Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sarawak Open - The Final Round

GiLoCatur would like to apologize to the visitors who come to check on the Sarawak Open update especially on the climax day. Actually, yesterday (it is already Saturday at the time of this writing) GiLoCatur had to drive  near 100 kilometres north to Pasir Panjang to attend the burial of a close relative. 

The wife of GiLoCatur's late uncle on maternal side is passed away. Not only she was married to the younger brother of GiLoCatur's mother, but she is also GiLoCatur's first cousin. Quite confusing ha! In other words, GiLoCatur's uncle married his cousin's daughter. It took GiLoCatur three hours for the journey.

Forget about that, let's see the results of the final round. 

Results of top 10 boards in Round 9
At the top board, Jianwen managed to secure a draw with the leader. Meanwhile, at the second board Benjamin Foo of Singapore beat his opponent from Germany. Therefore, two players have 7.5/9 points. That means only tie break will decide who will become the champion. As clearly shown by below Final Ranking, Benjamin Foo of Singapore is the Sarawak Open champion his countryman, Jerome Eng Andre is the first runner up. 

Top 20 Final Ranking

Wong Jianwen who played in the World Junior Chess Olympiad recently is the second runner up. He had better tie break than "Abang Bro" Kamaludin Yusof who also score the same 7/9 points. IM Lahiri Atanu, the top seed of the tournament, is fifth with 6.5/9 points. 

Congratulation to the champion and other winners. The Sarawak Chess Open has come to the end. The National Junior Chess Championship or simply known as NJCC is next! GiLoCatur had just make payment for the fees of all the three GiLoCatur's children. SEE YOU AT DATCC, NEXT WEEK!

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