Saturday, December 10, 2011

Penang Open Coverage

GiLoCatur knows that many Malaysian chess enthusiasts are following the Penang Open. They want the updates and results to be put up online as immediately as possible. They seek for coverage. 

As a chess blogger, GiLoCatur also wants to make the coverage as best and fast as possible. This is for the benefits of the Malaysian chess specifically. GiLoCatur believes other Malaysian chess bloggers like Gilachess and Fireyrook also want the same thing. But we have our own limitation and obstacles. 

For example, Fireyrook right now is having a family vacation in Terengganu (based on his facebook updates). But he tries to cover the event on his own busy time. Gilachess came down to Penang on the second last day, most probably from his own pocket money and after settling his work.

GiLoCatur has to find time to make the coverage. GiLoCatur has to manage the needs like the travelling, lodging and food for the family especially for both Fikri and Anis who are playing in the event. The budget needs to be taken care of ( ... smiling ...). GiLoCatur also has to share the broadband with wife because she needs to do her study assignments. Surely, GiLoCatur needs to monitor the children when they are playing. Like other chess parents, GiLoCatur is also nervous, tension, and worry when the children are playing. It is very tiring during a chess tournament for a chess parent.

What GiLoCatur wants to highlight is PLEASE DO NOT CONDEMN THE CHESS BLOGGERS. GIVE MORAL SUPPORT AND CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACKS. It does not necessarily a compliment or a praise. 

KOMEN, PANDANGAN, FEEDBACK DAN KRITIKAN ADALAH DIALU-ALUKAN. TETAPI BERHEMAHLAH BILA MEMBERI SEPERTI DITUNTUT OLEH BUDAYA MASYARAKAT KITA.  It hurts GiLoCatur when reading in shout box negative and abusive comments to fellow chess bloggers like Gilachess, Hairulov and Fireyrook.

Enough with that, check out also below blog on the Penang Open (GiLoCatur assumes) created by Gilachess, the Malaysian otai chess blogger. You can find Gilachess' trademark interactive final ranking cross table for both Open and Challengers sections and photos.


Anonymous said...

Dear Chess bloggers....Syabas n welldone for the coverage. Dont bother what people say....everyone have their job to take their family.whoever condemn the current chess bloggers, pls set up your own blog and start blogging and updates the events!!!
GiloCatur,Gilachess, hairulov,fireyrook...move forward, dont bother of this peanuts.
We will support all of you....

GiLoCatur said...

TQVM Anon for your encouragement. appreciate it.

GilaChess said...

Thanks Gilocatur. Not really bothered by negative comments as it is the minority. Example is the good hospitality I got for the Penang Open which makes me want to come back again. Anyway I was not really "reporting". Just sharing what I see and hear during the tournament..

GilaChess said...

Keep up the good work Gilocatur and all the other chess bloggers. Your volunteer work is much appreciated.