Tuesday, December 6, 2011

3rd Penang Heritage City International Chess Tournament - 1st Round

The first round of the 3rd Penang Heritage City - both Open and Challengers, had started this morning. More than 200 chess players are taking part including two of GiLoCatur's children - Fikri and Anis Fariha. The former is playing in the Open section while the later takes part in the Challengers section.

photo 1 - get ready for the first round

photo 2 - Challengers section

Anis Fariha, GiLoCatur's only daughter is playing in the Challengers category. She won her first round match against Ang Jing Xuan. Seeded 14th, Anis played white.

photo 3 - parents can't wait the tourney to start

photo 4 - Amir Qayyim (left) vs Iskandar Abdullah (SIN)

Amir Qayyim (above picture), the son of the reigning Malay champion, Mohd Saprin, also takes part in the tournament. He is playing in the Open section while his younger brother is playing in the Challengers section.

photo 5 - Fikri (right) against Mari Joseph Turqueza (PHI)

GiLoCatur's eldest son, Fikri, was paired against a Filipino player at table #12 whose Elo ratings is 2277. More than 500 ratings gap. The match is already over when Fikri 0, Mari Joseph 1.

The official results has not come out yet. One upset result acknowledged by GiLoCatur is the match at table 23 between unrated Ang Zhen Yuan and Nik Ahmad Farouqi who has 2070 Elo ratings. Woud there many more upsets? Check out this blog more often or follow GiLoCatur's twitter.

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