Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WCM Nur Nabila's Round 7 Game Shown Live

Round 7 of WYCC 2009 in Antalya, Turkey just passed one hour mark. It just started at 9.00pm local time. Nabila is on playing the third board in U12 Girls age group. Both Nabila and her opponent as well as both players on the second board have 5/7 points. Only the top board players - WFM Anna and WFM Sarasadat, have 5.5/7 points each.

Nabila needs to win this game to ensure her top position and continue her sterling performance to be among the leaders.

ALL THE BEST to NABILA as well as her other compatriots to win Round 7.

Amier Hamzah - Bd 7, black, vs SANDOVAL Mercado Carlos (Mexico)
Teh De Juan - Bd 36, white, vs GECER Bora (Turkey)
Teh De Zen - Bd 19, white, vs BUFFA Anastasia (Italy)
Nur Najiha - Bd 24, black, vs DOGAN Sevval (Turkey)

Irfan - Bd 48, black, vs KELEPTRISHVILI Irakli (Georgia)
Camilia - Bd 22, white, vs SAGADIJEVA Anna (Estonia)
Ho Tjin Li - Bd 44, black, vs MARX Inga (Germany)
Jianwen - Bd 48, black, vs Jung Young Hoon (Korea)
Elgin Lee - Bd 36, white, vs MARJANOVIC Dejan (BIH)
Sumant - Bd 39, white, vs POSTOLACHI Viorel (Moldova)

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