Tuesday, November 3, 2009

London Chess Classic

London Chess Classic anyone?

Dear All Chess Fans,

Chess Tournament in London (Dec 2009)

For those who are currently in UK and for those that have sufficient funds, maybe could join this interesting tournament. All the participants will receive a full access to the auditorium and can watch all the strongest GM playing in the Invitational Event.

England's four leading Grandmasters; Nigel Short, Michael Adams, Luke McShane and David Howell will be pitched against a world class field that includes a former world champion Vladimir Kramnik and 18 year old Magnus
Carlsen ranked world number four and widely seen a future holder of the world crown. One of China's finest players; Ni Hua and the US Champion Hikaru Nakamura, complete the field.

I would join the rapid classic event (since I'm in Leicester) and wishing to meet any chess friends especially Malaysian playing in this event.



Zaime Zainuddin


Anonymous said...

Will also join the major under 170 category. BTW I did not see you in the recent chess event at Nottingham Malaysian Student Game.


GiLoCatur said...

Hello Siti,

You were asking the question to Zaime Zainuddin, right?

GiLoCatur said...


Can you share about the event like the photos and results? TQ

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gilocatur for your interest.

Malangnya tidak dapat tangkap gambar. Ada video saja tapi saiz besar sangat. Keputusan: 1st-University of Bradford (x ingat nama pemain), 2nd-University of Nottingham (Bala), 3rd -University of East Anglia (Me - Soti), 4th - University of Cambridge (nama ??). If I had time I will post my comments on my blog http://queenchess.blogspot.com )