Sunday, March 14, 2010

Important Message From NAG 2010 Organizer

Below is the email from NAG 2010 organizer.

Road Access to Dewan Sri pinang is close (to be use as go cart racing track) on sunday 9am - 11pm

The organizer expect a massive jam on Sunday morning, just like Saturday (today), around that area.

NAG participants are adviced to go early (Round 1 9AM).

You may have to walk there as road from City Bayview to Dewan Sri Pinang OR Esplanade roundabout to Dewan Sri Pinang may be closed after 9AM!

4pm to 6pm Saturday Late registration cancelled due to road had been closed. Please contact Mr. Tan Eng Seong (012-4299517) directly.

List of confirmed players:

Tentative pairing will be out tonight.
Please refer to or

Eu Hong

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