Sunday, November 15, 2009

WYCC 2009 - The Third Round

Both Amir and De Juan performed well in the third round. They defeated their respective opponents. Amier beat his Monggolian opponent with black pieces while De Juan who played white beat his Iranian opponent.

De Zen, however, could not maintain her perfect record when her opponent from China had won on the fifth board. In U10 Girls, Nur Najiha drew with Indian player, SAVANT Riya.

In U12 section, Irfan drew his 3rd round game. While both Nur Nabila and Camilia performed well when they defeated their respective opponents. Nabila has sterling performance thus far when she won all her first 3 rounds. In fact, she is in fourth position after the completion of three rounds.

In U14 age groups, Ho Tjin Li managed to secure her first point by winning the third round game. However, Jianwen could not manage to win and upset his higher-ranked opponent. While Elgin Lee won his game to score one and half point thus far.

The sole U16 age group Malaysian representative, Sumant also could not win and upset his high-rated opponent, a French FM. By the way, GiLoCatur hopes Sumant as well as his other Malaysian team mates take the opportunity and experience of playing againts higher-rated opponents and participating in a world-class chess tournament to propel their chess career and development.

So, going to the fourth round :

Amie Hamzah - 2.5 /3
Teh De Juan - 2/3
Teh De Zen - 2/3
Nur Najiha - 1.5 /3

Irfan - 0.5/3
Nur Nabila - 3/3
Camilia - 2/3
Ho Tjin Li - 1/3
Jianwen - 1/3
Elgin Lee - 1.5/3
Sumant - 1/3

In U10 Girls, the top seed, WCM DORDZHIEVA Dinara (IRtg-1973) from Russia was upset by an Ukranian player, ALEKSANDROVA Tetyana. All the 2nd, 3rd and 4th boards drew. All the higher seeded players on the 5th, 6th and 7th boards cruise through their perfect 3 points when they won their respective games. Another upset is on Board 8, when England player WANG Xiangliang Anna won againts the 4th seed, WFM VASENINA Anna from Russia.

In U8 Open section, only two upsets among the top 10 boards - the 5th and 6th boards. The boards won by unrated players againts rated and higher-ranked players. Not much can be said from U8 Girls section since only two players out of th etotal 83 participants have IRtg (FIDE ratings).

In U12 Open, among the top 10 boards only two results where the lower-ranked players won againts their respective higher-rated opponnets - Board 7 and Board 9. But basically their ratings gap is not that much. Basically, they have equal strength.

In U16 Open section, there are two major upsets in GiLoCatur eyes. On top board, the 21st seed from India, UDESHI Aditya with IRtg of 2330 defeated the top seed, IM GRANDELIUS Nils from Sweden who has 2540 ratings. And on the third board, a French player named SOCHACKI Christophe managed to upset the 4th seed, IM VAN KAMPEN Robin.

In U18 Open, there is one upset among the top 10 boards that GiLoCatur notices. On Board 4, a Lithuanian Fide Master beat the higher-ranked Polish International Master. GiLocatur's favourite player in this section, SALEM A.R. Saleh from UAE won his third round game. So far, he had collected 2.5 points after 2 wins and 1 draw.

*** Updating from DATCC on 15/11/2009, 12.30 pm ***

Bd 30, Sumant vs FM FONG Julien from FRANCE (0 - 1)
Bd 28, TESIK Csaba from Hungary vs Wong Jianwen (1 - 0)
Bd 55, Elgin Lee vs GJIKA Gent from Albania (1 - 0)
Bd 50, Ho Tjin Li vs TUZI Bruna from Albania (1 - 0)
Bd 67, Irfan vs ATAYEV Huseyn Natiq Oglu from Azerbaijan (1/2 - 1/2)
Bd 6, Nur Nabila vs KHOMERIKI Nino from Georgia (1 - 0)
Bd 22, Camilia vs LAGUNOW Elina from Germany (1 - 0)

*updated on 14/11/09, 11.15am

Bd 20, SAVANT Riya from India vs Nur Najiha (1/2 - 1/2)
Bd 5, Teh De Zen vs CHU Ruotong from China (0 - 1)
Bd 42, Teh De Juan vs GONJALI Hossein from Iran (1 - 0)
Bd 14, OTGONBAYAR Chinguun fom Monggolia vs Amier (0 - 1)

Round 3 will start at 3.00pm on Day 3 (Nov 14) or 9.00pm Malaysian time. So, GOOD LUCK to all Malaysian players!!

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