Sunday, March 14, 2010

NAG 2010 - Day 1

GiLoCatur and family left hotel at about 8.00 am. We stopped at Restoran Mustaffa Kassim for a breakfast while on the way to the tournament venue at Seri Pinang Hall as per below picture. All of us had roti canai.

The tournament venue - Dewan Sri Pinang from outside.

GiLoCatur had to park the car a bit farther from the hall since all the entrance to it was blocked for a go cart activity using the road around it. In below picture, the marshalls and the helpers are waiting for the go cart event to start.

All the NAG 2010 participants were ready for the first round.

NAG 2010 started several minutes late than its scheduled time at 9.00 o'clock. Six age group categories are contested for each gender - boys and girls. All the three GiLoCatur's kids participate in U8B, U12G and U14B respectively. How they fared during the first day? In the first round, all of them won their respective games. In the second round, only Anis managed to win. Both the boys lose. Fahim was defeated by the top seed on Board 1 while Fikri lose to Irfan Haqqim on Board 2. In the third round, Fahim lose, Anis drew with a Penang player and Fikri won. Thus, Fahim has one point so far while his elder sister, Anis, has 2.5/3 score. Going to the fourth round, Fikri scores 2/3 points.

Tomorrow, both Fikri and Fahim will play another 3 games while Anis will play just 2 rounds. It is due to lack of girls participating. On Board 7, Fikri will play black against Muhd Firdaus. If not mistaken, he is from Pahang. While Anis will have an important and uphill challenge in U12 Girls age group playing black against Tan Li Ting on Board 2. Both of them have 2.5/3 points as well as the top board players - Najiha and Camilia. Fahim, the youngest, will play white on Board 7 against Tin Shan Wen. In his section, the top two seeds will meet in the fourth round with the only perfect 3/3 points score. One of them is Jagathees Guna Balan from Johor, one of the rising young talents. Along with Fahim, there are two other his SKBJ school mates who are Year 1 pupils.

Below are the pairings of Round 4 as published in the organizer's blog at

please click at the picture for larger view.

GiLoCatur has to go off now since very tired and exhausted. Tomorrow will be the second day. All of GiLoCatur's kids are already asleep. GiLoCatur would have already asleep by now but needs to update about the NAG for all GiLoCatur's blog loyal visitors.

[ Room 216, Regal Hotel, 10.45pm ]

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