Wednesday, March 10, 2010

GiLoCatur Is HAPPY Today

Why GiLoCatur is HAPPY today? Below are the reasons.

A weekly chess sparring kicked off today in Putrajaya. Eventhough, just few people came GiLoCatur strongly believes more and more chess players will join in the future. The important thing is just keep the weekly activity get going. To find out more details about the sparring, go to Hairulov's chess blog here.

MCF has opened up by having "Meet the Parents Forum" that is scheduled to take place during the NAG in Penang this coming weekend. The forum is in conjunction with the national-level tourney for the Malaysian chess junior players. The forum is very important and crucial to the Malaysian chess community in order to progress and move forward. Among the topics and issues to be discussed are
  • National ratings
  • MCF Selection guideline
  • Chess training and development for the youth
  • Tournament rules
  • Funding and sponsorship
  • National selection
GiLoCatur is hoping many chess parents will take part actively in the forum and the findings and the feedbacks discussed and highlighted must be implemented and further action being taken. Go to the MCF's official chess blog here for more details.

Reading the chess blog of Rizal Ahmad Kamal, lots could be learnt especially for the novice and beginner chess players. Quality blog postings like that are critical and needed to help our local chess development. Not many can write annotated chess games like that. Only few of them are capable of doing it. For GiLoCatur, the other best thing about Rizal's postings is some history and flashbacks of the Malaysian yesteryears chess. GiLoCatur even never heard some of the names of the chess players who left the chess scene as per mentioned by Rizal. GiLoCatur hopes Rizal will keep writing and posting quality entries like that along with other bloggers like IM Jimmy. And lastly, GiLoCatur would like to congratulate him for winning the Putrajaya Closed tourney.

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