Saturday, December 10, 2011

Statistics On MAS Junior Chess Players FIDE Ratings

(Note: MAS = the code country for Malaysia in world chess)

As part of the Malaysian chess community, do you know how many our junior chess players have FIDE ratings?  Who are the top in respective age groups - U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 and U20? What have been done to increase the number? What is the progress of their ratings? Increase? Decrease? Where Malaysia stands among the ASEAN countries?

So many questions, eh? Let's check the first two questions first.

Under 10

Under 12

Under 14

Under 16

Under 18

Under 20

It is so unbelievable that Malaysia has less than ten players aged 19 and 20 years old who have FIDE ratings.

Two names seen missing from the list. They are Goh Xin Yen and Latifah Kaiyisah. The reason being is their birth years are missing in the FIDE ratings. Both of them should be in the U16 list.

So, the total number of FIDE-rated Malaysian chess juniors?

7 + 12 + 20 +19 + 14 + 7 =  79 + 2 = 81

How Malaysia is compared to other ASEAN countries? Check out below table.

Surprisingly, Malaysia has higher numbers of FIDE rated players for juniors compared to Indonesia (INA), Philippines (PHI) and Singapore (SIN). From GiLoCatur's observation, there are many missing birth years for both Indonesian and Filipino players. Vietnam, on the other hand, has complete profile for its players. We should follow Vietnam in keeping good database info for its players in the FIDE ratings database.

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