCatur had a short chit chat with her and got very important feedbacks. She does not have much info on chess and the local chess tournaments. Her school chess club does not have chess clocks so that they are not used to play using chess clocks. They are also not familiar with the recording. Both the teacher and students do not know about the local chess blogs. The big question is. What need to be done to assist the aspiring school chess club teachers in promoting chess at their schools? How to outreach such potential Malaysian youngsters who have interest in chess?

Kudos to Cikgu Afzan for bringing several pupils of her school to chess tournament like this. Oh, GiLoCatur forgets to mention their names. They are AKALIL, ZUL, ZACK, ANWAR, SYAFIQ, SYUKRI, FIFY, ZARA and FADHLI. The two girls were playing in the Under 14 Girls section. Two boys in Under 14 Boys category while the rest is in Under 20 category.

Shake hands before a game starts. something new eh?

"If I knew I would play you, I would not come this far from Bentong, Pahang, you know!. We could just play at our hostel. LOL. "

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