Saturday, November 14, 2009

The First DATCC Individual (Fide-Rated) - Day 1

The 1st DATCC (Dato' Arthur Tan Chess Center) Individual tournament began today at 2.00pm. Thirty players including several primary schoolers participate in the 9-round FIDE-rated chess tournament held over two weekends. GiLocatur's son and daughter are among them. They are ranked 23rd and 24th respectively. Both of them do not yet have International Ratings. The top seed is Yusof Kamaluddin followed by Edward Lee and Abdullah Che Hassan. They are competing the first prize money of Rm 600 + hamper.

11 of them have FIDE ratings while the other 29 players are looking for one.

In the first round, Fikri faced the 8th seed of Tan Wei Hao while Anis played white againts a RSA (Republic of South Africa) player, Francois Wolfaardt. No upsets in the results except Chong Lim and Yat Guo Jie who managed to draw with their respective higher-seeded opponents.

Round 2 pairings.

Kamaluddin Yusof (the top seed) is challenged by the younger Tan Wei Hao (right), one of the team members playing in the recent APSSO in Jakarta.

In Round 2, Fikri defeated Iskandar Danial, a young chess blogger. Both are from Shah Alam.

Haslindah Ruslan, one of the two women participants.

Mark Siew (right) from Perak vs Hisyam, the son of former World Police champion Sarjan Ismail Ahmad.

Veteran players are also participating. Shamsuddin Sabri againts Zaki Mat Yeop, a regular rated chess tournament participant from Perak. The young chess players should not have excuses to participate in chess tournaments especially the rated ones if the veterans can.

Including in this tournament, Anis has met Francois twice. She lost both games. Hopefully, the third time will be lucky? :)-

Two more rounds will be played tomorrow. The third round will start at 9.30am sharp. GOOD LUCK to all participants.

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