Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Perak Close This Weekend

GiLoCatur just realized that Perak Chess Close or in Malay "Kejohanan Catur Tertutup Perak" will be held this weekend, 17th & 18th December 2011 in Ipoh. The event is jointly organized by PICA, the state chess association, and SMK Seri Putera, a secondary school.

The registration deadline is tomorrow, Wednesday 14th December 2011. Go to PICA's blog here for further info and to download the entry form. Good luck to all the Perakians who will participate in the tournament. "YEOP, JANGAN MIKE KEJOR, TAPI PIKIO JANGAN TAK PIKIO!" :)-

GiLoCatur wonders whether Selangor will ever have its Selangor Close this year or next year? Or will Selangor have only the Selangor Open? Its chess association, Chess Association of Selangor, seems to be inactive for quite some time. GiLoCatur misses the Allegros that it uses to organize. GiLoCatur wishes and hopes CAS will become active again.  

GiLoCatur's beloved state

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