Thursday, December 29, 2011

DARE To Blitz at DATCC on the 2nd Day of 2012?

A couple of days ago, GiLoCatur was wondering if there would be any chess tournament in Klang Valley during this weekend especially on the New Year's eve. GiLoCatur was hoping Najib would organize a rapid or a blitz tournament in DATCC to celebrate the coming of 2012. Indeed he does. GiLoCatur just received his email as per below about an hour ago. Unfortunately, Najib chooses the day for the event on the second day of the new year which is on Monday. 

GiLoCatur needs to send Anis back to her hostel on that day. Even though Fikri and Fahim are available on the tournament's day, it is quite troublesome to drive around between Kuala Selangor and KL. Furthermore, both of them need to be around when Anis goes back to her school.

But GiLoCatur believes many Malaysian chess enthusiasts especially blitz players and fans are able to participate in the event. GiLoCatur hopes and urges Najib to register the event at FIDE to make it a FIDE-rated event. If Najib does so, it will become the first Malaysian FIDE-rated blitz chess tournament.

GiLoCatur is not sure whether all the Malaysian chess organizers are aware about "Rapid and blitz rating list" announced by FIDE in its website. If not, read below copy and paste from FIDE website.

"The Executive Board meeting in Krakow approved the launch of "Rapid" and "Blitz" rating lists in 2012. We hope that all federations will take note of the regulations regarding these lists, and that they will ensure that tournament organisers in their nations are informed, as well as encouraging them to register their rapid and blitz events for FIDE rating."
Click here to read the full article.

How about the first Malaysian FIDE-rated Rapid chess tournament? Candidate Master Mohd Fadli aka stonemaster has promised that his 2nd Cerdik Catur Semi Pro tournament to be held on 15th January 2012 will be FIDE-rated. GiLoCatur can't wait to play in the event.

Najib's email:


What better way to usher the New Year than playing blitz! After all the partying and happening that you may experience on New Year midnight, and nursing the hangover, the tiring and "painful" experience of celebrating the coming of 2012, perhaps it is best to relax and enjoy some chess - on the 2nd day of the New Year - Blitz Chess DATCC style!

A total prize fund of RM500 has been set aside with the winner set to take home RM200 for his (or her!) effort. It will be a 15 rounds of pure fun chess with entry fees set at RM20 each player - regardless of age and title. J

Registration starts at 10:00am with Round 1 schedule at 10:30am. The first 8 rounds shall be played before lunch (until 12:30pm) and Round 9 will restart at 2:00pm with the last Round 15 expected to start at 3:30pm. The prize giving ceremony is tentatively set at 4:00pm.

Entry forms can be downloaded via

Have a Great NEW YEAR blast and wishing that all your dreams for 2011 had become a reality, and plenty more inspiring moments for 2012!!

Najib Abdul Wahab

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