Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gambar2 Menarik NAG 2010 - Part 2

Someone took candid snapshot of GiLoCatur while having a chess battle with other parent, Mr Sivanesan from N9. The chess games are actually to release the tension and relax the mind off the children who are competing.

GiLoCatur and Sivanesan had two games. The results? not important here. The important thing is that the parents can socialize among them and test their chess skills and learn new moves. But GiLoCatur could play only two games with him and then got no energy for more. LOL! (Laugh Out Loud). Actually before playing against him, GiLoCatur played against Dr Ajeet Singh three games. The passion and love of chess among the parents is surely one of the driving factors for their children to succeed in chess.

pictures by Mr Guna Balan

Familiar faces? On left is MCF GM resident, GM Ziaur Rahman from Bangladesh. The kid on the right? GM-wannabe Jagathees. GiLoCatur hopes all the Malaysian young kids to have determination, will and enthusiasm to excel in chess like him. His father, Mr Guna, is also very supportive by sacrificing his money, time and efforts for Jagathees's road to GMship. Like other parents who come to this NAG, they have to spend a lot of money and some even close their business for few days.

So, GiLoCatur hopes the efforts of these parents in developing their children to excel in sports and to make the country proud will be recognized by all relevant parties especially the government.

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