Monday, March 8, 2010

Reviews On 11th Weekend MALAYSIAN Chess Tournaments

Malaysian chess community is blessed with five chess tourneys during the last 11th weekend. Unfortunately, one of them was cancelled due to lack of participants. But still the other four tourneys that include three grand prix managed to attract 482 chess players to participate. The one-day Perak grand prix or GP held on Sunday had the highest number of participants with 187 that required more than 90 chess boards. Bangladeshi GM Ziaur Rahman showed his prowess by winning all his seven games to clinch the champion for the Open category. Go to this link if you want to know more details about the tournament.

The second top most number of participants is the Putrajaya Closed with 161 players in total for three categories. A strong chess player, Rizal Ahmad Kamal of Malaysian Royal Customs Department, won the Open section bagging the RM 500 cash reward. For more reports and details of result, please go to Hairulov's blog here and Sifu's blog here.

The Segamat GP that was held in a secondary school in Segamat, Johor had provided the chance and opportunity to many Johorean school children to participate in a chess tournament. 90 players entered the tournament in three categories. The highest number is Under 18 section with 47 participants. GiLoCatur believes with more aggressive promotion like approach the PPDs and schools in Segamat and Muar areas, more and more school children will participate. As posted in this blog here, Abdullah Che Hassan is the champion of the Open category edging other favourite and top players like Abg Bro or Kamaluddin Yusof.

Lastly, KL Grand Prix had 44 participants. Event though, it had the smallest number of participants, it also had quality players. Mohd Nabil Azman won the Open section after scoring 5.5/6 points in the absence of the first leg winner and a Malaysian chess prodigy, Yeoh Li Tian . Go to fireyrook's chess blog here to view further details and pictures of the tourney.

In short, having several chess tournaments at the same time do not necessarily affect the number of participants. The important thing is the tourney is at the right time and the right venue with proper, well-planned and aggressive promotion as well as impressive prizes. GiLoCatur believes with some little adjustments and attractive package, foreign and overseas chess players especially from the neighbouring ASEAN countries will participate in our chess tournaments.


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