Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sarawak Open - After Round 7

GiLoCatur did not expect that the results for Round 7 of the Sarawak Open had been posted already at In the past three days, it was published after both rounds in the day had been completed. 

There is a big upset indeed. IM Lahiri Atanu was defeated by a Singaporean player named Jerome Eng Andre on top board. His countryman, Benjamin Foo, drew with Filipino player on second board. Now the ranking has changed. Jerome jumped to the top spot with 6/7 points having better tie break than Bagamasbad Efren who is now ranked second. 

The best Malaysian player is Jianwen who is currently ranked fifth with 5.5/7 points. In Round 8 that began  about three hours ago, Jianwen is paired with the Indian IM on second board. Will Jianwen succeed to defeat   an IM? 

R7 results for top 15 boards

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