Monday, March 14, 2016

The Story of NAG2016 - Part 2

Monday, 14/3/2016

Today is the last day of the NAG2016 chess championship. Waiting Anis and Fahim playing against their respective opponents in the tournament hall, GiLoCatur enters the UTP's library located opposite the hall to write in this blog.

Entering the final two rounds is very crucial to all the participating players especially on the top boards. Winning these two rounds will provide better ranking and give better chance for being on the podium in the prize giving ceremony. 

The results for Boys U6, Boys U8, Girls U6 and Girls U8 categories have been out. Let's look at them.

Under 6 age group category

Boys category

Girls category

The total of five players take part in each Under 6 age group category. Thus, it is a round robin for this group category. In the Boys section, Megat Musa is the leader. He has won all his matches thus far. GiLoCatur believes Megat Musa shall emerge as the champion since he is leading 1.5 point with one more round to play.

In the Girls section, two players have same 3/4 points. They are Afiqah Zahra and Aghalya Tiaana. The former is leading for having better tie-break which is direct encounter. 

Under 8 age group category

Boys category

Girls category

Forty players take part in the Boys section. Up to Round 7, no one has the full point. Leading the pack after Round 7 is the 16th seed, Syed Firdaus Asyraaf. Trailing half-point are three players from Penang. Can Syed Firdaus win his final game and emerge as the champion? Or can Ferris Lim stop Syed Fidaus from winning the championship? 

What a final round game for both of them.

As typical it is the boys age group outnumber the girls age group, only eleven participants in the Girls section for U8 age group category. Farah Liana won all her games accumulating full point ie 7/7. She is leading by two points. Entering her final round, Farah Liana has a huge advantage to win the Girls Under 8 age group title.

Writing in 
Perpustakaan UTP

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Story of NAG 2016 - Part 1

Saturday, 12/3/2016

This morning around quarter to 8:00 AM, my family and I started our journey from home in Shah Alam to University Teknologi Petronas or its acronym UTP. The reason of going to UTP is two of my children - Anis and Fahim, are taking part in the National Age Group (NAG) chess championship.

The first round kicked of at 10:10 AM, ten minutes late that schedule. Due to many vehicles on the PLUS highway, we were a bit late to arrive at UTP. Luckily, we arrived before the 30-minute dateline for a forfeit game. 

Fikri (12-year-old) & Anis (10-year-old) in NAG 2008

How many times each of my children have taken part in the NAG? Mmmmm sorry, GiLoCatur cannot answer straight away. Which edition was the first time GiLoCatur's children took part? This question GiLoCatur can answer after checking on the photo album archive. GiLoCatur would also check the archive of this blog to recall the NAG editions that the three of GiLoCatur's children - Fikri, Anis & Fahim, have participated. This is one of the reasons why GiLoCatur create and write this blog. 

Fikri in Boys U12 age group category

In 2008 NAG edition, only Fikri and Anis were taking part. Aged 12-years old, Fikri was playing in Boys Under 12 age category with national ratings of 1460. He was seeded 8th out of 57 players.

Anis in Girls U10 age group category

Meanwhile, Anis was playing in Girls Under 10 age category. She was nine 10 years old and was seeded 21st out of total 26 players with national ratings of 887.  

How both fared in the NAG chess championship?

Both were not among the winners. In the NAG, the winners are only the Top 10. With 5/8 points, Fikri was ranked 17th. Several players have become Fikri's team mates in later years. Two of them were Fikri's team mates in 2011 MSSM chess championship. Three others were Fikri's team mates in 2013 MSSM chess championship. One other is Fikri's team mate in KARISMA last year.

While Anis was placed 16th. She scored 3.5/8 points. Two of the winners in Girls Under 10 age group category are the Top 3 seeded players this year. This year edition of NAG will be the last participation for Anis.

Who were the champions for each age group category in NAG 2008 edition?

Puteri Rifqah Fahada Mohd Azhar (Girls U8)
Nur Najiha Azman Hisham (Girls U10)
Nur Nabila Azman Hisham (Girls U12)
Renitha Narayanan  (Girls U16)

Tan Yong Zhao (Boys U8)
Yeoh Li Tian (Boys U10)
Tan Wei Hao (Boys U12)
Edward Lee Kim Han (Boys U16)

Surprisingly, GiLoCatur does not have the results for U14 age group categories.

#38 Nur Homestay
Seri Iskandar, Perak

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

3rd SUKIPT 2016 - Male Section After Round 7

Wednesday, 3/2/2015

SUKIPT 2016 Chess Round 7 has just completed. Below are the results for Top 15 Boards for the Male category. Interesting results? Sure.

On Third Board, 31st seeded Tze Hong of UPM managed to win against his higher seeded opponent, Abdul Rahman of UiTM. Tze Hong only defeat is to Nabil, the top seed, in Round 2. He won all his last three rounds against higher seeded opponents. He is ranked second after Round 7. 

On Fourth Board, Preshant of UMP managed to draw with the third seed, Jun Feng of UKM. Jun Feng is very familiar to GiLoCatur. Firstly, he is the elder brother of WFM Li Ting. He was a member of MSSMKL contingent where he was a team mate of Fikri in MSSM L18 Team event in 2012 and 2013. In fact, their other team mate is also taking part in this SUKIPT. He is Ken Yew  of HELP playing on 8th Board.  

Several players are familiar to GiLoCatur from MSSM. Both Nabil of UiTM and Jun Jian of SUNWAY were members of MSSS chess contingent. Their final MSSM championship was in 2011 held in Penang.

Besides Jun Feng and Ken Yew, other MSSMKL players are Muhd Izz and Wei Hao. The former is the most senior of all while the latter is the most junior. In Round 7, both of them won their respective games.  

R7 Male Section Top 15 Boards Results
Click here for full results

After Round 7, Nabil is leading the pack with 6.5/7 points. Trailing half point is Tze Hong. There are six players with 5.5/7 points. 

Top 20 Ranking after Round 7
click here for full listing

Can Nabil continue his fine performance and win the championship? Let's wait and see after two more rounds.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

20th GACC 2016 - A Malaysian Player Emerges as the Champion

Tuesday, 26/1/2016

This afternoon, the final round of the 20th edition of GACC has ended. For this year edition, a Malaysian has won the championship. 

Click here for full list

Who is the Malaysian who has emerged as the champion in the 20th GACC? As in the above Top 20 Final Ranking, the Malaysia player is Tan Wei Hao who represents HELP university. In fact, Wei Hao just made his debut in the championship. He is two years junior of both Fikri and Ken Yew, who becomes the First Runner Up. The three of them are members of MSSWPKL chess team for 2012 and 2013.

Wei Hao
photo courtesy of GACC facebook

Seeded 9thin the championship, Wei Hao cruised through his first five rounds by winning all of them. Then in the sixth round, he drew with the top seed, Perera from Sri Lanka. He won the next round against the sole participant from India. In the final two rounds, he drew with Malaysian Female Olympiad chess players - Nabila (UiTM) and Alia (UM). Therefore, Wei Hao scores 7.5/9 points from 6 wins and 3 draws.

Let's take a look at UiTM chess team in the championship.

UiTM chess team

GiLoCatur would like to correct the earlier entry. Actually, UiTM sends two teams of six players meaning there should be twelve UiTM players in the championship. One female player could not make it while one male player had bye in the first day because he had something to attend to. 

Well done to UiTM chess players in the championship. Two of its players - Ali Chor and Nabil, are in the Top 10. Some of UiTM players as in the above list will take part in the SUKIPT which will be held in four days. GiLoCatur hopes UiTM will continue sending its chess team in the next GACC championship. GiLoCatur also hopes UiTM chess players to learn from this championship and improve in future editions. Be proud to represent the University and make it proud by achieving the best results. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

20th GACC Kicked Off Today

Thursday, 21/1/2016

The 20th edition of GACC or Grand Asean Chess Challenge began today. The first round already completed. At the time of this entry, the second round is on going.

GACC 2016 basic info

The time really flies. It seems yesterday the 19th edition being held. GACC is in GiLoCatur's radar especially for last year and this year editions because GiLoCatur's eldest child takes part representing his university. GiLoCatur is very glad that UiTM has sent its chess players to this championship. 

For 2016 edition, UiTM sends six male and four female players leading by Azman siblings. Nabil leads the UiTM male players and is the second seed while his younger sister, Nabila, who ranked third leads the UiTM female players.  

GiLoCatur would like to wish ALL THE BEST to all UiTM players especially Fikri in the chess tournament.  

UiTM players in GACC 2016

Thursday, December 31, 2015

TYM Grand Finale

Thursday, 31.12.2015

Today is the last day for the year 2015. How time flies.

Tonight at 9.00pm, the TYM Grand Finale will kick off its first round. Many don't know what TYM stands for. Actually, TYM is the abbreviation for "Tonomen Yuran Murah" or Inexpensive Fee Tournament in English. Ofcourse, it is a CHESS tournament. What do you think? 

"Pay Less, Play More" is the motto for the TYM. Thus, its fee is very cheap which is TWO Malaysian Ringgits. By paying such amount of money the participants will play six rounds of 10-minute-per-player chess game. The TYM which began on 1st September 2015 is held on weekday nights. The venue for the TYM is Pintar Bistari Chess Center located in Section 7, Shah Alam, and owned by one of Malaysian chess enthusiasts, Mr Halim Shuhaimi.

TYM Serie 51 participants 

There are about 70 series for the TYM championship. Both GiLoCatur's sons - Fikri and Fahim, were also taking parts in several series.

GiLoCatur strongly believes that this sort of chess activity should be held all over the country. It will surely benefits the Malaysian chess community.  

Who are the chess players that will compete in the TYM Grand Finale? Below are the photos of several TYM series champions who have confirmed their invitation.

Mr Halim (right) - Serie 28 champ

Abdul Haq (left) - 3 times champion

IM Mas Hafizul (right) - Serie 51 champ

Masrin aka Mr Magix (left) - 2 times champion

Mohd Amin (left) - 2 times champion

Kamaludin aka Abg Bro (left) - 5 times champion

AGM Nik Farouqi (left) - 17 times champion

Salam (left) - Serie 12 champion

Steven Leong (left) - 3 times champion

Razali Hamzah aka Ng6 (left) - Serie 5 champion
Syed aka Yedman (left) - 3 times champion

Who will emerge as the Champion of the TYM Grand Finale tonight? Let's go to Pintar Bistari Chess Center. 

GiLoCatur would like to wish Good Luck and All The Best to all the players who compete in the TYM Grand Finale tonight!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Johor International Open - Part 1

Penang International Open had just ended on last Sunday. Many of its participants go to JB from Penang to take part in Johor International Open which began yesterday.

source :

This morning, the second round is being held. 62 players take part in the Open section while 103 participants compete in teh Challengers category. 

Visit for more details on the championship.

Visit to follow the results for the Open section.

Visit to follow the results for the Challengers section.

To watch live games of the Top 4 Boards of the Open section, go to

Visit Gilachess Blog here to get the updates on the championship.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Look at 2015 Penang Chess Open - Part 1

Five rounds has been played in the 2015 Penang Chess Open. Let's take a look at the Challengers section. There are 189 players taking part (note : based on the pairings in including GiLoCatur's youngest child, Fahim. 

Round 5 pairings/results

There are nine (9) foreign players in the Top 5 boards in the 5th round as per above. Five (5) are from Indonesia and one each from Singapore, Philippines and Sri Lanka. The only Malaysian player in the list is Mohd Aziz Farhan, Fahim's school mate. Six of the foreign players have no FIDE ratings yet. 

GiLoCatur hopes the Malaysian players can rise to the top and provide tough challenges to foreign players. The Malaysian players especially the young ones should take the opportunity to learn and grab the experience to improve their chess performance.


2015 Penang Chess Open

Hello to all,

It is about three weeks this blog has not been updated eh.

What's up dude? What's going on with the Malaysian chess scene?

There are lots of chess tournaments during the weekends in Malaysia. Penang Chess Open or its official name, the Penang Heritage City International Chess Open, is on-going right now. It is held from 7th until 12th December. There are two categories - the Open section and the Challengers section. 

GiLoCatur's youngest child, Fahim, is taking part in the Challengers section. Right now, the participants are in the sixth round.

Go to to get the updates on the tournament and view the live games. Or you may go direct to

To view the pairings and results of the Open section, go to >

To view the pairings and results of the Challengers section, go to >

Monday, November 16, 2015

CIU - 2015 UM-IPT Chess Championship

Sunday, 15/11/2015

By 4.00 PM today, the UM-IPT chess championship had completed its final round. Seventy six young chess players including GiLoCatur's eldest child, Fikri, from several local higher learning institutions had taken part in the three-day chess tournament. The seven-round championship had been held at UM Arena.

venue of the tournament

In the championship, both Women and Men are playing in one category. But the winners are separate for Women and Men category respectively. 

So, who are the winners? 

Top 20 Final Ranking - Women

Top 20 Final Ranking - Men

In the Men's category, Chan Sheng Yip of Sunway University lives up to its numero uno seeding. He won all his games except the fifth round where he drew with Nur Nabila Azman Hisham of UiTM, the top seed of in the Women section. Meanwhile, Faeznor Razali (UIA) and Mohd Ali Chor (UiTM) won the First and Second Runner Up respectively. The former edged UiTM player, Wan Mohd Azmie Wan Abd Rahim in the final round while the latter could not win against Sheng Yip.

In the Women's category, both Alia Anin Azwa Bakri of UM and Nur Nabila Azman Hisham of UiTM had the same point ie 5.5/7. The former lost once to Sheng Yip while the latter lost once to university team mate, Mohd Ali Chor. Since Alia has better tie-break, she was placed First in the Women Final Ranking. Thus, Nabila was placed second. The third place went to Najihah Mohd Saufi from UiTM scoring 4.5/7 points from 4 wins and one draw.

Top 20 Final Ranking from

Photo Gallery

Below are several photos GiLoCatur took using lenovo handphone during the tournament.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4
Congratulation to all the podium winners!

(note: GiLoCatur does not have the photos of the winners receiving prizes since missing the prize giving ceremony.)