Friday, April 17, 2015

Finding The Chess Blitz King

Are you King of Chess Blitz? Are you very good at playing Blitz chess? Do you dare to win TWO THOUSANDS RINGGIT MALAYSIA?


If you are, there is a chess tournament that you can participate. What is the chess tournament name? When and where the tournament will be held?

When? Where?

You do not believe the prize is 2K, do you? Check it out below prizes structure.

Two Thousands MYR? Really?

Register quickly. Limited to 100 participants only.

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2015 Local Chess Tournaments - WOW, SO MANY!

Today is the second day of March 2015. How time flies.

Lots of Malaysian chess tournaments will be held in this month notably - the Malaysian National Closed and the National Age Group or simply known as NAG. Below are some of them.

1. Kolej Mara Seremban Chess Open

This tournament will be held on Saturday, 7th March 2015 at Kolej Mara Seremban which is located on Jalan Aminuddin Baki. There are three categories in the tournament, namely the Open, Under 18 and Under 12 or primary school children. GiLoCatur is not sure whether all the participants in all categories will play in one tournament or separate one. Basically, this tournament is organized by the students of the college including GiLoCatur's friend's son.

The entrance fee is RM 25 for the Open, RM 20 for the Under 18 and only RM 15 for the Under 12. So, GiLoCatur believes all the players near Seremban and Melaka will be there to test their chess improvements.

2. Perak Grand Prix Chess Championship - Kampar Leg

If you are too far in the northern part of the country to take part in the Kolej Mara Seremban chess open, you can take part in the Preak Grand Prix Chess Championhsip. 

Sponsored by Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad, its 2015 third leg will be held on Sunday, 8th March 2015 at Grand Kampar Hotel. 

The closing date for registration on 5th March 2015. Go to Perak Chess Association blog here to download the entry form.

3. The National Closed

As per advertised in the Biro Catur Wanita MCF Blog, this year edition of National Closed (NC) will be a FIDE-rated event. But are you eligible to take part? To find out, check this link.

4. KL Junior Chess Open

On Sunday, 15th March 2015, KLCT with the assistance of Cheras Chess Academy will organize a six-round rapid chess tournament. The venue of the tournament is at SK Wangsa Maju Seksyen 10. The detail of the tournament is as per below flyer. 

KL junior chess players will surely not miss the event since most KL chess players will take part before the state chess championship that is scheduled in early April this year.

Info on KL Junior 2015 chess tournament

To download the entry form, please go to at this link.

5. The National Age Group

The 2015 NAG chess championship is basically for Malaysian junior chess players aged below 18 years old. Only Anis and Fahim of GiLoCatur's children that are qualified to take part in this year edition. 

GiLoCatur wonders how many each of GiLoCatur's children have taken part in the NAG, what is the best achievement and which edition that they have not taken part? GiLoCatur will try to write a specific entry on this. 

For 2015 edition, most probably only Fahim, the youngest child, will take part. Anis will most probably skip the championship making priority to her SPM examination preparation.

For Selangor juniors, go to CAS Blog to register under the Selangor flag.

For parents who want their kids to play under KLCA flag, go to its Secretary's blog here.

For Perakians, please go to PICA's Blog here to get all the needed information to register under Perak Chess Association.

Or you can visit Biro Catur Wanita MCF Blog to get the details for both National Closed and NAG chess championships.

6. SMK TBR 1 Chess Open

GiLoCatur received the flyer of SMK TBR 1 (Taman Bunga Raya) chess championship. The chess tournament will be held on Saturday, 28th March 2015. The time control is 25-minute per player in seven-Swiss-system-round format. Many MSS Selangor chess players are expected to take part since its Chess Technical Chairman, Puan Sufiah is the key person of the tournament.

Info on SMK TBR 1 chess tournament

So, enjoy the month of March 2015 in which there will be chess tournament on every weekends.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Syazwan Zulkifli Emerged Champion in UiITM Kelantan Chess Open

Congratulation to Syazwan Zulkifli (below picture) after emerged champion in the UiTM Kelantan Chess Open held yesterday ie Saturday, 28th February 2015. 

Syazwan Zulkifli
(photo from facebook, Empty Bench is believed to be the photographer)
Final Ranking - Top 10
(Click here for full ranking list)

Syazwan scored the perfect 6/6 points after winning all his games in the championship. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Syabas & Congratulation To Ng6 and His Son, Syukur

GiLoCatur would like to congratulate one of GiLoCatur's chess buddies, Razali Hamzah also known as Ng6. 

Today, his son, 12-year-old Muhammad Syukur, and his school chess team emerged as the First Runner Up in the MSSD Petaling Utama (PU) team scholastic chess competition in Under 12 Boys (L12) category. 

GiLoCatur was told that this year the individual and team event are held separately unlike in the previous years where for team event the points are accumulated from individual points. GiLoCatur hopes MSSD PU keeps this next year and in future years. It will be good for the Malaysian chess.

Even though the MSSM Chess event will be held in June this year, some districts and zones have started and completed their respective district-level scholastic chess competitions early. 

Below are several photos that GiLoCatur downloaded from Ng6's facebook.

A primary school boys team

A primary school boys team

Primary schools girls team

Secondary schools boys team

Razali Ng6 (in the middle) with his son's SKSS7 chess team
Syukur, Ng6's son, is wearing the yellow shirt

SKSS7 Boy chess team - the First Runner Up in Under 12 Boys (L12) Team Event
with their teacher (most left)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

"How To Get A FIDE Rating"?

GiLoCatur was asked How To Get A FIDE Rating several days ago by a local college chess player. GiLoCatur believes there are still many chess players as well as parents especially among the Malaysian chess fraternity do not know how to get a FIDE rating. 

First, what is a FIDE rating?
FIDE rating is a rating given to a chess player by FIDE, the World Chess Organization. 

How to get the rating?
First, you have to take part in a FIDE-rated chess tournament. In other words, you have to play in a chess tournament recognized (ie registered with) by FIDE like the recently concluded 19th GACC.

Is it sure that I will get a FIDE rating after taking part in a FIDE-rated chess tournament? 
Not yet buddy. You have to play against opponents who have ELO ratings. Playing against unrated opponent will not count. 

Is there any minimum number of FIDE-rated opponents that I have to play?
YES. You need to play against NINE (9) rated players. 

Hopefully, the above explanation will answer the above question.

If you want to find out further about FIDE rating or some call it Elo rating, please read this article.

Or you can read and try to understand about it from FIDE itself at this link.

If you still cannot understand after reading it from the official FIDE handbook, the explanation by is quite simple and easy.

Hey GiLoCatur, do you have an Elo/FIDE rating?
GiLoCatur has yet to have one. But GiLoCatur already has the FIDE ID. GiLoCatur gets the ID after taking part in the 35th Royal Selangor Internation Chess Open in 2008.

GiLoCatur's FIDE Chess Profile
Let's get the FIDE (Elo) rating!

19th GACC - the UiTM Players Standing

The 19th Grand Asian Chess Challenge (GACC) International Inter-Varsity Chess Championship had just ended about a week ago. 

GiLoCatur's eldest child, Fikri, took part in his maiden appearance in the championship. He represents Universiti Teknologi Mara or UiTM along with 4 other male and 6 female chess players. As to GiLoCatur's checking, UiTM had not taken part in 2012, 2013 and 2014 editions for sure. 

So, how is the the performance of the UiTM chess players?

Final Ranking of the UiTM players in the 19th GACC
Three players had scored 5.5/9 points. All of them are placed 22nd, 25th and 29th respectively. Two players each scoring 5 and 4 points. The five pointers are the male players while the four pointers are the female players. Whereas the other four female UiTM players scored 3.5/9 points. 

A very commendable performance GiLoCatur thinks for all the UiTM chess players. GiLoCatur believes that they have gained lots of experience and exposure that will be beneficial in local chess scene. 

Fikri (most right) with his UiTM male teammates

the UiTM chess players in the 19th GACC

Thursday, February 5, 2015

19th GACC - Top 25 Final Ranking

The 19th GACC or Grand Asian Chess Challenge had ended several days ago. Who emerged champion? The top seed, IM Vitalijs Samolins of the Nanyang Technological University was declared as the champion after scoring 8.5/9 points. 

As clearly shown by below Top 25 Final Ranking, only one Malaysian player who are in the Top 10 list. His name is Ng Shi Hao. He is unrated and is placed 6th. Shi Hao represents Nanyang Technological University (NAN).

Top 25 Final Ranking
The best Malaysian player who represents Malaysian university is Chan Sheng Yip. He is ranked 12th the same as his seeding.Sheng Yip is currently studying at Sunway University. Muhd Syazwan from University Malaya is 15th place with 6/9 points. 

Fikri, GiLoCatur's eldest child, was playing his debut in the tournament scoring 5.5/9 points. Entering his second semester at UiTM Segamat, Fikri is one of eleven players representing UiTM. 

GiLoCatur hopes more Malaysian players will be among the Top 10 in future GACC. Do not give up, practice harder and smarter to compete against foreign opponents.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

19th GACC - The Crucial Final Round

Less than 8 hours from now, the crucial final round of the 19th Grand Asian Chess Challenge will begin. At first, GiLoCatur thought that the champion will be the top seed, Latvian International Master, Vitalijs Samolins.  

Top 20 Rank after Round 8
Round 9 Pairings, Top 20 Boards

GiLoCatur was wrong. The championship is still open. But ofcourse, IM Vitalijs has the advantage for leading with one point. The third seed, FM Bastien Dubessay, can spoil the former's dream. If FM Bastien wins as well as MG Gahan, three players will have the same 7.5/9 points. But GiLoCatur believes FM Bastien will be declared the champion due to "Direct Encounter" Tie Break. IM Vitalijs just need a draw to emerge as the individual champion. 

Only six (6) Malaysian players in the Top 20 Ranking after Round 8. Chan Sheng Yip, former MSSS player, of Sunway Iniversity is at the 6th place with 6/8 points.

Let's wait until the final round is over to know who the winners will be.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

19th GACC - The Ranking After Round 6

The GACC is on its fourth day having just completed seven rounds. Two more rounds more to go. So, who is leading right now?

Top 20 Rank after Round 6, click here for full ranking list

An Indian player named MG Gahan is leading the pack up to the sixth rounds. He represents RV Engineering College. He scores 5.5/6 points. Second in the rank is Latvian International Master (IM) Vitalijs Samolins. He also has 5.5/6 points. The 2012 Latvian National chess champion is playing for Nanyang Technological University.

IM Vitalijs (source - here)

The top Malaysian in the ranking is Ng Shi Hao at 7th placing with 4.5/6 points. He is currently studying in the same university with IM Vitalijs.

Can either MG Gahan or IM Vitalijs stay strong in the top and become the champion? Or can the Fide Masters, Blasius Nuber and Bastien Dubessay, crash the top two leaders dream?

Monday, January 26, 2015

19th GACC Kicks Off Today

The 19th Grand Asian Chess Challenge (GACC) or International Inter-Varsity Chess Championship kicks off today.

Not like last year where men and women are in different categories, this year both men and women participants will be playing together in one main event which is the Open category.

For those who like to come to see the action, the venue of the tournament is Tunku Bahiyah College of Universiti Malaya.

The schedule for today as to the knowledge of GiLoCatur is like the following:

9.00 am - 1.00 pm : Round 1

2.00 pm - 4.30 pm : The opening ceremony

5.00 pm - 9.00 pm : Round 2

Based on the Starting List, there are 113 chess players take part in the chess tournament. But two players are not paired in the first round. 

Round 1 match ups - Top 15 Boards
For the full Round 1 pairings, click here.

Good Luck and All the Best to all participants, especially Fikri Saleh.