Saturday, November 21, 2009

WCM Nur Nabila's Round 10 Game Shown Live

Now Nabila is playing against Sarah Chiang from USA at Table #3. The game is going to one hour mark. The live game can be viewed at Winning this game is very important for Nabila, one step closer to be a medal winner.

BEST OF LUCK from GiLoCatur to Nabila and the other ten Malaysian players who are fighting with their opponents on chess boards.

*** GiLoCatur is signing off now from DATCC at around 10.00pm because both GiLoCatur's kids had finished their seventh round. ***

The results :

U8 Open - Amier won, De Juan lost
U8 Girls - De Zen won
U10 Girls - Najiha won

U12 Open - Irfan won
U12 Girls - Nabila lost, Camilia lost
U14 Open - Jianwen lost , Elgin lost
U14 Girls - Tjin Li drew
U16 - Sumant drew

GiLoCatur hopes Nabila and other Malaysian players who were lost today, will put more efforts and be more motivated to win the last game tomorrow which will start at 10.00 am Turkish time or 4.00pm Malaysian time. For those who win and draw, keep on winning tomorrow. The contingent has made the country proud thus far. They have made impact in the tournament. They have shown to others what Malaysian players are capable of. BRAVO to the Malaysian chess contingent at WYCC 2009 and KUDOS to all parents and accompanying persons.

*** Updated on Sun, 22/11/2009, 3.00am ***

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