Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Flashback (Part 1)

2011 will leave us in less than 12 hours.

Today GiLoCatur and the kids just stay at home. Both Fikri and Fahim are playing computer games crazily. While Anis is either watching TV or reading her novels.

In this post, GiLoCatur would like to "flashback" our Chess Ratings Mission in the year 2011. What are the mission? Are they achieved?

The mission:

  1. for Fikri to improve his FIDE-rating to 1750
  2. for Anis Fariha to get FIDE-rating
  3. to improve National Ratings

  • Fikri : to 1650
  • Anis Fariha : to 1500
  • Fahim Al-Faqeh : to 1300
  • GiLoCatur : to 1300

Fikri, who celebrated his 15th birthday in November, got his FIDE rating in 2010. He completed playing nine rated opponents after two FIDE-rated tournaments. The first one is the 37th Selangor Open in the end of April. In that tourney, he played against six rated players with 2/6 points. For information. Fikri started playing in the Selangor Open two years earlier, in the 35th edition. Both GiLoCatur and Anis participated as well. He played against four rated opponents.

In the 2010 National Championship, four out of his total nine opponents are rated. Unfortunately, he lost all the four rated games. But it is enough for him to complete the requirements to earn an Elo rating. Thus, Fikri got his Elo rating beginning July 2010. The rating was 1701.

In the FIDE calender of 2011, Fikri played only six rated games - one in the National Junior Chess Championship (NJCC), 2010 edition which was held in December and five in the 2011 National Championship. In these two tournaments of six rated games, Fikri lost 11 points. Thus his Elo rating goes from 1701 to 1690. It is not an increase but a decrease. So, the mission to improve Fikri's FIDE rating to 1750 is NOT ACHIEVED.

Actually, Fikri played in two FIDE-rated tournaments in this month - the Penang Open and the NJCC. In the former tourney, he had five rated games. Only one of them has Elo rating lower than him while the rest have Elo rating more than 300. Even though he lost 16.80 points in that tourney, the exposure is more priceless in GiLoCatur's opinion. It is a bit odd when Fikri just met three out of nine rated opponents in the NJCC. Actually, both of us, GiLoCatur and Fikri, expected more rated games. Hey, it is in ALLAH's power to decide not HIS slaves. In NJCC, Fikri earned 18.90 rating. So, minus 16.8 the rating change is plus 2.10. It will be added in next year's January rating list.

How about his national (MCF) rating for the above item No 3?

In general, Fikri improved his national rating and achieved the target to improve his rating to 1650. In January, his rating was down from 1564 to 1521. But he improved his rating to 1727 in April. It was a 206 rating increase. And for the first time also, Fikri entered the Malaysian Top 100 Juniors List. He was ranked 32nd. By July, Fikri lost 31 points but gained just two points to make it 1698 in October release. He dropped ten ranks in the list. GiLoCatur is not sure when the new National Rating will be released? GiLoCatur believes it will be January next year. The month of December is going to end.

GiLoCatur is so grateful to the mighty ALLAH because Mission 2 has been accomplished. Anis earned her FIDE rating after two tournaments - the National Women Championship in March and 17th Asian Cities Chess Championship held in Jakarta in April. Her FIDE rating was released in July. Her rating was 1588. In November release, Anis lost 30.30 points from two tournaments. 12th ASEAN+ Age Group in Tarakan, Indonesia and the KL Open held during the Aidil Fitri month in early September. Anis is listed among the 40-only Malaysia FIDE ratings list (Only Women) whom only 28 of them are listed as active.

Like his elder brother, Anis took part in both the Penang Open and NJCC. She lost 14.40 points in the former playing against only one rated opponent. But she performed quite well in the NJCC where she gained 21.30 points playing against five higher-rated opponents scoring 2/5 points. So, calculating these two numbers, Anis managed to gain 6.90 points.

Let's check her national rating. In January, her national rating was below 1400. Three months later, she gained more than 140 points to improve her national rating to 1533. She improved further within next three months gaining 69 more points to 1602. Having such rating, Anis entered the Malaysian Top 100 Juniors List ranked 72nd. But she lost 63 points by October. In the next release, GiLoCatur believes her rating will improve based on her performance in both the Penang Open and NJCC. In general, Anis has improved her national rating and achieved the mission to pass the 1500 mark.


source : here

Based on the above chart, it is very obvious that Fahim's national rating has improved steadily and successfully reach 1300 target  . In January, his rating was just 1172. He gained more than 200 points by October. His current national ratings is 1409. Hopefully, Fahim keeps improving such rating.

GiLoCatur thanks the Might Allah because not only all the three kids achieve their national rating target but GiLoCatur himself too. The target for GiLoCatur is the same as for Fahim. Alhamdulillah, GiLoCatur's national rating had increased to over 1300 mark by April. It was 1233 in January and 1337 in April. Then, it is a bonus when it becomes 1430 in July.

In short, Praise to God Missions No 2 and No 3 are accomplished. Just Mission No 1 has yet been achieved. So, what the 2012 Chess Ratings Mission for the family of GiLoCatur would be?

  1. for FIKRI to reach 1800 in both National and FIDE ratings
  2. for ANIS FARIHA to reach 1650 in both National and FIDE ratings
  3. for FAHIM AL-FAQEH to get FIDE-rating and reach 1600 in National rating 
  4. for GiLoCatur to reach 1550 in National rating

The mission for Fahim to get a FIDE-rating looks promising entering the new year because he has scored 2.5 points from seven (7) rated games in the 4th NJCC. What he needs is a minimum 3 rated games in a single tournament.

Fahim's FIDE id - 5713544
source : here

GiLoCatur hopes the above mission can be achieved in the new year 2012. To accomplish the mission, GiLoCatur and the kids need to work hard, learn and practice more. May the Mighty ALLAH provides us more strength, will and determination and blesses us with good health, prosperity, success and rahmat. Amin ya rabbal alamin.


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