Friday, December 9, 2011

3rd Penang Heritage City International Chess Tournament - Chess Buletin

Two of GiLoCatur's children, Fikri and Anis, are participating in the Penang Open. At the time of this writing, they are playing their seventh round. It has passed the one hour mark. Actually, this is the first time that GiLoCatur and the kids participate in the tournament which is also known as the Penang Heritage City International Chess tournament. 

As far as GiLoCatur remembers, GiLoCatur and the kids have participated only in three chess tournaments in Penang. National Age Group (NAG) two years ago, MSSM Chess Championship in last June and the 3rd Penang Open.

Penang Chess Association or its short name, PCA, led by its President, Mr Lee Ewe Ghee, lives up to its reputation in organizing chess events. 

Among the commendable efforts done in the tournament.

Spectators are allowed in the tournament hall

The decision to allow spectators to be in the tournament hall is very commendable. Coaches and parents can monitor the players games and progress. The majority of the participants especially in the Challengers sections are kids and teenagers. Spectators including the amateur and junior players can also watch the masters and chess pro playing. Spectators must appreciate this by not making noise and interrupt the participants like taking pictures using flash light.

Fikri played his same-age Indonesian opponent in Round 5

Players Names

It is very common in internationally standard chess tournaments, players name with their national flags are put on table near the table numbers. For GiLoCatur, the players name in this Penang Open (only in the Open section; not in the Challengers section) increases the prestige. Fikri commented that he is so proud to be playing in this tournament and Open section even though he has much better chance to be on the podium in the Challengers category.

Penang Open chess bulletin front cover

Chess Bulletin  

This morning, chess bulletin has been distributed to all the players for both sections. It is simple; not fancy, BUT important to all participants. BRAVO to the organizer and the volunteers who key in the record sheets into PGN database. It is not an easy job. GiLoCatur could watch them doing the key in at their notebooks in the tournament hall. GiLoCatur hopes other standards chess tournaments held in Malaysia can distribute the chess bulletin before the event ends.

Syabas and well done to the Penang Open organizing crew members.

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Anonymous said...

Syabas n well done to PCA, Mr.Lee should be the MCF president!!! he is the man which can bring our chess to higher level.