Saturday, December 10, 2011

3rd Penang Heritage City International Chess Tournament - The Family Battle

On the fourth day of the tournament, people may not notice that there is a family battle - between TIN versus SALEH. In the morning round in the Open section, TIN Jingyao (FIDE 1986) played white against Fikri SALEH. The former who is a Singaporean Fide Master won the match. In the afternoon, Jingyao's younger sister, Ruiqi, played white against Fikri's younger sister, Anis Fariha. The TIN's daughter won the game.

Fikri (left) versus Jingyao (right)

GiLoCatur was still in Penang when Ruiqi and Anis Fariha started their match at Table 4. By the time they finished the game, GiLoCatur and wife had already touched down the LCCT located in Sepang near the KLIA airport. 

Round 8 - Anis Fariha (left) versus Ruiqi (right)

GiLoCatur started to know and notice about Ruiqi during the KL Open tournament. In fact, she had played Anis in the eighth round playing white. Ruiqi who is currently rated at 1574 won the game. So, it is 2  - 0 between them.

[ It seems 8 is the "Ong" number for Ruiqi and otherwise for Anis Fariha. Both faced each other in the eighth round in two tourneys - KL Open and Penang Open. ]   

Ruiqi is a strong player as shown by below results. She only lost and drew once each. She lost to Mohd Faizal Roslan in the fifth round playing black.

List of Ruiqi's opponents

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