Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NAG 2010 - Day 3, The Current Ranking for the Boys Age Groups

Today is the last day or Day 3 for NAG 2010 being held at Dewan Seri Pinang, Pulau Pinang. Below are the current rankings of the age groups before Round 7 for the boys sections except U18 age group that will only play 7 rounds; not 8 rounds like all the other boys age groups. Meanwhile, all the girls age groups will also play 7 rounds format.

The top two seeds are leading U8 Boys age group. As of now, the 2nd rank won his game. He is one step closer to clinch the first runner up. GiLoCatur is pretty sure that Wong Yinn Long will cruise through to be crowned as the champion.

In U10 Boys age group, the top two seeds - Teh De Juan and Amier has a good chance to be among the top two. The current third rank, Tan Yong Zhao also has a good chance because he is playing against De Juan. If the former wins he will accumulate the same point as the latter - 5.5/7. Then the battle for the champion will be more challenging and tense.

[ GiLoCatur needs to break a while for a quick lunch with the children. Both the boys won, the daughter does not win. The important final round will start at 1.00pm. 11.00 am ]

from Dewan Sri Pinang

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