Friday, December 23, 2011

Who Will Lift the 4th Edition NJCC?

"Milik siapakah trofi ini?"

NJCC champion trophies

It is 8:15am now. In 15 minutes the final round of the 4th NJCC will begin. Yes, today the game will start half hour early because today is Friday. So, who will lift the trophy?

The Boys Under-20 category

Top 10 Rank before the final round

In the Boys category, Nabil is leading by one point. In the final round he is paired against Under 12 opponent, Yee Jian Yang who has 6/8 points. The other two six pointers, Mark Siew and Roshan Ajeet Singh play against 5.5 pointers on Table 2 and Table 3 respectively.

GiloCatur's eldest son, Fikri, who is ranked 10th and the lowest 5.5 pointers play white against strong unrated opponent, Teh Wee Zhun.

The Girls Under-20 category

Top 10 Rank before the final round

In the Girls category, in GiLoCatur's opinion, WCM Nur Nabila is set to win the champion trophy. It is a tough challenge for Nur Faqihah Aminuddin who scores 5/8 points to stop Nabila. SEA Games medalist, WFM Nur Najiha who is ranked 2nd with 6.5/8 points is the opponent to beat by Ee Sun Xin at Table 2. While another SEA Games player, Camilia, is challenged by Nur Sabrina Aliya Asman at Table 3.

Anis Fariha who drew her two games yesterday in Round 7 and Round 8 will play white against Goh Xin Yen who just got her PMR results yesterday. GiLoCatur would like to congratulate her for scoring all As in her PMR.

DATCC, 8:15am

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