Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chess Simul at Seremban Parade

The organizer of the Seremban Parade Chess Open had arranged and did a CHESS SIMUL for Under 12 players. Two rows of ten U12 players had played against the office bearers of PCNS, the acronym of Persatuan Catur Negeri Sembilan. What's the catch? A chess simul is normally done by a chess master playing against a number of opponents. It is used as a promotion to generate interest of chess among the non-playing. Any winner will be rewarded RM 10 while a draw will get RM 5. This sort of activity should be conducted periodically in order to attract people to chess. Kudos to the organizer of the tourney.

"Lain macam opening budak ni." "Mana belajar, dik?"

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