Friday, November 13, 2009

GiLoCatur's Analysis of the WYCC 2009

Below are some analysis and observations of GiLoCatur :

U18 Open
  • There are 5 GMs among the total of 104 participants - SALGADO Lopez Ivan (ESP), TER-SAHAKYAN Samvel (ARM), CHIRILA Ioan-Cristian (ROU), BOGNER Sebastian (GER) and and lastly GiLoCatur's favourite, Salem A.R. Saleh of UAE
  • In Round 1, two major upsets - Indian PRADEEP Kumar Raghu (IRtg of 2202) defeated GM TER-SAHAKYAN on Board 4 and Mexican player, AGUIRRE Manzo Leopoldo (Irtg of 2148) won againts Russian FM, BUKAVSHIN Ivan with IRt of 2426.

U18 Girls
  • There are three WGMs seeded 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively among the total of 62 players in this section - GIRYA Olga of Russia, GURAMISHVILI Sopiko of Georgia and VOJINOVIC Jovana of Montenegro. Two of them were upset by their respective lower-rated opponents on the third and fourth board. 2000+ rated players from Azerbaijan (BAKHTIYARLY Aysel Anvar Qizi) and Slovakia (MOTYCAKOVA Monika) are the giant killers.

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